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December 2013 AD

Origins of Communist Red

What history you may know about the Russian Revolution is the Red Army fighting the White Army, but you may not know that both the Reds and Whites used to be united against the Czar.

The Star of Russia
The Czar

The Czar was the hero of this divine tragedy.

The Christian Czar looked upon his destiny as that of reuniting the Byzantine Empire in all its Christian glory, and it was for that reason that he would have to pay with his life and pay with his families life.

For the Jewish people could never hope to retake Jerusalem once the Czar had retaken Constantinople from the dying Ottoman Empire, for to do so would have made retaking the Holy Lands child's play. The Ottomans would have place every soldier at their command to defend Constantinople; hence once it fell, everything would fall.

The Jews would lose Jerusalem for another 2,000 years.  A stop gap measure was the Crimean War, where they talked England and France into helping Muslims defeat these Russian Christians on the eve of the 400th year of Muslim conquest of Constnatinople.  The Jewish long term goal was the complete overthrow of Christianity in Russia with the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Only after Israel was firmly established after 1948, with no fear of a resurgent  Neo-Byzantine Empire, would the Jews allow Russia her freedom again. So slowly, the Jewish Commissars left Russia for Israel and America, until eventually, the Soviet Union fell of its own weight under Gorbachev. Only under Putin, has Russia started its Christian rebirth.

Czar Alexander the Liberator

Few leaders demand such accolades as Czar Alexander II, who on March 28,1861 liberated 22 million serfs from their feudal lords.

April 12, 1961 would mark the beginning of our Civil War to free the black man. With only 2 weeks difference marking the beginnings of two of the world's greatest momentous occasions,  Abraham Lincoln, a man who is endlessly praised, quoted, with books and movies made of him, caused the slaughter of 600,000 white Americans to free the black man. The Czar would free all serfs with no casualties, yet few Americans  know of this great achievement.

Also not known by Americans is that this Czar was in a long line of Czars who relentlessly freed men, women and children from the cruelty of the Ottoman Turkish Muslims. Decade after decade, the Czar expanded his reach into former Christian lands, former Muslims lands and now restored Christian lands.

Stopped by the Jewish/Christian/Muslim alliance at Constantinople, the Czar would expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean, alarming the Japanese. But that is another history from another article.

First Partition of Poland

Czarina Catherine the Great was making such great strides in retaking former Christian lands in the Ottoman Empire that Austria became alarmed. These were lands Austria desired, so Frederick the Great of Prussia brokered a deal to expand Russia into Poland instead of into the Ottoman Empire.

Frederick suggested a partition of the Polish borderlands by Austria, Prussia, and Russia, with the largest share going to the party most weakened by the recent changes in balance of power, Austria. Thus Frederick attempted to encourage Russia to direct its expansion towards weak and non-functional Poland instead of the Ottomans.
Wikipedia - First Partition of Poland 1772

This was a key strategic mistake on the part of the Czars, since in taking polish lands, they inherited for the first time Jews in great numbers.

The Birth of the Reds and the Whites

Everyone knows that Judeo-Communism is associated with the color Red.

Everyone thinks that the idea of Reds is a Russian invention, but in fact, it originated in Poland as a means to oppose the Russian Czar.

With near Jewish majorities in many Polish towns, Christian and Jewish Poles formed themselves into the Whites as landowners and the Reds as serfs. The Jews supported the Reds but the Whites fought for Polish interests out of a nationalistic instinct.

The Whites or landowners united with the Reds after 1861 because the Czar had freed the Serfs. They had nowhere to turn. They had no incentive to support the Czar above them who had freed the serfs below them, but the determining factor was that the Reds were Polish and the Czar was not.

The January Uprising of 1863-64 was put down by the Czar as one would expect, but the forces of Reds and Whites had been unleashed and the Czar was unable to stop it.

After the Russian Empire lost the Crimean war and was weakened economically and politically, an unrest started in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In Vilnius alone 116 demonstrations were held in 1861.

After a series of patriotic riots, the Russian Namestnik of Tsar Alexander II, General Karl Lambert, introduced martial law in Poland on 14 October 1861. Public gatherings were banned and some public leaders were made outlaws.

The future leaders of the uprising gathered secretly in St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Vilnius, Paris and London. After this series of meetings two major factions emerged. The Reds represented united peasants, workers and some clergy while The Whites represented liberal minded landlords and intelligentsia of the time. In 1862 two initiative groups were formed for the two components of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

-- Wikipedia - January Uprising

However bad the Serfs on Poland had it, you can see the beginning of Judeo-Communism right here with the theft of land from its owners.

the provisional government applied itself to the great task with fervor. It issued a manifesto in which it pronounced "all sons of Poland free and equal citizens without distinction of creed, condition and rank." It declared that land cultivated by the peasants, whether on the basis of rent-pay or service, henceforth should become their unconditional property, and compensation for it would be given to the landlords out of the general funds of the State.

