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March 2014 AD

The Central Bank


The Central Bankers

          The Tower of Basel
BIS HQ in Basel, Switzerland
Before we can understand how the private Federal Reserve has grown 391% during this depression while not fixing any problems.  And before we delve into the gory details of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), whose headquarters is in Basel, Switzerland; hence called The Tower of Basel, we need to have a good historical grounding in how the BIS bank for central bankers came into existence.

 A History of Banking

European countries borrowed heavily from Central Bankers to pay for WW1.

At the close of the war, in Germany's case, it was a double calamity. Germany not only had to pay for their own reconstruction and their own WW1 debt, but they were also forced to pay for the WW1 debt of France and England as well.

Although Christian Germany had to pay massive reparations, Germany's ally in WW1 was not required to pay any reparations for damages inflicted. Muslim Ottoman Turkey did not have to pay any reparations -- most likely, because the loss of Ottoman Palestine for the sake of the rebirth of the Jewish homeland was considered the ultimate reparation.

Following the inevitable German reparations defaults and 1919-to-November 1923 hyperinflation in Germany, made much worst by the January 11, 1923 French occupation of the Ruhr, it was understood by the central bankers that the German economy needed to be re-invigorated before Germany could restart its WW1 reparations program. 

Even a tick knows that the host has to be alive for there to be any blood to suck.

Again, note that the Christian allied winners did not feel Muslim Turkey needed its economy reinvigorated so that it could pay reparations, even though Turkey's inability to pay reparations due to economic collapse following the end of WW1 was the reason given for it not being required to pay any reparations.

So following the German hyperinflation, as central bankers love to do, they developed a plan, or two...

In 1924 the Allies appointed a committee of international bankers, led by Charles G. Dawes (and accompanied by J.P. Morgan agent, Owen Young), to develop a plan to get reparations payments back on track.

Historian Carroll Quigley noted that the Dawes Plan was "largely a J.P. Morgan production"

The plan called for $800 million in foreign loans to be arranged for Germany in order to rebuild its economy.

--Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

On the cusp of the Great Depression, all Germany needed was "more Banker's teeth" in its neck.

In 1924, Dawes was chairman of the Allied Committee of Experts, hence, the "Dawes Plan." He was replaced as chairman by Owen Young in 1929, with direct support by J.P. Morgan.

The "Young Plan" of 1928 put more teeth into the Dawes Plan, which many viewed as a strategy to subvert virtually all German assets to back a huge mortgage held by the United States bankers.

Neither Dawes nor Young represented anything more than banking interests. After all, WWI was fought by governments using borrowed money made possible by the international banking community.

The banks had a vested interest in having those loans repaid!

--Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

Following the inevitable collapse of the 1928 Young Plan not implemented until January 1930, which followed the collapse of the 1924 Dawes plan, which followed the collapse of the 1921 Inter-Allied Reparations Commission setting of 132 billion gold marks resulting from Article 231 of the original 1919 Treaty of Versailles, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) will be identified as the only remnant of all the plans to pay German Reparations.

As a "minor" side issue, the implementation of the upcoming and unrelenting Young Plan in January 1930 against the backdrop of radical Judeo-Communists running amok in the streets of Germany who implemented the Spartacus Uprising of January 1919 and the April-May 1919 Bavarian Soviet Republic, was also in the process of getting Germans so ticked off by December 1929, that they finally started following German nationalists like Adolph Hitler, as seen in a plebiscite vote taken that month.

Funny thing  about the end of 1929 -- it marked the beginning of the Great Depression and Germans were keenly away of what faced them in the upcoming economic troubles.  They had just been through this starting in 1919 and were not about to allow this turmoil to continue anew.

In fact, things had gotten so bad by May 1931, that the Austrian-based default of the Creditanstalt caused a world-wide financial crisis, and Germany stopped paying reparations altogether. The following month, Herbert Hoover declared a 1 year moratorium on Germany having to pay reparations for fear of another bout of hyper -inflation.

In 1932, America elected radical socialist FDR to lead them out of the Great Depression, while Germans elected Adolph Hitler.

