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August 19, 2012 AD

Jury Nullification Primer

Dr. Julian Heicklen, a retire chemistry professor, has been exercising his free speech rights in front of federal courthouses, and gets himself arrested.

How can that be in America that one can be arrested for free speech?

Well, Dr. Julian Heicklen is talking about duties and responsibilities of juries, an area judges have deemed to be their monopoly power. According to these judges, only judges have the free speech right to give juries information about their duties and responsibilities.

The problem is that judges are telling juries they have only a narrow right to decide a case.

Judges are telling juries that they have no right to decide if justice is being served, only in deciding if person A shot person B.

The problem is that this is not the purpose of having juries.

Why would our Founding Fathers want completely untrained and completely uneducated citizens deciding our most important cases?

Because of exactly this reason -- we cannot trust our trained and educated elites to provide TRUTH and JUSTICE.

This video is a perfect example of judicial tyranny in need of jury nullification to overcome the abuse.

Jury tampering charges dismissed against jury activist

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