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Jan. 1, 2013 AD

"You Are
No Christian"

    Your posts regularly show
    you are sooooooooo anti-Semitic.

    You are not truly a Christian IMO.

    --Riverdweller at Vision to America

I get this a lot.

"I am no Christian, because I am sooooo Anti-SeaMite!"

Touching that other Christians are so concerned for my Christian soul -- that they call me names.

But my historical and religious research has so convinced me that I am more in the right than my Christian accusers, that I reply back to my accusors with a question.

    "Yes, I use my freedom of speech to identify multiple factual instances where a Jew, or more likely, a consortium of Jews are conspiring against Christians, informing in my posts of the Who, the What, the Where, the When and the Why of the Jewish offense against Christianity; but then I ask of them...

      'Why you do not call out Christians,
      also saying they are not Christians,
      who actually kill other Christians in wars?'"

Politically Correct

Christians denouncing Muslims

Many American Christians have rightfully expressed their extreme displeasure over the non-Christian religion of Islam without ever being worried in the least of being accused of not being a Christian. This co-religion of One-God, born of Abraham, religion of Chosen People who are allowed to kill all others, is open game for vile Christian denunciation of the religion.

Why is that?

Why can a Christian denounce Islam without anyone accusing him of not being a Christian?

After all, they say they are Chosen by Allah, and say should you question this fact, they will have religious grounds to behead you. But in fact, you don't personally believe they are Chosen, and that personal view of yours STILL makes you acceptable to fellow Christians.

It does not affect anyone's view of your Christianity if you question whether or not Muslims are Chosen by Allah the Merciful.

In fact, you are looked upon as a defender of Christianity, so long as you absolutely make sure you NEVER actually fight a Muslim, so that someone could accuse you of being one of those horrid Crusaders fighting a religious war.

You can fight the secular leaders of their governments, overthrowing them and allowing Sharia Law in its place, but you can never actually fight a devout follower of Islam.

Call them names all you want, so long as you are not a member of a Baptist Church named Westboro.

These conditions all makes you automatically defined as a "good Christian".

Politically INCorrect

Christians denouncing Unbelieving Jews

What is verboten off-limits is expressing displeasure in the tactics of members of the non-Christian religion of the unbelieving Jews, the readers of the Babylonian Talmud.

Question unbelieving Jews, from the land of Ashkenazi, reading mostly from the Babylonian Talmud written 200 years after Christ, rejectors of Christ and his teachings, i.e. question if these are God's Chosen People, and you might as well be a leper in your own Christian community.

You are ceremoniously stripped of your rank of Christianity by your fellow Christians if you say anything of substance about unbelieving Jews.

Does not matter that unbelieving Jews are just that -- unbelieving.

They do actually express one belief -- a belief about Christ - their belief that Christ was an apostate to Judaism, punishable by the death of crucification.

But the unbelieving part is a disbelief that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the Son of God, the Redeemer of Mankind, the Savior, the Incarnate Resurrection, or even God himself.

If you complain of that, then your faith in Christ is the one which will be questioned.

Politically Correct

Christians denouncing Christians

Not one person of any credibility in our long history has ever questioned the Christianity of George Washington.

Yet, George Washington routinely sent American-made musket balls into the guts of British Christians, where they then died a slow and painful death. George Washington routinely shot cannon fodder into the brains and hearts of British Christians killing them instantly.

George Washington did not just call British Christians bad name, he didn't just write posts about the bad behavior of Brits, he didn't complain about their schemes to impoverish the colonies and was so nice as to stop there, but instead, Washington orchestrated and led their deaths on a daily basis.

Yet, there he sits, an American saint of virtue, morality and Godliness.

What held for American and British Christians killing each other, also holds for American Christians from the North and American Christians from the South killing each other.

Then there are American Christians killing Spanish Christians in the Spanish-American War, Mexican Christians in the Mexican-American War, and last but not least German Christians in the two World Wars.

You cannot even give me a plausible reason, or even give me a morally defensible stand, for why the need for the death and destruction American Christians inflicted upon German Christians in the First World War.

Yet no one questions the Christianity of the Christian Americans who went off to kill German Christians.

I can tell you the exact reason we entered that First World War and what the objectives of doing so were, but then I have a religiously open mind toward Christianity.

Since your mind is religiously closed toward Christianity, you cannot begin to comprehend the reason for this total destruction of one Christian society against another Christian society.

Fact is, Christian soldiers go into war against their own fellow Christians, to kill as many as they can, and yet no one questions their Christianity.

Politically Correct

Christians killing Christians in religious wars

Now, let's take this dialog one step further still.

For all the above examples of Christians fighting Christians, you say religion had nothing to do with it. "These wars were over non-religious reasons", they will say

OK, fine. Forget these examples and let's look at religious wars where men died for their Christian belief.

    Jews and Christians - Jesus our Lord and Savior being a Jew himself - share the same values, and tenants. Jews and Christians SHARE the belief there is but ONE God and he IS the God of Judah, Moses, Jesus, Luther, Calvin, Knox, Blessed Mother Theresa, and all who profess His Glory. Your attempt to separate the undeniable Jewish roots from Christian theology is just asinine.

