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September 1, 2012 AD

Kanun Besa:
Muslims save Jews
from Christians

Entrenched in Albanian culture is an ancient social protocol called the Kanun. Dating back to the 15th century, it was passed down orally until it was finally codified in the first half of the 20th century.

According to the Kanun, an Albanian's home is first the home of God, and second, the home of the guest. Among the fundamental elements of the code is the concept of besa – a moral pledge to keep one's word and uphold one's honor.

Scarlett Epstein remembers going from embassy to embassy in 1938, shopping for a visa, but limited by an Austrian passport that featured a big "J."

"Everyone slammed the door in my face when they saw my passport," she says from Britain, where she now lives. But at the Albanian embassy, "I got quite a different reception." She got the Albanian visa on the spot.

Then-Prime Minister Mehdi Frasheri – who was also Bektashi – gave his people an order during Nazi occupation: "All Jewish children will sleep with your children; all will eat the same food; all will live as one family."

With funding from both a Saudi prince and Steven Spielberg's Righteous Persons Foundation, JWM Productions is hoping to release its feature film about Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust in September, on the anniversary of 9/11, in theaters across the US.

--Heba Aly, Christian Science News
Rather than hiding the Jews in attics or the woods, Albanians gave them clothes, gave them Albanian names, and treated them as part of the family. The concept of besa is incorporated into their culture. Before World War II only about 200 Albanians were Jewish. At the end of the war about 2000 Jews were living in Albania

--- Wikipedia -- Besa
While 2 million Armenian Christians were wiped out in Muslim Turkey at the end of World War 1, we now find that Muslim Albania protected and defended Jews from mean bad Christians in World War 2.

Yet another example that Islam is only a threat to Christians and not Jews.

Yes indeed, not to pass up another chance to make a Holocaust movie and to miss the opportunity to rub Christian noses in the mud once again, comes the Holocaust movie "Besa: The Promise", straight from Stephen Speilberg's awesome movie-making productions.

And Jimmy Carter, the Jews favorite anti-SeaMite, gets to be featured as the guy who has the blessing to credit the film? What's going on here?

We are still waiting to hear how many Christians were killed by Albanian Muslims during and after the war.

In fact, the word Besa must mean "honor among thieves. Muslim Albania is well known as the crime capital of Europe.

The Albanian Mafia uses a term "Besa" as a name for their "Code of Honor."

During the recruitment process a member inducted into the Albanian Mafia is required to take an oath. The oath is then considered sacred because it is defined as a Besa.

--Wikipedia - Albanian Mafia

I see this as Besa movie as yet another attempt by the Jews to mend fences with Muslims, after they invaded Palestine and created IsraHell.

SOURCE: Heba Aly of the Christian Science Monitor
Albania's untold story

Besa: The Promise
Besa: The Promise

The Eye Contact
"Muslims Who Saved Jews? Who Ever Heard of It?"

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