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February 2014 AD

World's Greatest Spy

"Richard Sorge was the best spy of all time."
Tom Clancy

"A devastating example of a brilliant success of espionage."
Douglas MacArthur

"Sorge was the man whom I regard as the most formidable spy in history."
Ian Fleming

"Stalin's James Bond."
Le Figaro

Father of Socialism in America

German communist Friedrich Adolph Sorge, at the age of 19, took part in the 1948 Communist Revolution spreading across Europe.

Condemned to death in Germany...
Expelled from Switzerland...
Expelled from Belgium...
Friedrich Sorge set sail for America in 1852 -- just in time to help his fellow 1848 refugees, most of whom were young Jewish radicals also on the run from European authorities following the 1812 and 1848 Revolutions, agitate for the American Civil War.

According to Edward Aveling, Sorge was...
"One who was, perhaps of all men, the closest intimate in the later years of both Marx and Engels."

Susan Perlman called Sorge...

"The father of modern socialism in America"

Sorge's occupation was listed as "labor leader".

But this article is not about Friedrich Sorge's treachery against America and the world.

We are much more interested in the achievements of his great nephew, Richard Sorge. So let's talk about Richard Sorge's role in history.

The Man who Changed History

Richard Sorge was born of a German mining engineer and Russian mother in a region of Russia, but his parents moved him back to Germany. We have already mentioned that his communist great uncle was well respected by Marx and Engels.

Having fought heriocally for Germany in WW1, Sorge became a communist after being wounded. Sorge eventually defected to Russia but was sent back to Germany as a spy for the GRU where he eventually infiltrated the Nazi Party.

Stalin was worried about the ambitions of Japan's militarization and its alliance with Nazi Germany; therefore, Stalin had Sorge travel to Japan under cover of his German contacts, where he was to spy on Japan.

Sorge: Master Spy

Spy Triump #1: Sorge advised Stalin about the Anti-Comitern Treaty between Germany and Japan, as well as the Germany-Japan Treaty

Spy Trump #2: Sorge advised Stalin that Germany was going to invade Russia on the correct day of June 22, 1941, in the invasion named Operation Barbarossa. (Even though Stalin ignored the information) 

Spy Triump #3: Sorge advised Stalin on September 14, 1941, that Japan would not attack the Soviet Union until...

  1. Moscow was captured
  2. The Kwantung Army was three times the size of Soviet Far Eastern forces
  3. A civil war had started in Siberia.

Spy Triump #4: Sorge reported that Japan would attack the Soviet Union from the East as soon as...

  •  The German army captured any city on the Volga

Implications from Sorge's spying

Much has been said about Hitler's decision to engage in a two front war, one against England and the other against Russia, with that fateful decision marking his downfall.

Little to nothing has been said about Stalin's schemes to insure that he did not get himself engaged in a two front war.

Russia was itself bracketed at both ends by two great enemies -- Germany and Japan.

Uncle Joe kept Japan busy in China during the 1920's by infiltrating and then agitating for communism inside China; thereby, forcing Japan to secure China first.  This had the effect of militarizing Japan into a hatred of communism and Japan's brutal response  had the effect of turning American public opinion against Japan, when Japan was only fighting our battles against Judeo-Communism for us.

Under cover of these resulting anti-Japanese sentiments, helped by a pro-Soviet Judeo-MSM media, Uncle Sam's FDR America would do its part to help our old Judeo-Communist friend Uncle Joe by cutting off steel and oil to Japan; thereby, forcing Japan to strike even further away from Russia in the hopes of first securing the far away oil fields of Indonesia for its military.

Once WW2 was underway, Uncle Sam would also do its part to arm Stalin in FDR's Lend-Lease program, again forcing Japan to handle that critical issue by attempting a neutralizing attack on Pearl Harbor and the American bases in the Philippines.

All in all, Japan was way too tied up with other matters to attack Russia.

Spy Master Richard Sorge then was the icing on the cake to confirm that Japan was not going to attack Russia, even with Japan's Anti-Comintern pact with Germany requiring Japan to declare war on comintern Russia after Germany did the same.

With freed up Soviet divisions from the Far East no longer having to defend against Japan, the Battle of Moscow handed Germany its first defeat, because Stalin was not having to divide his forces in order to protect his back-side against Japan.

Furthermore, the resolve to save Leningrad at all costs came about because a loss of this city on the Volga would have resulted in Japan finally seeing a weak bear against which to send its troops to finish off.

Richard Sorge was instrumental in saving the Soviet Union from defeat and hence changed the modern world as we know it.

Judeo-Communism was saved for another 60 years.


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