    You have been called out by an ordained Presbyterian Elder.

    -- agbjr on Vision to America
What you are reading above is another Christian in a religious war with me.

Indeed, this self-professed Christian is in a religious war with my interpretation of Christianity.

According to his version of Christian religious principles, if I do not agree with my fellow Christian that Jews share the same values as Christ himself, then I am to burn in hell.

In the next reply, he questions my intelligence. He has given me representations of 4 different religions in the form of the persons Luther, Calvin, Knox and the Blessed Mother Theresa, and then tells me these particular persons would never be in a religious war with each other, since they lived at different times, hence I am a dunce.

Obviously missed the point entirely about Christians being at war with each other over much smaller differences of theology than accepting unbelieving Jews as part of Christianity.
    Just as I said, you are definitely NOT a Christian.

    You may quote scripture but repeating Bible verse does not a Christian make.

    Your theological history is a bit off as well; Luther, Calvin, and Knox represent vastly differing views of the sixteenth through eighteenth century Protestant Reformation however Blessed Mother Theresa is a twentieth century Roman Catholic nun ... and a true Saint. How the aforementioned European reformers could be embroiled in "bloody religious wars" with a kindly nun two-hundred years their junior ministering in the slums of New Delhi is beyond comprehension.

    Your ignorance of theology proves you to be nothing more than a self-righteous Bible-thumper, a third-rate tent show evangelist lower than Elmer Gantry.

    As for your dismissal of my credentials that is of no consequence to me; I am comfortable in my studies and honor my ordination by striving to adhere to the Presbyterian Book of Order and the teachings of Our true Risen Lord and Holy Savior.

    Religion is a practice, a form of worship and as my Irish Roman Catholic Grandmother said, "It doesn't matter HOW you worship, it matters that you DO worship."

    However, there is a very wide gulf between religion and Faith. Faith is an intangible, it is something within, something you just know without question. The vast majority who claim to have religion sadly have no Faith.

    -- agbjr on Vision to America
To be sure, you may remember these wars of Christian religion from history class:

  • . 1562AD-1598AD
  • . French religious wars between Catholics and Protestant Huguenots
  • . 1618AD-1648AD
  • . German Thirty Years war between Lutherans and Catholics
  • . 1641AD–1653AD
  • . Irish Confederate Wars between Anglicans and Catholics
Protestants would not accept Catholics and Catholics would not accept Protestants.

Both believers are believers in the entire New Testament.

But no one would say that any on their side were not Christians.

There would be no Catholics saying "You are no Catholic, if you kill Protestants"

There would be no Protestants saying "You are no Protestant, if you kill Catholics"

And I promise you there were none saying that "You are no Catholic or Protestant, if you do not accept Jews as the same as your own religion"

What the poster never mentions when saying that the Blessed Mother Theresa of the 20th century could not fight Luther, Calvin and Knox because they were all long dead, is the fact that the Blessed Mother Theresa would not fight and kill another at all, since she is a true Christian.

Also what seems to have missed his analysis is that the Luther and Calvin he presents as true Christians, were themselves ardently anti-SeaMite.

    Calvin once wrote, "I have had much conversation with many Jews: I have never seen either a drop of piety or a grain of truth or ingenuousness – nay, I have never found common sense in any Jew."

    He considered Jews deicides and "profane dogs," model evildoers who "stupidly devour all the riches of the earth with their unrestrained cupidity

    Calvin wrote: "Response to Questions and Objections of a Certain Jew". In it, he argued that Jews misread their own scriptures because they miss the unity of the Old and New Testaments. Calvin also wrote that the Jews' "rotten and unbending stiffneckedness deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that they die in their misery without the pity of anyone.

    -- Wikipedia -- Calvin

    Luther argued that the Jews were no longer the chosen people but "the devil's people": he referred to them with violent, vile language.

    Luther advocated setting synagogues on fire, destroying Jewish prayerbooks, forbidding rabbis from preaching, seizing Jews' property and money, and smashing up their homes, so that these "poisonous envenomed worms" would be forced into labour or expelled "for all time".

    Luther's words...
    "We are at fault in not slaying them"
    amounted to a sanction for murder.

    Luther's "recommendations" for how to treat the Jews was a clear reference to the "sharp mercy" of Deuteronomy 13,
    the punishments prescribed by Moses for those who led others to "false gods".

    -- Wikipedia -- Luther

He is OK with the blessed Mother Theresa killing other Christians and knows nothing about the teachings of Luther and Calvin against the unbeliefs of the Jews, but this poster is absolutely sure I am not a Christian.

Today, we have many Christians denying another's Christianity, for not accepting a group like the unbelieving Jews who denies the entire New Testament.

If that is what Christianity has come to mean for this poor Christian, then Satan has indeed won.


The brainwashing runs deep, but in the final analysis, the one accusing another of not being a Christian, if they do not accept someone who denies Christ, is the one whose Christianity should be seriously questioned.

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