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Journalist Homes

We don't need more gun control, we need more government control.

Why worry about petty individual criminals violating gun control laws, when we have a criminal conspiracy in Washington violating government control laws -- i.e., the law of the Constitution -- which states to the government that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed -- by government?

And, if they do so they are criminals.

The Journal News of New York
Your kid
in a school
with a gun-free zone sign
your local journalist
in his home
with a gun-free zone sign

I love James O'Keefe.

He has discovered that journalists at New York's "The Journal News",
who published the names and addresses of all gun owners,
who wants guns taken away,
who wants gun-free schools,
who wants gun-free airports,
who wants gun-free courtrooms,
who wants gun-free parks,
strangely, don't want gun-free journalist homes.

None of these journalists want their own private homes designated with a sign saying that the journalist's home is a gun-free zone.

Our kids can sit in schools which advertise they are gun-free, but the anti-gun Judeo-Matrix-MSM does not want to advertise they are gun-free in their homes.

This is not mere hypocrisy by mindless journalists -- this is a political agenda of disarmament of Christians.

The need for large ammo capacity

You really do need a large ammo capacity.

Many of your shots may miss and even if you do hit the assailant, unless you hit him in the heart or brain, it may take several bullets before he is taken down. It gets worst if there are 3 or 4 assailants.

So yes indeed, the more bullets the better your chance of survival.

The Judeo-MSM tell us that
"Muslim Terrorists are influenced
but the same Judeo-MSM also tell us that
"Young boys are not influenced

When our ambassador was killed in Libya, by an army of adult Muslims, our government did not hesitate to place the blame on a movie.

It said that the movie influenced the Muslim terrorists to kill our ambassador.

One movie did all this, don't you know!

Yes, the story changed when people became outraged.

The point of the original story is that: If you believe the government when it tells you it is their duty to protect you, then why did our government not protect its own very important people, or even to take the blame for its own negligence in protecting its own very important people?

The answer is of course: If it refuses to protect an ambassador for the government, then why would you expect the government to protect you?

When the government wrote the laws which made the carry of self-protection in a school illegal, then the government was saying that the government will be the one responsible for your protection while at a school.

And the government sadly failed to protect and defend at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Where are the lawsuits then, by Sandy Hook parents suing the government for their negligent failure to protect?

Movies don't kill people
people kill people

In our recent scenario at Sandy Hook Elementary school, when young impressionable boys with mental health issues, at places like Sandy Hook and Columbine, kill children, you are called an idiot if you question whether or not our Jewish movie producers may be partly to blame, such as in the Jewish Weinstein Brothers production of the social entertainment movie "Django Unchained", where a black man spends 3 hours in the film in the wanton killing of all the white men he comes across.

It is said that the watching of hundreds and hundreds of violent movies and violent video games has no influence on a young boy's mind. Yeah right!

The most important Question is...

    "Who is behind people control,
    In the guise of gun control,
    By violating the Second Amendment's government control?

I think this blogger gets it right.

Jews and gun control

Anyone else notice the correlation between Jews and gun control?

There is a correlation.

Jews are the leading force behind gun control.

In addition to the Jews in power who want to take our (the Gentiles) guns, ordinary Jews agree with their agenda too.

Most Jews are liberals, super liberals in fact. The gun culture and Jewish lifestyle are not compatible for Jews.

Notice how it's Jews who are leading the gun control charge:

    1) Jew York City Mayor: Michael Bloomberg

    2) Sen. Dianne Feinstein

    3) Sen. Chuck Schumer

    4) Sen. Frank Lautenberg

    5) Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    6) Sen. Barbara Boxer

    7) Sen. Richard Blumenthal

    8) Sen. Carl Levin

    9) Professor Alan Dershowitz

    10) Social Activist John Rosenthal

    11) Handgun control supporter Dan Gross

    12) Anti-gun supporter Max Nacheman

    13) Sen. Lieberman

SOURCE: Alexis Levinson of The Daily Caller
Leading Democratic gun control activist says assault weapons ban will not pass

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas
Project Veritas Targets Gun Control Hypocrites

Michael Martinez of CNN
Newspaper removes controversial online database of gun permit holders
Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?

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