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February 2014 AD


        From an unsourced email I received
  •   81% of 18-24 year olds were in favor of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.
  •   53% of 18-24 year olds were in favor of OBAMACARE
          From HART RESEARCH Poll  (all age groups)
  • What are your feelings toward ObamaCare?......Very Negative 35%
  • What are your feelings toward the Affordable Care Act?..........Very Negative 24%

Absolute proof of the power of advertising to YOUNG VOTERS, since the ACA and Obamacare are exactly the same monster.

Absolute proof that the Amendment to the Constitution which changed the legal age to vote should have been increased to 25 years of age instead of lowered to 18 years of age.

That word "Affordable" -- has such a positive connotation to the uninformed. 

That word "Obama" -- will have more of a negative connotation to the soon-to-be informed-by-way-of-bleak-reality.

This is not their parent's healthcare.

  •  Then again, as a side note, young voters attend more Judeo-Hollywood movies than the rest of us. Dr. Todd Adkins of the University of Notre Dame has done a study which has shown that Judeo-Hollywood soppy movies (date movies or chick flicks) has more affect of causing liberals than even advertising does.

Getting to know Eziekiel Emanuel

But surely, there is not anyone who believes that Obama could be the architect of the monstrosity of the Can't Afford Care Act, which I choose to call CACA-Care?  (Thank you David Barry)

Now I know why this socialist program had no serious opposition.

It was a Jewish idea all along.

And we know the Jewish MSM media was its cheerleaders.

In particular, this atrocious socialist medical commune was written by the brother of Rahm Emanuel -- doctor brother Ezekiel Emanuel - and should be called JewCare, EmanuelCare or as we said earlier CACA-Care.

Reminds me of the Teddy Kennedy Immigration we are still suffering under today, which in truth should have been called the Jewish Immigration Act of 1965, written by Jew Emanuel Celler - a long supporter of Jewish immigration into the United States since the days of Nazism.

Or , how about gun control being proposed by Jews Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein. Disarming Christians worked out so well for the 7 million Christians under The Jewish Holodomor led by Jew Lazar Kanganovich, did it not?

Jews will be protected from Polar Bear Hunts (The Knockout Game), while Jewish lawyers prosecute each and every white man doing the reverse as a racist hate crime while they likewise ignore all the hundreds of blacks engaging in hate crimes --- errr, playing a "game".

Of course CACA-Care is designed to fall apart, with the insurance companies once again taking the blame. This will clear the way for full scale cradle-to-grave "healthcare". Emphasis on the grave part as our Jewish masters have been telling us for a long time now that there are way too many Christians on this Earth.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel Emanuel will insure the good health of his fellow dual-citizens - they are way over-represented in the doctor field after all; otherwise, charges of anti-Semitism will be leveled.

You and I as Christians will be better served praying to Jesus Christ for our good health.


Ezekiel Emanuel: If you want to pay more for your doctor, you can under Obamacare


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