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December 2, 2012 AD

Why is Fidel Castro
still in power?

Fidel Castro is "The Most Interesting Man in the World".

And not because Castro has far eclipsed the alluded-to sexual exploits of the Don Equis spokesman, by bedding 35,000 women, one for lunch, one for dinner and sometimes, one for breakfast. Most likely -- sexual slaves.

No, what makes Castro The Most Interesting Man in the World is because he has survived for decades as a tin-horn Communist dictator next to the most powerful country the world has ever known, without getting so much as a scratch.

Of course, the Bay of Pigs was our half-hearted and aborted attempt to invade Cuba in order to overthrow the communist government of Fidel Castro. That attempt never even got off the landing beach -- a far different outcome than the Normandy Invasion where we were fighting REAL MEN.

You have to wonder how a laid-back Caribbean island with fewer people living there than we have living in New York City, whom has no real defenses, can humble the most powerful country in the world in its own backyard.

Fact is that this can only happen if the most powerful country, for some strange reason, wanted to be humbled.

We were up to the challenge

It is not like we were afraid to bleed American blood to fight communism.

Once before Castro and once again after Castro gained power, America invaded the vast continent of Asia, across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, to aid in the Civil wars of Korea and Vietnam.

We fought against Russian advisers and Chinese troops with no one in the Judeo-Matrix-MSM fretting about nuclear war --- unless of course we were to actually win the war!!!

Then a civil war erupts in Cuba, with our funding of Castro and his "so-called" freedom fighters. Once set up in power, Castro immediately turns communist, kills priests and nuns alike, and his poor people wash up on our shores in Miami.

It was as if our country wanted Fidel Castro in Cuba -- but our government never told us ordinary citizens that.

The fate of Castro dying of old age while being a ruthless Judeo-Communist tyrant was sealed when he threatened the United States with nuclear war, by accepting nuclear missiles from Russia.

Instead of now being really incensed by Castro, who was now threatening to "wipe America off the face of the Earth", our leaders stuck their tail between their legs and negotiated a "treaty" where we would pull our fully deployed nuclear missiles out of that beloved Muslim Turkey we wanted to defend so badly, so that Russia would pull their yet to be deployed missiles out of Cuba.

Sadly, these moral, devout Christian and patriotic freedom fighters, living among us her in America as political refugees, begged and begged for our assistance in overthrowing Castro, but we continued to do nothing, because, as the story went, "We were afraid China and Russia would cross the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with their mighty navies and mighty air forces to engage in thermo-nuclear war." Ha!!!!

That was then --- but what about today?

The Judeo-Communists in the Soviet Union are history, and the Chinese are now more capitalist than we are, and yet this bloody tyrant will die of old age while still in charge of Cuba.

The "excuse" is gone -- of not going to war against Cuba because of nuclear war -- and the fact that with no threat of nuclear war, we are still doing nothing to overthrow Castro. This is ample proof to me that our Judeo-American-Leaders have never really wanted to defeat Judeo-Communism in Cuba or anywhere.

SOURCE: Ankit Chaturvedi - Zimbio
Fidel Castro has slept with 35,000 women

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