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December 2013 AD

How will we define


American Heroes?

Two basic problems here.

1) We have fought much nicer people in the past, so why be nice now?
2) We are not defeated with sticks and stones, but by mere name-calling words.

Nicer people we have proudly fought

Dominion of Americans has always been a touchy subject.

America has been the land of the free and we react violently when our freedoms are restricted -- it is our national character -- or at least we used to.

Liberty is defined as freedom from government, freedom from quasi-governments such as homeowners associations, freedom from any form of involuntary slavery toward another.

We fought our own cousins, aunts and uncles from England for our own independence to govern ourselves.

American Englishmen Christians fought English Englishmen Christians.

This revolution against English tyranny is spoken of with great pride.

We fought against our brother in the American Civil War.  One side for the principle that "all men are created equal", the other for the principle that States be allowed to govern themselves.

This overthrow of black slavery and defense of States Rights is spoken of with great pride.

America  was 30% German when  we came to the two World Wars. We did not want to be dominated so American German Christians fought against German German Christians.

This rejection of European tyranny was proudly done by the Greatest Generation.

Today, Americans are dominated by an evil force more destructive than ever before.

But if you advocate revolution from tyranny, you are denounced with great shame.

You are labeled a Neo-Hitler, but you cannot call them by their true name of Neo-Stalinist.

You are labeled an anti-Semite bigot, but you are laughed at if you label them as Anti-Christian for imposing an Anti-Christian culture upon our nation.

We have forgotten the maxim:

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones,

but words will never hurt me"

With all our logic and persuasion, we are still defeated by mere words.

Ron Paul was labeled a Neo-Hitler and we ran away from the all important task of Auditing the Fed.  No bones broken, but words did hurt us.

Joe McCarthy we applauded until the Judeo-MSM finally said, "Have you no shame!", and we caved on Judeo-Communist infiltration of our government. No sticks or stones, only words caused our defeat.

Ross Perot was our hero. He was America's hero. Then he was characterized as a wanna-be tin horn dictator and we were scared of electing him.  A man who could take as many sticks and stones as any American, and yet, his macho image was worded in a way that was scary instead of inspiring.

Sarah Palin showed America that Republicans can be interesting, until Saturday Night Live misquoted her saying that one can see Russia from the shores of Alaska, and mockingly said, "I can see Russia from my house". Then America was not interested in her anymore.  Sarah could have scared away a polar bear with sticks and stones, but  she was scared away with a Tina Fey joke.

To win our battles, we must find real American patriots and stand squarely behind them.

But you have to precisely know the right enemy our heroes must fight.
What you are allowed to complain of

In judging who is running America you can have pretty much any theory you want.

Here is a list of acceptable groups  you can safely say runs America and mostly you will get yawns:

  •  The Muslims run America, now that Obama is President
  •  The Catholic Pope rules America through the Vatican
  •  The Protestants like David Koresh or Fred Phelps do
  •  The Athesists use their immense power to suppress Christianity
  •  The Rich run America, keeping down the poor man
  •  The Poor run America, by electing politicians to "give them things"
  •  The Halliburton company bought our President and they run America
  •  The Huffington Post runs America by criticizing our Halliburton President
  •  The banksters rule America with their money
  •  The Federal Reserve banksters in particular rule America
  •  The Homeowners who stiffed the banks when the Housing Bubble developed
  •  The Big Businesses are greedy and buy our politicians
  •  The Eco-nuts are ruining our business economy
  •  The White Man totally dominates America
  •  The Minorities have reversed discriminated against the White Man
  •  The Man.  You can't beat "The Man" or he will crush you
  •  The Europeans stifle the People of Color
  •  The People of Color are running our culture into the ground
  •  The Liberals are running America into the ground
  •  The Conservatives are preventing liberal Utopia
  •  The Tea Party think they can steal the Republican Party
  •  The Green Party calls the shots with the liberals
  •  The Illuminati secretly pulls the levers of power
  •  The CFR secretly infiltrates all our political offices

What you cannot complain of tells much.

  •  Jews in general rule America - No Religious conspiracy allowed if Jews
  •  Rich Jews; Rich Jews who run the banks; Rich Jews who run companies; Rich Jews who run media news organizations; Rich Jew who run the Federal Reserve - no Jewish-based Economic conspiracies allowed
  •  Zionist Jews with their allegiance to Israel - no Ethnic conspiracy allowed if Jews are looked at as Semites from Jerusalem.
  •  Democrat liberal, socialist, progressive, or communist Jews, Republican neo-Con Jews - no political conspiracy if the Jews are pointed out
  •  No Jewish conspiracy conspiracy allowed or it will be automatically compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which itself has been labeled as a conspiracy hoax against Jews.

Why is there controversy here?

We didn't like the King of England, who represented Englishmen, and we killed a lot of Englishmen in the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

We didn't like the Kaiser or Hitler, who represented Germans, and we killed a lot of Germans in World War 1 and World War 2.

When JFK was elected our first Catholic President, Protestant Christians were scared stiff for a Catholic Christian to lead this country because there was concerns that in a nation espousing principles of Separation of Church and State, that the head of the Church, the Pope, was going to rule over the head of the State, JFK.  This was one Christian sect against another Christian sect.  OF course, such a fear was unwarranted from JFK and his brother Teddy was actually harmful to Christian Catholicism.

Today, we are totally dominated by non-Christian tyrants. Especially ones who for 4,000 years have steadfastly claimed a patriotic allegiance toward Israel and for the last 2,000 years have steadfastly rejected their own favorite son, Jesus Christ, part of the Trinity of God.

Why is there any controversy at all to react against this?

Why are Americans who reject this subversion not portrayed as heroes?

Today, we do not live under tyranny from bloodline England, but in tyranny from a totally foreign Israel.

Today, we do not live under a Christian theology tyranny of either the Pope of the Catholics, or of the Anglican Pope of England who calls himself the King of England, but are subjected to a Jewish theology tyranny, and rapidly heading toward a Judeo-Communist atheist theology tyranny.

Yesterday, you were a patriot to reject any tyranny.

Today, you are a terrorist to reject Jewish tyranny.

We are at a crossroads.

Few really applaud our Joe McCarthys, our Pat Buchanans, our Ron Pauls, or our Ted Cruzs

Mostly, the second our enemies start calling our true patriots vile names like neo-Nazi, we abandon them.

Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney and John McCain were NEVER labeled by our enemies as anti-Semites, Nazi, Gestapo, Hitlerian, or Neo-Hitlers.  And so we don't reject them. We elected them.

We hated our "forced choice" with a passion,  as we know they don't represent our interests at all, but at least we tell ourselves, our enemies don't call them schoolyard epitaths, so he is "electable".

We should be ashamed that schoolyard epitaphs from our enemies rule our voting decisions of whom will represent American Christians in Kansas or Georgia or Idaho.

All this will lead to another American Civil War, and if lost, anyone who opposes the Jewish culture will be denounced in the most vile language, but if victorious, from that is where true heroes arise.

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