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August 19, 2012 AD

Complex Military Industrial Scheme

United Technologies Corp on Thursday admitted selling China software that helped Beijing develop its first modern military attack helicopter, one of hundreds of export control violations over nearly two decades.

This sounds terrible, but if so, that only means we are just not looking at this like a new American businessmen or a politician.

Here is the deal:

  1. Highly sensistive American technology is sold to China, with United Technologies making a boatload of money -- $2 billion dollars was quoted -- developed with under military contracts using US taxpayers money.

  2. This $2 billion dollar transaction is taxed at 75 million dollars ("Fines" for violating US security )

  3. Allowing China to have the exact same military capabilities as we do.

  4. United Technologies then funds Congressional campaigns with the refrain: "China has caught up to us!!!"

  5. Which means that Congress needs to fund United Technologies with more billions of dollars to develop the next generation of helicopters, needing to start right away in order to keep ahead of China in technology so that we can defend ourselves from China.

  6. Leaving Congress as national heroes for funding military technology that protects and defends the United States of America.

  7. Getting the Great Congressman reelected.

  8. And finally, getting the CEO a huge bonus, minus the hefty campaign contributions to his favorite patriotic Congressmen.

We could arrest and hang both the board of directors of United Technologies AND CONGRESS !!!

United Technologies sent military copter tech to China

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