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October 2013 AD

 Support for Israel

is Unconstitutional

J.P. Morgan observed that a person usually has two reasons for doing a thing: one that sounds good and a real one.

"I support Israel
because it is the only democracy
in the Middle East"

In the Muddle East, a reason for supporting Israel which sounds good is, "I support Israel because it is the only Democracy in the Middle East". 

But can that be the real reason?  A noble support of democracy for the people of the Muddle East?  I don't think so.

I could make myself a wealthy man betting that this is not the real reason, because the people who support democracy in Israel absolutely do NOT support democracy in any other country in the Muddle East.

We learned this bloody fact in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Arab Spring when one Muslim terrorist gang after another took center stage torturing, beheading and terrorizing, who had formerly been well suppressed by secular leaders.

In fact, I could also get wealthy betting that the people who support Israel as a democracy are not doing so in fear that Israel will turn to a Hitler or Stalin type of dictatorship or tyranny, and thanks only to the loving blessings of America are Jews protected from their own evil leaders.

"I support Israel
because God says
I should Bless Israel"

Here I believe we arrive at the real reason people support Israel.

These people quote Genesis 12:3 which  says: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and IN THEE shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed"

Clearly the Establishment Clause of the Constitution is violated when Judaic Law is imposed upon our federal government foreign policy which is clearly directed almost exclusively to  blessing Israel  and  directed almost exclusively to protecting Israel from those who  do not bless  it.

Why then is the ACLU up in arms if a teacher has a moment of silence in a school or a Valedictorian relates  Christ in  his  success, when much blood and treasure are being spent all across the Middle East in establishing a Jewish State Religion upon Washington?

Of course all the Jews say America should be God's soldiers, but many Christians are the first to quote Genesis 12:3, even though God tells Christians in the New Testament that God will now only bless those who bless his son and will now curse those who curse his son.

These Christians who derive a major portion of their Christianity from the first book of the Old Testament which preceded the Gospel of Christ, are themselves just as guilty of violating the Establishment Clause.

Naturally the Constitution's Establishment Clause cannot allow government leaders, either Jewish or Christian, to legally support a defend another country of Israel based upon the Biblical quote of Genesis 12:3.

Indeed, America support of Israel is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional.


The Constitution and the Bible

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