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November 6, 2012 AD

What do
Jews Worship

Talk to any Jew today and they will tell you about how their Judaic religion is the basis for your Christian religion. They will tell you how their Jewish Tanach is your Christian Old Testament. They may even point out the fact that Jesus was a Jew amd that after all, "We are all brothers, right?"

Perhaps it would suit Christians better though to look at Jewish worship
-- the way a Jew would worship.

The Old Testament, which Jews call the Tanach, includes all the stories of how Jews coped in a world...

  • of Assyrian calf-worshipers (still do in India) and invaders of Northern Israel,
  • of Egyptian god-leader-worshippers calling themselves Pharaoh, enslavers of Jews, and a man named Moses,
  • of Persian fire-worshipers, killers of Jews, and a woman name Esther
  • of Greek mythology-worshippers, of empire, and of the invasion of all of Judea
Whereas the new and improved Talmud is a look into how the remaining unbelieving Jews cope with the Christian New Testament in a world of Christians.

The Talmud was written well after Christianity was fast becoming well established -- a perfected Judiac religion well on the way, around 300 AD, to taking Jerusalem by the loving words and heart of Christ, instead of by the sword and chariot of a traditional evil foe.

Strong words were needed by unbelieving Jews to counter the quickly spreading Word of Christ through the Jewish and Gentile communities.

Those strong words are contained in the Babylonian Talmud of post 200 AD -- The unbelieving Jewish equivalent to the Quran of post 600 AD.

The Bablylonian Talmud, written hundreds of years after Christ, includes stories of how Jews need to cope in a world dominated by Christianity and by the worship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Bablylonian Talmud explains how unbelieving Jews will survive in a world filled with the grace and salvation of Christ.

As a Christian, you will not find many Jews willing to share their Talmud with you.

You will not find honest and complete on-line versions of the Talmud on the Internet, as you will with both the Old and New Testaments, for the Talmud is written for Jewish eyes only.

Zionist Christians love to join Christian and Jew together through the union of the common Old Testament. But Christians should be asking ourselves the much better question...
    "What would motivate today's Jews to read the old and mostly irrelevant Tanach telling of battles against long defeated enemies, any more than the new and mostly relevant Talmud telling unbelieving Jews how to fight their greatest enemy -- followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?"

SOURCE: Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

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