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July 4, 2012 AD

U.S. Marines
Christian Crusaders

According to the Center for Military Readiness, an organization that serves as a military watchdog, the incidents of reported sexual assaults have increased by 22% since 2007 and violent sex crimes among members of the US Army have almost doubled since 2006.
-- de Taliare

Insignia for the VMFA-122 "Crusaders" used from 1957-2008. Changed to Werewolves for four years. The historic nickname and symbols were recently reinstated.

Humm, 2006 is the baseline for an increase in sexual assualts? Pay attention to that.

In 2008, Political Correctness became so bad in the military that the U.S. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 had to exchange their insignia containing a Christian cross with one containing a Werewolf.

The Crusader Cross had been in use by the Marines for 50 years!

Whom is more likely to commit a sexual crime I wonder?
A Christian or a Werewolf?

Must have been caused by the Marines changing from good Christian men of honor -- into rapious Werewoles.

Today, we are finding out that this Marine Squadron has decided to place God back in their name.

Ooh-rah for them!

The thought being, if the Muslims can fight against Christians for Allah, and if Christians are going to have to fight Muslims, why then cannot Christians fight for God and Jesus against the Muslim Infidel?

Sad but trueth is that these Christian marines are in fact not fighting for Christianity, they are fighting instead for Judaism.

And the Jews want to make that point perfectly clear.

Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, wants the Christian marines to know that he is Jewish and the Jews will not allow Christians to believe they are in control and fighting for Christ.

I dont know that the Marine Corps could do anything more to fuel the cause of jihad," said Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates church-state separation. "It will directly end up taking lives and maiming members of our military."
Point to be made here is that it is a Jew who is advocating separation of Church and State, not a Christian.

The exception Mikey Weinstein will make however is if the place the marines are protecting is a Synagogue in Israel, then the Jews will feel Separation of Church and State does not apply to this situation -- that Synagogue will need to be defended at all cost by the Christian Marines - no Separation of Church and State allowed.

SOURCE: Kari Huus of MSNBC
Group blasts Marine Corps for reviving 'Crusaders' name and symbols

da Tagliare of Godfathers
Join the Military and Increase Your Chance Of Sexual Assault

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