-- Wikipedia - January Uprising

The Assassination of the Czar

Took one hundred years from the First Partition of Poland, but Russia finally made Poland a part of Russia in 1867

Tsardom of Poland, informally known as Congress Poland or Russian Poland, created in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna, was a personal union of the Russian parcel of Poland with the Russian Empire. It was gradually politically integrated into Russia over the course of the 19th century, made an official part of the Russian Empire in 1867
-- Wikipedia - Congress Poland

So Poles lost all hope of a free and independent Poland when consumed by Russia in 1867, yet ironically, their serfs and Jews were freer than they had ever been under Czarist liberation.

From 1867 onward, Jews are free of the Settlement of the Pale which the Poles had always confined them. Jews were now free to roam the Russian countryside -- and create mischief.

For the Polish Jews, now under Russian rule, they received a second "liberating surprise" -- their German counterparts were given equal rights just 4 years later in 1871.  They were now free to smuggle liberal German-based Jewish propaganda, arms and explosives.

In the quoted segment below, the 1882 date for Jews to immigrate to Palestine is  deceptive and misleading.  They forgot to mention that a Jewish gang had just assassinated Czar Alexander the Liberator the year before and the Czar's son was in no mode to be protective of the Jews.

What is really deceptive about the 1882 date being placed in the 1871 paragraph is that the Czar Alexander the Liberator in 1871 had given the Jews from Poland all the freedoms he had given the Serfs in 1861.

But in 1871, freed German Jews could smuggle arms and explosives into the Polish part of Russia. And a Western-looking Poland and Russia, would receive the Jewish MSM treatment with smuggled Jewish propaganda from liberal thinkers like Karl Marx.

The Poles helped thinking that the Jews were helping. These explosives were what finished off the Czar, blowing up his coach.  The Jewish propaganda proved much more explosive!

It was the Czar's son, Czar Alexander III, grieved and angered that the Jews his father so graciously had given freedom which Polish leaders never did, is what stung so much, and caused so much backlash. This is the anti-Semitism cited which gave the Jews their justification for the Russian Revolution and the 60 million dead Christians a mere few decades away.

Why the Jews would want to assassinate the Czar is made clear in the very next paragraph explaining that the Czar was back to his old tricks of trying to carve off pieces of the Ottoman Empire.

The Jews would have none of that. Constantinople was not to fall to the Russians, so they made attempt after attempt to kill him, eventually as we said, completing the dirty deed in 1881.

Jews in Germany (1871): Jews in Germany are given equal rights, although still persecuted quite heavily.

Jews in Russia (1871): Russia is the only European nation to have restrictive laws against the Jews. Russia's legacy of Anti-Semitism would later be condemned by the communist government. In 1882, many of the Jews in Russia begin migrating to Palestine, due to heavy prosecution, foreshadowing the modern state of Israel.

Ottoman Empire Defeated in Russo-Turkish War (1878): The Ottoman Empire is defeated In the final of a series of wars with Russia over mutual expansionist ambitions. Russian captures the Khanates of Kokand, Bokhara and Khiva, expanding further into Central Asia. Russia seeks to take the place of the Ottomans in the Balkan region, bringing Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria under its control. However, the UK prevents this through a show of force, intending to maintain the balance of power by prohibiting Russia from growing any more powerful. As a result, most of the Balkan nations gain independence.
-- Worldology "
Build-Up to World War I (1816 - 1914)"

Christianity overthrown in Russia
Islam overthrown in Palestine

It should be noted that England was the country who finally ended up with Palestine at the end of WW1, with the agreement to hand it over to the Jews signed away in the Balfour Declaration.

Had the Czar not had a Jewish-instituted revolt at home by Lenin and Trotsky, he could easily have been the one owning Palestine, and the Holy Lands would be Christian today.

World War I brought everything to a head. The Jews would back Germany when Germany was making great strides into Russia, keeping Russia focused on Germany, not Turkey. At the same time, Winston Churchill was keeping the Turks from going after the Russian, by fighting Turks at Gallipoli -- doing what the Czar had always dreamed of.

World events planned with great precision.

The Christian Czar royal line gone forever by Jewish Commissar firing squad, and Palestine was now safely in Jewish hands.

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