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November 2013 AD

Our Rich Jews want U.S. to do the Dirty Deed of Nuking Iran

Sheldon Adelson advocates dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran

Neo-CON Billionaire and Jewish-American Sheldon Adelson says that diplomatic negotiations with Iran is pointless and instead advocates dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran

OK, that is as far away from diplomatic negotiations as one can get.

Not that Adelson is the only nuclear-terrorist, genocidal, holocaust promoter who happens to be a Jew.

Michael Savage also said on April 17, 2006, of Muslims, "They say, 'Oh, there's a billion of them.' I said, 'So, kill 100 million of them, then there'll be 900 million of them.' I mean, would you rather die—would you rather us die than them?" Wikipedia - Michael Savage.

To Jew Michal "Savage" Weiner, 100 million dead Muslims would not be worth Jews making a Holocaust movie about.

This was the same mindset Jews had of Hitler when he was elected by Germans.

With  Nazi Germany, the Jews also ridiculed British negotiations with Hitler done by Neville Chamberlain and advocated an immediate declaration of war against Germany. 

They had already announced a world-wide economic blockade of Germany.  And yes, a Jewish economic blockade is stifling.

Since the Jews announced an economic war, and apparently already had been doing so under the Weimar Republic, Germans were not upset too much when Hitler  became the new  Kaiser of Germany.  They did not like Jewish-based democracy much.

Jews actually had a Jewish best seller which advocated that all German men, woman and children should be required to be castrated and neutered.  After all, with  2 World Wars, Jews were telling us that Germans were hopelessly criminals to humanity -- as a class -- and their race should be eliminated Old Testament style.  But don't DARE say anything bad about Jews as a class -- only good things about them as a class, such as they are all God's Chosen People.  This is where Hitler got all his ideas from.  You don't think he was smart enough to figure this out on his own, do you?
Two atomic bombs were actually dropped on Japan.

These things actually happen.

Not that Jews don't believe in negotiating. They are the best in the world in negotiating deals. For instance, Jew Henry Kissinger, in his shuttle diplomacy, was able to negotiate half of Christian Cyprus to the Muslim Turks in exchange for Muslim acceptance of Israel's annexation of the Muslim West Bank. 

In another great example, the Nation of Israel itself was a negotiated deal with Great Britain during WW1 where the Jews would trade America's entry into the war, thus sacrificing many American Christian soldiers; in exchange for Great Britain sacrificing a few of her Christian soldiers to gain Palestine for the Jews.

Sheldon Adelson donated tens of millions of dollars to defeated Republican presidential nominee Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney during the most recent campaign.

What is interesting is that it was not RINOmoney's supporters who were mocked as tin foil hat crazies for accepting this genocidal maniac Sheldon Adelson, but the supporters of peaceful American patriot Ron Paul.

Lessons from America's Past

Maybe the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 could have been stopped if America had prevented uber-rich Jew Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., from sending & financing Leon Trotsky to Russia. So many millions died because of that.

Maybe the HOLODOMOR could have been stopped if not for New York Times Walter Durante's Denial. They even gave him a Pulitzer Prize for it while all those Ukrainians were starving to death.  If we had a real free press, America would not have been totally ignorant of Stalin's 1932-1933 starvation famine of an entire country and would have been sanctioning Stalin, instead of being focused on Hitler's election in 1933.

Maybe had we pushed Stalin to halt his Holodomor in 1932, then the Germans would not have turned to Hitler in 1933.

Maybe we need to arrest Jew Sheldon Adelson for inciting the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons and inciting them to plan on using those nuclear weapons which will give the Jews their rational for talking Americans into doing Israel's dirty deed.

Would give the Jews a chance to say, "See, I told you so!"

As of Oct 11, a Jew was named to operate all our ICBM missiles.

Today, Oct 24, a Jew suggests that one of our ICBM missiles be launch against Iran.

Will our Jewish General Jacob "Jack" Weinstein follow Sheldon Adelson's suggestion and launch an American nuclear weapon at Iran?

Who would stop him, and what would be the world-wide consequences?

How many millions will die when we allow these Jewish Children of the Corn to play with our nuclear weapons? 


Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran

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