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August 2013 AD


Beloved First Wife Khadija

was Jewish

Khadija bint Khuwaylid

My having just discovered this fact of Mohammad's first wife being Jewish has finally allowed me to nicely fit all the picture puzzle pieces together.

Long before Mohammad had began his history changing religion, when Mohammad was at the age of 25, a very rich widowed Jewish lady approached Mohammad for marriage.  The Persian Esther had married the Persian King in order to control the Persians for the Jews. How this story is different is that this Arab Esther Khadija would marry Mohammad to make him the King in order to control the Arabs for the Jews.

Mohammad had instant power. Being married to a rich and respected Jewish lady gave Mohammad instant credibility with most of the Jewish trading tribes in the Arabian peninsula. Mohammad would be a valuable and trusted partner to the Jews as their trading link to the Arab world.

On the Arab side, Mohammad with his links to the Jew, was valuable to the Arab tribes who wanted valuable concessions from the rich trade with the Jewish tribes.

Over time, Mohammad's power grew and grew in stature. But what he also got from his beloved Jewish wife Khadija was a deeper understanding of Judaism, for much of Judaism is contained in Islam.

The ultimate goal was to unite Arab and Jew, Semitic brothers joined together, against a common foe -- The encroaching Christians. 

Through Mohammad, Jews would regain Jerusalem.  The Jews in the surrounding countryside, would become a fifth column against Christians in the Judean countryside and in the cities. 

A side-effect of siding with the Arabs, the Arabs wanted to keep for themselves all the lands they had conquered, so the Jews did not nearly as much control over Jerusalem as they would have liked, but at least Jewish Rabbis would be permitted in the city walls again, which was forbidden during Christian rule.

The 1948 coup d'etat would have to wait until Jews could again regain the trust of the Christians, so that by the 20th century, the Jews would have the Christians do for the Jews what the Muslims had just done for them.  Ensuring this time the use of an English Christian country so far removed from Jerusalem and already tiring of empire, that the Jews would this time get 100% ownership. 

The big mistake made by medieval Zionists was in bedding with a young aggressive religion bent on conquest and very near to Jerusalem. The Jews could not guarantee themselves 100% ownership, and they did not receive it.

Jewish Taquiyya in saying that "Khadija was a Catholic"

We could not leave this post without telling you of an attempt to "update" Khadija's Wikipedia article, changing her religion from that of a Jew to that of a Christian (Catholic to be exact).

All Jewish Taquiyya -- nothing could be further from the truth.

With the death of Mohammad, Muslims would soon be in fierce battle with Christian armies and to so defame the former faith of Mohammad's most sacred "Christian" wife would not fit the model.

Also and more sure of not fitting the model, would be the near unquestioning support Mohammad received from Jewish tribes in the Arabian deserts.

(There was one Jewish tribe who had back stabbed Mohammad and he took his revenge on them; hence he gets to be called a Jew hater) 

To be clear, the Jews would never have supported a man married to a Christian lady, since most of them were still in exile from the Roman revolts and the resulting Christian country who did not see merit in having them return.  So they would have been most distrusting of uniting with  Mohammad and Catholic wife.  And children would not be Jewish. Under these circumstances, they would have picked another man to make their champion -- their Messiah -- the freer of Jerusalem!


Wikipedia: Khadija bint Khuwaylid

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