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April 2014 AD

Mel Gibson

 Blacklisted by Hollywood

No one can deny that 66 million Christians were slaughtered in the Soviet Union under the tutelage of Communism.

66 million Christians were denied their right to speech, denied their right to religion and denied their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness.

And yet communists screamed bloody murder when they were blacklisted in Hollywood.

How dare anyone try to limit the "free speech" of Jewish communists from producing Hollywood screenplays from their 2,000 mile wide soapbox of nationwide theater screens!

Everyone learned in grade school that our Founding Fathers wanted one, big, monolithic, nation-straddling, Jewish, soapbox placed on top of all Christian soapboxes within the States. That was their golden idea of freedom of speech. (and yes, I could not be more  sarcastic)

There are no borders wide enough to contain the hypocrisy of Jewish communists. They have denied hundreds of millions of innocents their every right of existence, including life, then scream bloody persecution when anyone does so much as to complain about it.

Now we can add to their hypocrisy with their 10-year and running blacklisting of Mel Gibson.

 Why do Jews really hate Mel Gibson?

We all thought the Jews hated Mel Gibson because his father was an anti-Semite.  Not true.

We all thought the Jews hated Mel Gibson because he said drunken anti-semitic remarks to a Jewish policewoman.  Not true.

We thought the Jews hated Mel Gibson because he said "Jews start all the wars".  Not true. (The part of starting wars though -- true)

We thought the Jews hated Mel Gibson because he had made "The Passion of the Christ" where Jews were shown to be complicit in the death of Christ.  Not true.

Hundreds of Jews have worked with Mel Gibson his entire life. The Virgin Mary in the Passion was a Jewish actress.

Well you can throw out all that Jewish propaganda once and for all, now that we know the real reason why Jews turned on Mel Gibson after his netting them billions and billions of dollars in movie receipts for them from vast Christian audiences.

A Jewish "authority" has now admitted that there were problems before all this fuss.

Before The Passion...

Before the drunken remarks...

Before the "Jews start all wars" statement...

Before all this...

...there was Holy Family.

Yes, indeed. The Jews do not hate Mel Gibson for his beliefs toward Jews, they hate Mel Gibson for his belief toward God.

Jews hate Mel Gibson for his Christian religion.

Jews hate Mel Gibson for founding a Christian Church!!!


Mel Gibson has a defender in Allison Hope Weiner, writing for Weiner says it’s time to forgive and forget Gibson’s anti-Semitic, alcoholic, homophobic history.

Weiner conveniently leaves out the issue that first brought the real Gibson to our attention.

This was before “The Passion of the Christ,” or his DUI arrest or his interview with Diane Sawyer.

This is separate from the fact that Gibson has never publicly apologized for anything.

Mel Gibson has a private charitable foundation called the A P Reilly Foundation, with $70 million in tax free assets. The purpose of A P Reilly was to build and maintain a private church Mel Gibson owns in Agoura Hills, California called Holy Family. The church– part of a massive real estate compound– is not recognized by any arch diocese. Just as well, because Holy Family doesn’t believe in the Pope– any pope. Its main theological thrust refutes the Second Vatican Council of 1965, which denounced anti-Semitism. I doubt Allison Hope Weiner has been invited up to Gibson’s private church and met with his parishioners.

Jews defending the Pope.  Who would have ever foretold of this day?

For the record, Mel Gibson does believe in the Pope, but even if he didn't believe in the Pope or he didn't believe in recent Catholic dogma -- what would that make him -- a Protestant?

The evil abounds!  Horrors!!!!

Jewish hatred of Gibson's christianity -- for building a Christian church -- is what has prompted their blacklisting of Mel Gibson and all their schemes to incriminate Mel as "The Hater", all the while disquising the Jews own bitter and vile hatred of Gibson's religious beliefs.

So why do Jews hate Mel Gibson's Christianity and not others? 

Because Mel Gibson rejects Second Vatican where the Jews swindled the Catholic Church into modifying their own, well-reasoned religious beliefs of over 1,900 years.

A Second Vatican which all but baptized Jesus-rejecting Jews as Jesus-worshiping Catholics.

Mel Gibson's view of his Catholic religion is the Catholic religion of the one thousand, nine hundred and sixty three years before Second Vatican, and that is what the Jews so desperately want to insure never happens.

With a rejection of Second Vatican, Jews cannot dominate a Christian Catholic society nearly as easy.  But with Second Vatican, Catholic's own clergy cannot guide their true Christian beliefs without having first obtaining the censor's stamp of approval from Jewish rabbis.

Suppressing Catholics with Second Vatican is a feather in their cap Jews will not part with easily.

And this is the real reason why the anti-Semitic diversions of hate speech lobbed against Mel Gibson. His Holy Family Church is an affront to their dominance over this Christian society.

In a just society, Mel Gibson would file a multi-TRILLION dollar lawsuit against all Hollywood companies for discrimination based upon Mel Gibson's religious beliefs where all he did was fund a Catholic Church called Holy Family, thus also suppressing his freedom of speech to make movies.

Roger Friedman's confession being prima facia proof of their crimes against Mel Gibson.


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