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September 8, 2012 AD

Christian conspiracy
to kill Jews?

Interview of
Mark Alan Siegel
Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman

    Interview of
    Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman
    Mark Alan Siegel
    at the Democrat Convention

    "I'm Jewish,
    I'm not a fan of any religion
    other than Judaism."

    Interviewer Question: "You're not a fan of Christianity, who truly tried to protect the Jewish faith?"

    "No...Oh no...the Christians just want us to be we can be slaughtered...and converted and bring on the second coming of Jesus Christ."

    Interviewer Question: "Now wait a minute, where do you get..."

    "Let me finish...They're not our friends."

    "They want Israel to pursue policies which is antithetical with its security and existence."

    "The Worst Possible Allies of the Jewish State
    are the Fundamentalist Christians
    who want the Jews to die...and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord."

    "It is a false friendship.
    They are seeking their own ends and not ours."

    Interviewer Question: "You sound like you're the opposite of anti-Semitic --- you're anti-Christianic?"

    "No, I don't believe the fundamentalists urging a Greater Israel are friends of the Jewish State..."

    -- Mark Alan Siegel, Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman and a Jew

Many Christian Zionists scratch their heads in disbelief when they see that 78% of Jews voted for Obama in 2008, or that 60% of Jews will still vote for Obama in 2012 knowing everything Obama stands for.

They are puzzled that the Jews reject them after their going out of their way to love and defend the Jews and to love and defend IsraHell.

Well, Mark Alan Siegel has explained why -- for the ones who have an open enough mind to conprehend exactly what he is saying.

Mark Alan Siegel is not saying that Christian defenders such as this website is the problem, which he would, but he knows he can handle a few real Christian defenders.

Mark Alan Siegel is instead attacking the most hard core Christian supporters of Jews.

He is attacking Christian Zionists. The best friends IsraHell ever had.

And from the polls for Obama, he is far from alone in his thinking.

It has long been a theory of this website, that this "Christian Conspiracy Theory" where Christians pray for all the Jews to be killed was itself a fanciful story created by Jews as a defense mechanism to have American Christians use its unbeatable military power to protect and defend IsraHell UNTIL the "Christian" end of the world, when all the Jews will be killed.

Mark Alan Siegal is only exposing the fallacies of unbelieving Jew's own propaganda to have Christians save IsraHell from their Mulsim neighbors.

I wish to address the common reactions made by my fellow Christians to this Jew's vile and hateful rant against Christians.

There are three points to consider here:

  • ...1) Mark Alan Siegel, in his capacity as a Democrat party leader, was lambasted by many as a partisan liberal Democrat hack, trying to paint conservative Christians as the evil ones for the Democrats to defeat, as if conservative Christians were conspiring for an American Holocaust and should be defeated in the polls at all costs. Of course, this begs the question of why a Separation of Church and State Democrat is talking about religion so much at a national Democratic Convention.

  • ...2) Many other Christian commentators pointed out rightfully that Christians, and American Christians in particular, have felt they have been IsraHell's best friend and protector, so why the stab in the Christian back by an unbelieving Jew?

  • ...3) Finally, many say "What's the big deal"? This was just one despicable unbelieving Jew's opinion, not the respectable opinion of the majority of unbelieving Jews.
OK, let's pretend there is a Christian conspiracy to wipe out all the Jews.

Would 300 million Christians have to win an election to take on 2 million Jews? Nope, so theory #1 is down the drain.

But have those Christians been slaying Jews privately even with out federal power?

Let's look at national and state criminal stats.

When was the last time there was a documented Christian hate crime against a Jew anyone had ever heard of? Leo Frank in 1915, almost a full century ago MAY come to mind to a few, but not in the minds of many. Leo Frank was given a fair trial and found guilty at multiple levels of criminal appeal, for the non-hate but typical crime of raping and killing a little girl. Christians did finally take the law into their own hands and hanged him, but that was because they felt Leo Frank's high-powered Jewish lawyers and his status as the son's owner of a prominent business was allowing Leo Franks to skip the same justice they would have expected of any Christian. So paint as a hate crime as much as Leo Frank's apologists try, his hanging was not a religious-based hate crime, but old fashioned justice. In fact, Jews turned a common criminal prosecution into a hate crime against a Jew.

So facts and reality in America do not bear this out. Jews live safely in America. It is black who should be concerned about being killed, and that mostly at the hands of their fellow bros.

OK then, let's pretend that Jews do indeed have a conspiracy mindset that Christians are out to kill them.

From everything I have seen and read about Jews, they always believe everyone is out to get them. It takes little imagination to believe this to be true about Jews then.

Does not the creation and acceptance of lavious praise for every single one of the countless Holocaust movies prove this great conspiracy theory mindset among Jews to be true?

Does not the fact that there are no contemporary "Holocaust" movies made about Jews suffering at the hands of Muslims, show that there is no real concern about Jewish safety in Muslim hands?

Furthermore, it is my belief and observation, that Jews pro-actively try to "do onto others , before others do onto them", such as they are doing with Iran right now.

There will not be an Iranian Holocaust against Jews, because the Jews are about to unleash Holocaust against the Iranians.

The often used phrase, "Never again" comes to mind.

Given that -- It is American Christians who should indeed be worried about the proliferation of DHS military prowess in the hands of Jews and its possible use for the elimination of Christians, especially conservative Christian Zionists.

Christian Zionists are the ultimate "useful idiot".

SOURCE: Breitbart
Florida DNC Boss: Christians Want Jews Slaughtered

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