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December 2013 AD

How to solve 

"The Jewish Problem"

What does these three Star Trek shows have in common?

Star Trek episode "Space Seed",
Star Trek movie "The Wrath of Khan"
Star Trek movie  "Into Darkness",

All three delve into how Captain Kirk and his crew survives at the hands of a genetically superior race of humans against all odds, when the superior race fails to follow any acceptable rules of engagement and utilize their superior intellect to defeat and conquer the Enterprise.

Of special interest to our society is what is said by the character Khan Noonien Singh, played by Ricardo Montelban, at the end of the TV episode.

It is a quote from John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.

When Capitan Kirk has finally gotten the upper hand and placed Khan into shackles, Captian Kirk gives his an ultimatum -- Prison or exile on a new planet.

Khan picks exile when he responds:

"Better to reign in Hell,
than serve in Heaven!"

Jews do not want to serve in Heaven, because it is a Christian heaven, where Christians rule and Jews have no role but to serve.

Instead, Jews envision a Hell where Christians are thrown out of their own Christian heaven, allowing Jews to rule.

Hence, the centuries old maxim for Jews is that they would rather - Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven.

This is the reason why Jews create Hell wherever they roam in the world.

Key to "The Jewish Problem"

Many have said that The Christian Solution is really The Final Solution.

Indeed, if you are going to be maligned by Jews and their Judeo-MSM anyway, you may as well give them the ammo to shoot you with. Makes it easier for them and we all know that Jews need it easy.  Life has been so hard on them (sic).

But in fact, we have the keys in our hands. All we have to do is recreate a Christian Heavenly society in America and they will leave our country for an easier mark.

If we elect Christian leaders and only associate with Christians, and become real Christians, then Jews will no longer have any power over us.

If they have no power, then they will find life in America hostile to their ambitions of dominance.

Satan and the Synagogue of Satan will have been defeated.

Understanding perfectly well that they can create problems for us just about anywhere in the world, but it would be far easier to deal with Jews in another country than having them subvert our country from within.

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