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October 1, 2012 AD

Jewish Caused 911 Blowback

Jews would never riot and slaughter,
if their religious sensitivities were inflicted.

Wikipedia -- First Jewish-Roman War
(The Great Revolt)
(66-73 AD)

According to Josephus, the violence, which began at Caesarea in 66, was provoked by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue.

Wikipedia -- Kitos War
(Second Jewish Rebellion)
(115-117 AD)

The Roman invasion [of the Parthian Empire] had been prompted by the imposition of a pro-Parthian king on the throne of Armenia after a Parthian invasion of that land...As Trajan's army advanced victoriously through Mesopotamia, Jewish rebels in its rear began attacking the small garrisons left behind.

Lukuas' [Jewish rebels] destroyed many temples, including those to Hecate, Jupiter, Apollo, Artemis, and Isis, as well as the civil structures that were symbols of Rome, including the Caesareum, the basilica, and the public baths.

A widespread slaughter of Roman citizens and others (200,000 in Cyrene, 240,000 in Cyprus according to Cassius Dio), by the Jewish rebels.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says this about the Cyrene massacres:

    "By this outbreak Libya was depopulated to such an extent that a few years later new colonies had to be established there"

Wikipedia -- Bar Kokhba Revolt
(Third Jewish Rebellion)
(132-136 AD)

The Jews felt betrayed when they found out that [Emperor Hadrian's] intentions were to build a temple dedicated to Jupiter upon the ruins of the Second Temple.

[So] a complete Roman legion with auxiliaries was annihilated [by the Jews].

Back to our 911 Story

Movie Trailer
Sam Bacile
Jewish "Worst than Pornography" Filmmaker
Censored when linked to my site, but can be viewed on Youtube - here

News Item: An American Ambassador raped and suffocated to death in a Muslim Riot in Libya. First time since Jimmy Carter.

Cause? Blowback from a Jewish film director's intolerant and hateful film disrespecting Islam.

Say it isn't so -- Ron Paul has to be wrong! Blowback never happens!

Yes, I know. I know. The same Judeo-Matrix-MSM, who plastered the story around the world that Jewish film director Sam Bacile made the film, are now backtracking and trying to pin the blame on a Coptic Christian.

Our trusting Judeo-Matrix-MSM doing their "due diligance" to "check and recheck their references" before reporting the news that Jews, one of their own, made the movie, but now Christians are being blamed. Almost seems like a planned fake event if I were into conspiracy theories.

In any other industry, there would be s legion of Jewish lawyers finishing up the first draft on their mal-practice suits for damages. And huge damages at that!!!

But the "free press" industry is like no other industry, right? Their "product" is protected, no matter how rich they get pushing their "product".

So how do we know the Judeo-Matrix-MSM are telling us the truth now? Just because the Obama JustUS department investigates, you say? That's a good one.

Aren't they the same JustUS department who saw no racism in Black Panthers voter intimidation, saw no criminal activity in Eric Holder's Fast and Furious selling guns to drug cartel criminals, saw no criminal activity in Eric Holder's Operation Patcon selling explosives used in the Murrah building blast, Saw no harm in a Middle East Fast and Furious arming Muslim Militants from Libya to Syria, and cannot find any harm being done against Christians anywhere in the country?

Just to be fair, Jewish groups are now saying that Jews could never make such a shoddy film.

They do make a good point in that when they want to slam another religious group, they do it with flair, attention to detail, and great story-telling, as in their Holocaust movies series slamming Christians, or such greats as Larry David urinating on a picture of Jesus in his series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." So, in that sense, doesn't seem like it was produced by Jews.

RINOmoney weighs in

First off: nice that RINOmoney had the humanity to complain about Obama, but his OFFICIAL FOREIGN POLICY is that Muslims are not America's biggest problem. He believes our biggest "enemy" is the free Christians living in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. According to RINOmoney, Russia is "without question our number one geopolitical foe."

In fact, RINOmoney's so-called "Foreign Policy" has just been rightfully used by Putin to say that Christian Russia cannot trust an America being led by someone like RINOmoney. Putin: "I'm 'grateful' to Romney for proving me right about missile defense"

(And, In some mixed up mush minds working in a reverse logic bizzaro world, this only shows to non-thinkers that it is US who cannot trust the Russians.)

A RINOmoney who, by the way, runs illegal felonious campaign fundraisers inside IsraHell and promises to attack ANYONE who even threatens IsraHell.

Great, a President who threatens Christian Russia while at the same time promises unquestioned protection of non-Christian IsraHell.

Who was this filmmaker who yelled "fire" in a Muslim theater?

Well, the filmmaker was neither an American nor a Christian.

But since Muslims do not concern themselves with such "trivia", they attacked American embassies and killed American Christians inside them.

