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June 17, 2012 AD

For Greater Glory
From "1926" Mexico
To "1936" Spain
¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Too bad that the most relevant story points in the movie "For Greater Glory" are conveniently left on the cutting room floor, for what was thrown out is the real story of the Cristiada -- from the 1926 Mexican Cristeros War to the 1936 Spanish Civil War.

"For this Greater Story" is an indictment of the Obama administration, of fascism, of communism, and of how gullible Mexicans, Spaniards and American people get leaders who do not represent their true interests and what tragedies these inattentive mistakes entails, and most importantly, how Jews commit war against Christians.

TOLD in the movie is that Mexican President Calles was an secular atheist, and that his secular atheism was the sole motive driving his hatred of Christianity. Many Mexicans believed this in the day and the movie audience will believe it. Although, many will not question the same secular atheism of the Cristero general who valiantly opposed President Calles and why this general did not hate Christianity but instead defended it with his life.

NOT told in the movie, is that, like Obama, many Mexicans believed their President Calles hatred of Christianity must be an indication that he was in truth a Muslim [1]. His nickname was El Turco (The Turk), after the Turkish abusers of Christians during the Crusades. Just like our Judeo-loving President, everyone explained Calles' anti-Christian bloody purges by mistakingly thinking he was a Muslim, but Calles was not a Muslim.

NOT told in the movie, is that, like Obama, Mexicans believed their President Calles must be a Communist [2]. And this time, at least he was indeed a Judeo-Communist. The Mexican Constitution began in 1917 -- the EXACT same time as when the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, with Mexico being the first embassy the Communists opened and the American people at the time calling the government of Calles "Soviet Mexico". The ruling PRI national Mexican party Calles created lasted as long as the Bolshevik Soviet Union. Both fell around the time the Soviet Union fell on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991. The following year, in 1992, the PRI did not fall in fact, but it did fall in spirit, with repeal of its anti-Christian Judeo-Communist Constitutional provisions, which had been the cause of the Cristeros War. [3] On July 2, 2000, no longer a client state of the Soviet Union, an opposition party had gained enough supporters the previous eight years to enable Vicente Fox's win, which caused the first ever Presidential electoral defeat of the Judeo-communist PRI. [4]

NOT told in the movie is that President Calles has Jewish roots [5], and that this is the real reason why he hated Christianity. This also explains why Mexico's President Calles was supported by the Jewish power structure in Protestant America. Presented was a new "Monroe Doctrine" which set to destroy the Christian Catholic link in Spain's former colony to the mother country of Spain, a country Jews have loved to hate since Spain expelled Jews from Spain in 1492 AD, following their 800-year Golden Age of accommodation with the Moorish Muslim invaders of Spain. Because of this, many American Protestants turned their eyes and attention away from the devastation happening to fellow Christians just across the border, even as American pilots were flying the first planes to bomb the Cristeros. [6]

NOT told in the movie is that Mexico's mother country of Spain would suffer the same religious civil war between Jews and Christians just 10 years later in 1936, often refered to as the Spanish Civil War. With the Federal Reserve orchestrating The Great Depression, came many desperate people who were looking for worldly salvation anywhere they could find it. Some found it in Judeo-Communism, some found the opposite in Christian-Fascism. "Republican" Manuel Azaña became Spain's President Calles who controversially remarked that burning of "all the convents in Spain was not worth the life of a single Republican". [7] In 1936, Azaña began arming leftist death squad militias who then proceeded to kill businessmen, priests -- and everyone else who appeared to be "fascists". [8] Thus began the Spanish Religious War between Christians and Jewish Useful Idiots.


Comments are always illustrative.

Here is an anti-Christian negative comment:

    [For Greater Glory] tells the story from the eyes of the church but mentions nothing about what the church did to the population. In those days the church controlled schools and hospitals and above 90 percent of Mexicans were illiterate. If you had money, you could buy the forgiveness of sins and you could be "encouraged" to leave everything to the church upon your death.

    The church was a big land owner while the locals starved and suffered. The Cristiada happened because the church declared itself to be above any laws and the government was forced to act up. Both sides committed atrocities against one another but the better side won.

    The government relegated the church into what it is today but it never really wanted to shoot Catholicism down. The government just wanted to take the country back from the Vatican... And they did!!

And here was a great pro-Christian response:

    Plutarco Calles founded the PRI who's talking points you are repeating, Romeo.

