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September 1, 2012 AD

"All the World's
a Jewish Stage!"

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Judeo-Radicals

Time after time the world has seen this tactic of the Judeo-Matrix-MSM.
Surely an intricate part of Saul Alinskys' Rules for Radicals.

Using the technique, Judeo-Radicals will agitate against a targeted leader they do not approve of, by getting in his face until he cannot stand it anymore until the targeted leader figuratively punches them back in the face. Just a normal maintaining of law and order would suffice for the upcoming propaganda campaign, but a real striking at the enemy's leaders is perfect for the tactic to work.

Then Judeo-Radicals use their superior media skills to cry pity for the poor soul punched in the face by this "tyrant" to a targeted audience.

Lastly, the Judeo-Radicals will get the targeted audience to join them in overthrowing this "despot".

Such is how the Christian Czar Alexander the Liberator was targeted and then relentlessly taunted and agitated by Jews in repeated assassination attempts and communist uprisings, (along with one very successful assassination), resulting in the sympathy being artificially garnered in targeted audiences in Russia and America when the Jews were telling Christians that Jew were being inflicted with anti-Jewish pogroms by mean Russian Christians.

Putin is viewed as the Modern-day Christian Czar

A vulgar-named and vulgar-acting punk rock group of feminists in Russia are the latest example of a group asking for despotic action to be used against them.

Putin reacted to their trespass, invasion and vulgar defiling of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with a two year prison term, and now the entire world's Judeo-Matrix-MSM is calling Putin a despot.

The Christians worshiping at the Church just wanted to be left alone, but no, Judeo-Supported agitators would have none of that.

At one time, Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow was a central beacon for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian Emperor Alexander I commissioned the cathedral in 1812 as a tribute to the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. Approval of the plans took many years and the cathedral was finally opened and consecrated in 1883.

In 1930, under the rule of Joseph Stalin, the cathedral was dismantled for the 20 tons of gold that had been used in the domes. In 1990, just one year before the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian Orthodox Church was granted permission to rebuild the cathedral. It was completed and re-consecrated in 2000.

It stands today not only as a Russian historical attraction, but as a central place of worship for the Russian Orthodox Church.

When the punk rock group entered the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in February, they proceeded to the front of the sanctuary and performed their crude and blasphemous song. Wearing ski masks or balaclavas as they are called in Russia, they gyrated around in front of the Holy Doors that lead to the altar. The song they were lip-syncing to implored Mary, the mother of Jesus to oust Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The song was profane and completely disrespectful of the location they were in.

In many countries around the world, anyone who would have done what those girls did would have been shot for their outright blasphemous behavior. If someone did something like that in a Southern Baptist or Catholic Church here in America, they would most likely have been arrested for their profane conduct.

But instead of the world be incensed by the crude behavior, they have been rallying around the rock group and treating them as heroes. The White House, U.S. State Department and hundreds of celebrities across the U.S. has condemned the Russian court for sentencing the girls to two years in prison.

The girls have become the victims of their own actions.

-- Dave Jolly
Stalin did not have Jewish terrorist Lazar Kanganovich tear down Christ the Savior solely for the gold; although, I'm sure he loved spending the gold.

The real reason why the Jewish Commissars had the Cathedral of Christ the Savior torn down was purely for its symbolism of hope to Christianity.

Christ the Savior was created as a Russian "national thanksgiving" to Christ for Christ having saved Christian Russia from the atheistic armies of Napoleon on Christmas Day, 1812, and it stood proud 125 years later as an identical hope for Christians of its day to be delivered from the Judeo-Horrors they were forced to endure under Stalin.

That is why the Jewish Commissars under Stalin decided that Russia's Christian Wailing Wall had to be destroyed.

The Jewish Commissars could not condone having Christians Wailing to Christ about how mistreated they were inside Christ the Savior, so the Jews did not leave a Western Wall for Christians to wail and cry at by having th Cathedral of Christ the Savior demolished.

Great Complementary Comments

The Cathedral of Christ our Savior was torn down by Stalin to build his Bolshevik anti- Church Museum. In the 1990's, somehow the plans for this ancient church were found and it was rebuilt from donations from the Russian people.

I knew a Russian Orthodox Priest who spend ten years in the Soviet Gulags for refusing to join Stalin's "Living Church". Priest in the "Living Church" were forced to recite Bolshevik Propaganda from the pulpit. This Priest told be about the delight the NKVD guards displayed as the denied food to starving Christian prisoners.

In the last month of his captivity, this Priest was allowed to say Mass, read from the Holy Bible, and to give the Sacrament to the dying prisoners. The Russian people do not deserve to have their religion ridiculed by three hooded punk rockers, with negative musical abilities.

-- Mike6

Lazar Kaganovich was a Jew who tore down the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and was in charge of starving to death five million innocent, religious, God Fearing Ukrainian kulaks, on the most fertile soil on earth.

-- Mike6

My Grandfather was in the Royal Horse Life Guards of HIS Imperial Majesty and he had the Cross of Saint George, for staying in combat while wounded. He told my mother that many of the red commissars who shot the Bolshevik troops in the back when they retreated during the Civil War were Jews like Lev Dovidovich Bronstien( Trotsky). Need I say more?

-- Mike6

I have seen one million Hollywood movies about the Holocaust and only two films about the Soviet Gulags and they were British and French. Several years ago, Hollywood refused to distribute a brilliant Polish film about the Katyn Forest Massacre where 22,000 Polish Officers (the best the the finest) were shot by the NKVD in April 1940. Finally this Polish movie was shown in a private screening in New York and when the film was over the audience wept. I remember the blond little daughter of the Polish General screaming "DADDY DADDY DADDY" as he was being trucked away by the KKVD to be shot in the Katyn because he had refused to leave his fine officers and troops. I suspect that most of the Hollywood Producers are communists or pinkos, and that Joe McCarthy was correct.

-- Mike6

I read that a Jewish NKVD guard in the 1930's developed the quata/ration system to increase production in the Soviet Gulags. If the poor prisoner failed to meet his daily work quota in a gold/silver/copper mine, his food rations would be cut in half. Stalin was pleased with his idea because production from the Gulags was increased. However, the unfortunate inmates had to work 12 hour days to keep their rations so that they would not starved to death.

Stalin gave this sadistic/satanic NKVD guard the Soviet Union Hero Medal.

-- Mike6

Did you know that Imperial Russia did not practice capital punishment except for an attempt on the life of the Czar. Compare this with what the Bolshevik Pravda newspaper wrote about their Jewish CHEKA commissars shooting 5000 per month of counter-revolutionaries, aristocrats, priests, merchants, policemen, Officers of the Imperial Guard, brave soldiers of the Saint George Battalion, and people who owned one bedroom apartments because they stole the wealth from the working people.

-- Mike6

SOURCE: Dave Jolly of Godfathers Politics
World Condemnation of Russian Imprisonment of Punk Rockers is Sign of Global Disrespect for Religion

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