May 17, 1930, a day which will live in infamy, the Bank of International Settlements was inaugurated to service German reparations.  A job it performed for only a single year, at which time, this Frankenstein's monster switched to servicing Nazi gold reserves and the gold reserves of countries the Nazis conquered while amazingly,  the BIS still lives today -- stronger than ever!

"When David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973, the intent was to create a "New International Economic Order" (NIEO). To this end, they brought together 300 elite corporate, political and academic leaders from North America, Japan and Europe.

Few people believed us when we wrote about their nefarious plans back then.

Now, we look back and clearly see that they did what they said they were going to do... globalism is upon us like an 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

The question is, "How did they do it?"

Keep in mind, they had no public mandate from any country in the world. They didn't have the raw political muscle, especially in democratic countries where voting is allowed. They didn't have global dictatorial powers.

Indeed, how did they do it?

The answer is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), self-described as the "central bank for central bankers", that controls the vast global banking system with the precision of a Swiss watch."

--Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is compared to a weapon of mass destruction.

The BIS can be compared to a stealth bomber.

It flies high and fast, is undetected, has a small crew and carries a huge payload.

By contrast, however, the bomber answers to a chain of command and must be refueled by outside sources.

The BIS, as we shall see, is not accountable to any public authority and operates with complete autonomy and self-sufficiency.

--Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

Restating the old maxim of "He who has the gold -- rules"...

The famous currency expert Dr. Franz Pick once stated, "The destiny of the currency is, and always will be, the destiny of a nation."

With the advent of rampant globalization, this concept can certainly be given a global context as well: "The destiny of currencies are, and always will be, the destiny of the world."

----Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

The man most responsible for the creation of the BIS was Hitler's very own central banker Hjalmar Schacht.

Schacht would later be the man  responsible for the economic miracle of Hitler's Nazism post 1932, while the rest of the world was still mired in the economic malaise of the Great Depression, largely we now know, by using funds from BIS's international bankers.

In 1924, the president of Reichsbank (Germany's central bank at that time) was Hjalmar Schacht.

He had already had a prominent role in creating the Dawes Plan, along with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen and other prominent German bankers and industrialists.

The Young Plan was so odious to the Germans that many credit it as a precondition to Hitler's rise to power.

----Global Banking, by Patrick Wood

Hjalmar Schacht was the financier who funded much of Nazism after December 1929, as we learn from the Adam Lebor book, Tower of Basel.

Tower of Babel

Our whole concept of the unification of Europe was that it would first contribute to economic unification. then we hoped to secure an economic-military unity and finally a political unity.

--Averell Harriman, US Special Envoy for the Marchall Plan for the postwar reconstruction of Europe.

With the initial unification of the Common Market economically, NATO militarily, the Euro in currency under a European Central Bank, and finally the European Union, Averell obviously was in the know.

Must be in his blood. Averell was the son of Edward Henry Harriman, the man who controlled the Union Pacific railroad, bought the Southern Pacific railroad, and then in 1901, with millions of dollars of Jewish money from American's richest Jew, Jacob Schiff, along his Jewish banker friends like Kuhn, Loeb and Company, engaged in a masterful manipulation of the Northern Pacific stock to take control of it as well, leaving only James Hill's Great Pacific as the remaining transnational railroad. Thankfully James Hill, knowing the railroad business and his company better than the Jewish bankers and outside Harriman, was to save his company -- until Teddy Roosevelt.

Tower of Basel

Now if you read this very well researched book titled Tower of Basel by Adam Lebor, you must understand the personal politics he brings to the Tower of Basel book, Much as he previously did with his previous book, Hitler's Secret Bankers.

The politics Lebor brings is his own Jewishness.

The first half of the book lambastes the Nazism of Bank of International Settlement as a conspiracy of Western bankers coinciding with the interests of Hitler. He calls British and American bankers as treasonous, soulless and greedy bankers who have no allegiance except an allegiance toward the love of making money. 