Sam Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam's flaws to the world.
So this Israeli Jew making a film for his homeland, uses America as his Christian human shield. How utterly nice of him!

The refrain will be, "But he is just one Jew, we should not judge all Jews". Just like Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman Mark Alan Siegel was just one Jew who did just about the same thing to Christians by accusing Christian Zionists of lusting for Jewish Holocaust.

"We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen," [Jewish Consultant Steve] Klein said. "I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good," said Bacile. "America should do something to change it."
There you have it. Jews knowingly committing a provocation for a Muslim riot against America and blaming America for not being prepared.

But you say: "Jews never cause anything, even when they cause it, because Muslims should follow the CHRISTIAN belief of "turn the other cheek" when Jews are insulting your faith. And until Muslims start acting CHRISTIAN, we will always call non-Christian Muslims bad when the non-Christian Jews provoke them into a fight."

A rattlesnake is a bad thing too, but you don't walk up to it and dangle your feet in his face.

Jews from the ACLU run around America screaming "Separation of Church and State" every time a young High school graduate dares to utter the word Christ or Jesus at her graduation ceremonies, but they certainly love to talk our country into Holy Wars against the ones who curse IsraHell, so that God will bless America.

This coldly calculated 911 release of this hamish and yes, hateful, Jewish production is a pure propaganda incitement of Muslim riot, for anyone with any sense to see it.

The Israeli Jew who made it is already blaming Christian American for not having proper security procedures in place in their embassies, instead of blaming himself or blaming the Muslims for dragging America into their hatred.

This movie offends Christianity as well

Turns out Christians should also be offended.

This Jewish-made movie looks to be a double insult against Christ as well. Using a little imagination, this anti-Mohammad movie could also be seen as actually having Christians as his targeted audience:
    1:07 Muslim imam: "We will burn out these forsaken Christians."

    1:17 Beautiful Christian girl being killed.

    1:24 Shot of dead Christian girl, insuring to show her cross

    1:27 Christian telling of Christians being arrested by Egyptian police

    1:40 Picture of Christ and cross in background

    2:15 Implicit equating the bastard Mohammad to the virgin birth of Christ

    2:58 Implicit equating the naming of Mohammad to the naming of Christ

    4:06 Mary Magdalena? or just Mary?

    4:25 Removing her respectful head covering, allowing for Mohammad (Christ) to see what?

    4:48 First Muslim animal, or representative of the donkey Christ rode on laid palm leaves?

    5:24 Mohammad's Koran will be taken from the Old and New Testament

    5:53 Reference to Christ being asked to jump from the Mountain, so the angels could save him

    6:42 Short appearance of the Jew of conscience. Mohammad then has a Christ-like headdress and no longer Arab-like headdress.

    7:40 The good Jew is intently listening to a very Christ-like looking and Christ-like talking Mohammad about the genocide of the Jews at Jericho. The good Jew defends Jews by saying that God gave Jericho a long chance and did not extort the people of Jericho in exchange for slaughtering them or ask anyone to convert to Judaism.

    8:18 The good Jew talks about "one God". The Christ-like Mohammad says, it is not enough to say one God, you must say God and his Messenger. A clear reference to our Christian God and his messenger of the Good News, his Son Christ.

    8:55 The Good Jew says he will not read his Koran and spits on the floor. Unlike the Christians being slaughtered by the Muslims before, this Mohammad does not harm the good Jew. Even prevents his followers from harming the good Jew. A subtle telling of Muslims to not harm Jews, because Mohammad forbade it. And for equivalence about the Jews, Christ said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"

    9:21 Questions about Mohammad being gay. "The messenger of God -- Gay...and Omar also" Oh how subtle. Mohammad already had 61 wives, hardly the mark of a gay. Christ on the other hand was celibate and hung around with 12 celibate men. Who then is the movie really implying was gay?

    9:30 "Is the master dominant or submissive [gay]?" Christ was always telling his followers to be submissive to him was he not?

    11:50 A reenactment of a Jewish Passion Play.

Sarcastic Lessons Learned

When Jews are insulting their faith,
Muslims should follow the CHRISTIAN belief of "turn the other cheek."

Even when Jews knowingly and deliberately provoke Muslims into a fight,
until Muslims start acting CHRISTIAN, like you and me, we will always call Muslims bad, and we will always let Jews off the hook for the death of our Ambassadors.

SOURCE: Vision to America
Obama Sympathizes with Libyans after they Murder U.S. Ambassador

Shaya Tayefe Mohajer of Huffington Post
Sam Bacile, Anti-Islam Filmmaker, In Hiding After Protests

Eric Randall of The Atlantic Wire
Russia Is Mitt Romney's 'Number One Foe'

Fred Weir, The Christian Science Monitor
Putin: I'm 'grateful' to Romney for proving me right about missile defense

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