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August 19, 2012 AD

David Axelrod's
Lie Detector Scam

"Larry Sinclair – who claims he twice engaged in sexual activity and used cocaine with Obama in 1999 when Obama was an Illinois state senator was accused by Internet publisher Daniel Parisi of making false and damaging statements that led to the demise of [Daniel] Parisi’s porn website,, in 2008.

The alleged defamation did not center on Sinclair’s charges of sex and drugs with Obama but on Sinclair’s claim in his 2009 book that the Obama campaign and top adviser David Axelrod had agreed to pay Parisi $750,000 to rig the results of a polygraph test.

Parisi failed to present any evidence that Sinclair’s claim about Axelrod and the Obama campaign was false, wrote U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon in his Feb. 28 opinion dismissing the case.

Sinclair recounted in his book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” Parisi’s offer to pay him $10,000 to take a polygraph test regarding his charge that he engaged in sexual acts with Obama in Chicago.

In the deal, Parisi would pay $100,000 if the polygraph showed Sinclair was telling the truth. In a modified agreement, Sinclair was paid $20,000 to take the test. He failed it, according to an examiner’s report, and two other examiners corroborated the result, the judge’s opinion said."

Libel case against Obama's 'gay' accuser tossed

Jewish Pornographer Daniel Parisi was making a million dollars a year tricking people to his Internet Porn site, "", when they thought they were logging into "".

So he is a typical, but exceptionally sleazy, Jewish pornographer.

But turns out he was so much more.

We now find out that fellow Jew David Axelrod call on Daniel Parisi to help him with a fraud.

All for the good of the nation of Israel of course.

    The Axelrod Scam

  • First, Jew David Axelrod makes a deal with Jewish pornographer Parisi to offer a lie detector test to Obama accusor Larry Sinclair.

  • Next, trick Larry Sinclair into taking Mr. Parisi's offer of a lie detector, with an enticement of a minimum of $10,000 and a really juicy enticement of $100,000 if Sinclair proves he's telling the truth about Obama taking cocaine and engaging in homosexual acts.

  • Next, Mr. Parisi, fakes the results to show he was lying, thus totally discrediting Sinclair's accusations.

  • Finally, Axelrod pays Mr. Parisi, $750,000 for his services to Mother Israhell in helping get our Jewish puppet elected as POTUS. Heck, Alexrod would probably have given Parisi a Jewish medal for duty to country.

Daniel Parisi, with the immorality of a pornographer, probably would have done it for free to help promote his pornography, if not for the fact that Larry Sinclair's story against Obama needed to be discreditted.

Libel case against Obama's 'gay' accuser tossed

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