Lebor goes on and on about the creation of the BIS being sold to the public as only a means to service Germany's international WW1 debts and so he states often that the BIS should have been completely dissolved when the German reparation payments stopped -- also ending its reason to exist.

Lebor continues stating his case for the complete shutdown of the BIS due to the fact that the BIS was the Nazi regime's co-conspirator and vehicle for "laundering" captured Jewish and national gold in exchange for war materials supplied through "neutral" countries like Switzerland and Sweden.  Nazi gold would be deposited into the German accounts of the BIS in Switzerland and then the BIS would issue credit to the BIS accounts of the Central Banks of Allied and neutral countries to pay for the war materials Germany needed.

You see, the allies needed gold to pay for their own side of the war. So frigging ironic in the eyes of the soldiers on both sides don't you think?

Following the end of WW2, Lebor notes that the BIS was the exchange mechanism used to funnel Marshall Plan money for the reconstruction of Europe to essentially unrepentant Nazi sympathizers in the German financial community -- who were never denazified -- and so the BIS should have been completely shutdown for that reason as well.

Given Lebor's four main complaints he lodges against the BIS,

1) Lost its stated charter when reparations stopped and so should have been closed down,
2)  Actually created to bolster Nazis nationalism against Stalinist Communism,
3)  Did not purge the Nazis after Hitler was defeated, and
4) the central banker subverted their own national interests for the interests of international banking,

then Lebor looses all credibility in the second half of his book where he is no longer adamantly opposed to the existence of the BIS,  but only wants it to be...
1) dressed up a bit better with more transparency so we know what they are doing to the world and
2) should be a  little more globally democratic in the way it runs the globe.

Of course, Lebor would think this once the Nazis had all been either purged or retired and Jewish bankers such as our own Jewish central bankers Bernanke and Janet Yellin finally took the reigns of the BIS.

Once you get past the self-serving Jewishness Adam Lebor brings to the book, it is eye-opening to read indeed.

An Example for our Times

To demonstrate the lack of national allegiance and the influence central bankers can yield, one on has to look at our current economic situation.

What caused the massive economic collapse of 2008? 

Yes indeed, massive loans bankers had given to people with no credit worthiness to buy homes everyone knew they could not afford.

Most conservatives blame the government for this.  Bil Clinton had his "I have a Dream" bill to put people into homes. In fact, so did both Bush's, one before Clinton and one after Clinton.  Conservatives would not agree that the Treasury Secretary had any say in spending when you point out that the Treasury Secretary came from Goldman Sachs  before he was Treasury Secretary and would return to Goldman Sachs after he left the post. Nope, if anyone should ask, the story goes that "the President and the President alone, without anyone whispering in his ear, called the shots in order to win votes for reelection."

A conservative would say that the innocent bankers were coerced into loaning in the red-lined areas for fear of being labeled racists, or even dictated by law into loaning in non-red-lined areas to people from the red-lined areas for fear of discrimination lawsuits or harming our much sanctified "single mothers".

Well, it helped that the bankers were backed by "The Full Faith and Credit of the United States". They couldn't lose so long as they loaned through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but in fact, the bankers went above and beyond the call of federal duty -- they started selling bundled collateralized securities backed by these risky real estate deals.

What could go wrong?  After all, the smartest people in the world were in charge.

In fact, we now know that even these private real estate deals were backed by Uncle Sam because the banks were just "too darn big to fail".

So we merged these banks and made them even bigger.

Now we have a second Great Depression and like FDR, the federal government's very own Central Bank is called to the rescue.

The prescription?  The same as in the first Great Depression...

1) Bail out the Bankers
2) Massive federal deficit spending to "feed the people"
3) Central Bank prime rate lowered to zero to invigorate investment

Working great you say?

Here's how things play out in the real world.

Global Restructuring

In the real world,

1) The banks being bailed out by central bank monopoly money and hence saved from bankruptcy means they are the only ones who have any money to invest again.  The people out of work are not the ones who can invest and besides the rate of return is below zero when 4% inflation totally robs one of his 3% return. Individuals simply cannot leverage like a bank can.

