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April 2013 AD

The Mental Cause
of the Civil War

    William Lloyd Garrison

      "Tell a man whose house is on fire
      to give a moderate warning"

    On July 4th of 1854, following the enactment of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Supreme Court enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act against Anthony Burns, William Lloyd Garrison publicly burned a copy of the U.S. Constitution, branding it...

      "A covenant with death, and an agreement with hell..."

    He proclaimed as it went up in flames...

      "...So perish all compromise with tyranny"

    --Midnight Rising, by Tony Horwitz
William Lloyd Garrison may sound ferocious, but he was a good Christian through and through.

For 30 years, much as we have many good Christians advocating against the evil of abortion today, Garrison had been America's champion at advocating against the evil institution of slavery.

However, unlike his fellow Christian abolitionists in all European countries, who eventually talked their countrymen into following the commandment Jesus proscribes to us all of "Do onto others" by freeing their slaves, in a Christian way, without any bloodshed -- instead, we had to have bloodshed.

Whereas William Lloyd Garrison was all New Testament and peace and had been that way for a long time...

John Brown was all Old Testament and war and first appeared in American history books at Bloody Kansas.

John Brown -- Calvinist

John Brown was a strict Calvinist who sought divine intervention in many ways.

His favorite Biblical story was the Old Testament Jewish story of Gideon who was called by God to save Israel from the wicked Midianites. Gideon gathered a small Jewish force and crept up on his enemy's vast camp in the dark.

Of course, he would invoke the Old Testament Jewish story of Moses freeing the Israel slaves, and he would vision himself as an Old Testament Jewish Samson and Delilah or an Old Testament Jewish David against Goliath.

All Old Testament.

The only New Testament John Brown was known for was after his part of history was over and he was imprisoned for the Harper Ferry raid awaiting execution for treason against the United States, with the entire Christian nation watching on.

Now all of a sudden, he was an innocent, long-suffering New Testament Jesus about to be crucified.

So it would be no surprise to discover that John Brown surrounded himself with unbelieving Jews in all ways days prior to Harper's Ferry.

Pottawatomie Massacre

Theodore Weiner was a Polish Jew who ran a store near Dutch Henry, a stronghold of the pro-slavery camp.

Theodore Weiner joined up with John Brown wouldn't you know.

On May 24, 1856, the people at Dutch Henry were ambushed, in a cowardly sneak attack, by John Brown's gang in what came to be called the Pottawatomie Massacre.

Among the dead was James Doyle, head of a poor family from Tennessee, with no slaves and 2 sons killed along with him.

Then there was Allen Wilkinson, head of another poor family from Tennessee, with no slaves and found hacked to death with a machete.

And there was William Sherman, brother of Dutch Henry, a pro-slavery German who ran Dutch Henry's Crossing.

Now let's sum up. John Brown arrives from Ohio and does not know the local terrain, nor the local population's politics.

He befriends a local resident who runs a store near Dutch Henry, a Jewish guy.

Wonder who gave John Brown the logistics he needed to run this successful raid?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was the stage rehearsal for the Civil War and John Brown was in the thick of it.

Where Bloody Kansas, led by John Brown, was considered the opening salvo to ignite the Civil War, Harper's Ferry, also led by John Brown, was considered the closing salvo to ignite the Civil War.

Indeed the Civil War officially started with the firing at Ft. Sumter, but the match in the minds of Americans was all John Brown.

Also with John Brown during his Bloody Kansas days were two Jewish acquaintances of Theodore Weiner.

Jacob Benjamin was from Bohemia and August Bondi was from Vienna.

Both Jewish radicals who had escaped the European turmoils of the atheist French Revolution and the atheist Judeo-Communist Revolution of 1848.

The most famous of the three, Bondi, had emigrated to St. Louis in 1848, one step ahead of the law in putting down the 1848 Communist revolutions.

Bloody Kansas terrorist Bondi had been a member of the student revolutionary movement in Vienna and his idealism carried over to his adopted country.

By May 1856, he was now a true-blue, "red-blooded American" -- ready to fight America's "moral battles".

Battle of Black Jack

The following month, June 1856, with his fellow Jewish gang members, John Brown was able to enact his second Old Testament-styled Gideon sneak attack of cowards in the Battle of Black Jack.

This battle was extensively covered by William Philips of the New York Tribune, who helped turn John Brown into a household word.

Always helps to have the Jewish press cover your "daring deeds" of SNEAK ATTACK, even if the culture of the day required real men to meet their enemies straight on, in a gun battle, where each man gets an equal chance to draw their gun!

Which is what both Pottawatomie and Black Jack were. Jewish-styled girlish hitting below the belt dirty fighting.

The only real fight this Judeo-Terrorist gang engaged in was the battle of Osawatomie when the pro-slavery forces finally came after them.

Osawatomie Brown

All this quickly climaxed in late August, when several hundred pro-slavery fighters burned down John Brown's free-state Judeo-settlement at Osawatomie.

Again, John Brown, who ran away with his tail stuck between his legs, was championed and lionized by the Jewish-backed New York Tribune as putting up a heroic defense, making John Brown the toast of the town.

In early 1857, Brown spoke at the Astor House in New York, the State House in Boston and dined with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau in Concord.

He even nicknamed himself, "Osawatomie Brown"

Christian abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison would never get such love.

Harper's Ferry

Even with the credential of being a descendant of Mayflower settlers, attacking the biggest federal arsenal of the United States government should raise flags about the character of this man.

Especially since this was no ordinary federal arsenal.

This was the 19th Century version of Cheyenne Mountain.

Harper's Ferry was envisioned by George Washington as America's premier weapons research center. It was "well inland" to avoid raids by European battle ships, "walled by mountains and moated by rivers"

"There is not a spot in the United States which combines more or greater requisites", Washington wrote, "considered as a place of immense strength, or as inaccessible by an enemy."

Attack at Harper's Ferry

The famous Dred Scott case was settled in 1857, where Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney wrote in his opinion that the Founders had never intended for blacks -- free or slave -- to have any of the privileges of U.S. citizens and that blacks had "no right that white men were bound to respect".

This and the Fugitive Slave Act which resulted was a call to war for John Brown.

Whereas the Fugitive Slave Act forced non-Slave States to allow slave bounty hunters entry into their State in order to bring run-away slave "property" back to its rightful owner, John Brown decided to turn this thought around.

John Brown decided that it was time for Northerns to venture deep into slave territory to free slaves and bring them out to free States.

It was always John Brown's dream to be a white Nat Turner, a Spartacus, who would free slaves, who would themselves free slaves.

And this is was the South's greatest fear -- a black slave rebellion where black slaves would rise to slay their white masters.

John Brown's cowardly signature SNEAK ATTACK on Harper's Ferry and the North's lionizing of John Brown, was what sealed in the minds of Southern States that they could no longer trust their Northern States to keep out of their internal affairs.

The loss in Bloody Kansas and Harper's Ferry, both characterized by John Browns Judeo-terrorist gang, were the twin causes of Southern Secession and with it, the Civil War.

The primary supporters of both behind the scenes being Jews.

SOURCE: Tony Horwitz
Midnight Rising

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