2) The massive federal deficits for food stamps and extended unemployment means Americans can still buy goods from China, but since they don't need a job to do that spending, then investment in American is not imperative on the part of the bankers.

3) A Central Bank prime rate at 0% only means that the banks get free money. Where they choose to invest that money is their choice. When they see their own central bank holding the prime at 0% and causing inflation at the same time with deficit spending, they look outside the US. The interest Rate in China averaged 6.42 Percent from 1996 until 2013. Do you honestly believe that an American investor would invest in America at a 3% return when he can more than double his investment in China?

So what happened in the real world is that American dollars gushed into China to build up its infrastructure, so they could sell their goods to Americans on food stamps and unemployment benefits. 

More jobs left and the downward spiral continues.

Will a militarily powerful China lead to  another World War? 

Well, as Adam Lebor so painfully reports, the BIS helped build up Germany's war machine in the 1930's and continued working with Nazi Germany throughout WW2.

To be sure, again as Adam Lebor makes abundantly clear, the international central bankers make a little money in peace selling bread but far more money in wartime financing military hardware such as ships, planes and bombs as well as bread.

Strangely, given all the factual evidence Adam Lebor shares with us, Lebor seems to believe the line given by the central bankers to justify their total and absolute diplomatic immunity, in that they, as the international central bankers, are the world's only chance for a lasting peace.

The BIS central bankers state in effect, "Since WW2 showed that only they were able to come together peacefully; hence, it is their duty to create a new international order of transnational banking in order to insure transnational peace."

The BIS created the European Coal and Steel Community as a cartel to give legitimacy to their own monopolistic cartel. The BIS created the European Central Bank which engendered the European Euro.

Once Europe was united and the BIS had completed its work there, the time had come for the BIS to unite the rest of the world. The BIS now invited the Central Bank of China, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and many others to join its inner circle.

With this comes the subversion and destruction of the world's current currency standard -- the currency of the United States -- by way of the current global crisis they have created and the subsequent establishment of a BIS backed world currency.

The American Central bank cartel was legalized in 1913, otherwise, it would have been a totally criminal syndicate, in restraint of free trade, in manipulation of the currency markets, in insider trading, in collusion to set prices, in extortion, in racketeering, in counterfeiting.  Created 124 years after America's founding, the Fed has been running strong for the last 100 years. Its sorrowful track record includes two heavily financed World Wars and two heavily financed Great Depressions.  A heavily financed Vietnam War, a War on poverty and a War on Drugs.  War is highly profitable for our Central Bank.

Obviously the Fed has not lived up to it stated goals. In fact, the Fed exasperates or even creates the problem it was created to fix, much as firemen have been known to be arsonists so they can be the one who heroically fights the fire.

What good can come of the fact that our Federal Reserve Chairman's boss is not our own President?  

What good can come from the fact that our Federal Reserve Chairman's real boss is the Bank of International Settlement and that it represents an anti-competitive financial cartel which controls, manipulates and suppresses all free enterprise, all free trade, all business competition, denominated in the federal reserve notes which the Federal Reserve prints out of thin air?

Heavens no that we would "politicize" the oracle-readings of the Fed Chairman or the dictatorial undertakings of these anti-Capitalist banking cartel leaders.  No, our dual-citizen Jewish Federal Reserve chairwoman, Janet Yellen,  answers to her new boss at the BIS in Basel Switzerland, who does not answer to any American Christian -- not even our elected Presidents who even in the greatest of economic calamities would never think of holding the Fed Chairman guilty of destroying the economy, as Ben Bernanke admitted the Fed did to create the Great Depression.

Ron Paul states that we need to audit Fed. I think they just bragged that they are now  worth $4 trillion dollars and counting, mostly made while most Americans were losing their life savings.

Who say that the rich don't get richer and the poor porrer?

What is the real bottom line?

To sum it all up, how did we allow ourselves to be conned by a bunch of anti-free market socialist to think they had all the answers on how to fix the free market.

Isn't central planning of the economy by central bankers, the antithesis of free markets?


Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World

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