    The PRI ran Mexico without any real competition from the 1920s until the 1990s.

    Did they eliminate poverty in Mexico?

    The fact that 10% of the Mexican population moved to the United States suggests otherwise.

    The estimates that I have read are that 90,000 to 100,000 people died during the civil war that Calles needlessly provoked. In the end Mexico was no better off. There was still poverty and illiteracy.

    The difference is that there were no longer Catholic schools and hospitals or any serious political opposition.

    Like most Marxists and socialists, they were a lot better at breaking eggs than in making omelets.

And the Christian Solution response:

    Beautiful response to an anti-Christian socialist.

    How about speculating who was behind Calles? Perhaps a lot of Judeo-socialists in America, who also backed Castro all these past years in Cuba just miles from our borders.

    The modern-day Monroe Doctrine of Protestant Christians keeping the "European Pope" out of the new world as well?


[1] Wikipedia: Plutarco Elías Calles

According to false rumours, his parents had been Syrians or Turks, giving him the nickname El Turco (The Turk). His detractors drew comparisons between Calles and the "Grand Turk", the anti-Christian leaders from the era of the Crusades. In order not to draw too much attention to his unhappy childhood, Calles chose to ignore those rumours rather than to fight them.
[2] Wikipedia: Plutarco Elías Calles

Public opinion in the United States turned particularly anti-Mexican when the first embassy of the Soviet Union in any country was opened in Mexico, on which occasion the Soviet ambassador remarked that "no other two countries show more similarities than the Soviet Union and Mexico". After this, some in the United States government, considering Calles's regime Bolshevik, started to refer to Mexico as "Soviet Mexico".
[3] Wikipedia: Cristero War

In 1992, the Mexican government amended the constitution by granting all religious groups legal status, conceding them limited property rights and lifting restrictions on the number of priests in the country.
[4] Wikipedia: Vicente Fox

Fox was elected President of Mexico in the 2000 presidential election, a historically significant election that made him the first president elected from an opposition party since Francisco I. Madero in 1910 and the first one in 71 years to defeat, with 42 percent of the vote, the then-dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).
[5] Wikipedia: Plutarco Elías Calles

His father, also called Plutarco Elías, was, despite his degenerate nature, descended from a prominent family in the Provincias Internas, most often recorded as Elías González. The first of this line to settle in Mexico was Francisco Elías González de Zayas (1704–1790), a Spaniard of distant Sephardic Jewish ancestry (see note 4)
    Note 4: The founder of the Elias clan

    From the genealogy tree that Luis had sent, it was recognized that we are all children of Don Pancho. I am referring to Don Francisco Elias Gonzalez de Zayas who had arrived from Spain. In the same book I found a date that even goes further back. The Grandfather of Don Francisco, his name was Lorenzo Luis Elias Romero, almost the same as our cousin Luis. He was from the same region in Spain, and he lived approximately from 1600 to 1665. We than have to recognize that; our family history dates back to previous four centuries. * c

    According to Armando Elias Chomina, author of “ Abstract of historical data of the Elias family”, the orally tradition of the Spanish and Mexican families support the fact that the origin is Jewish.
[6] Wikipedia: Cristero War

The rebels had scarce logistical supplies and relied heavily on the Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc, raids on towns, trains and ranches in order to supply themselves with money, horses, ammunition and food. By contrast, later in the war the Calles government was supplied with arms and ammunition by the US government. In at least one battle, American pilots provided air support for the federal army against the Cristero rebels.
[7] Spartacus Educational

The provisional government of the Second Republic called a general election for June 1931. The Socialist Party (PSOE) and other left wing parties won an overwhelming victory. Niceto Alcala Zamora, a moderate Republican, became prime minister, but included in his cabinet several radical figures such as Manuel Azaña, Francisco Largo Caballero and Indalecio Prieto.

On 16th October 1931, Azaña replaced Niceto Alcala Zamora as prime minister. With the support of the Socialist Party (PSOE) he attempted to introduce agrarian reform and regional autonomy. However, these measures were blocked in the Cortes.

Azaña believed that the Catholic Church was responsible for Spain's backwardness. He defended the elimination of special privileges for the Church on the grounds that Spain had ceased to be Catholic. Azaña was criticized by the Catholic Church for not doing more to stop the burning of religious buildings in May 1931. He controversially remarked that burning of "all the convents in Spain was not worth the life of a single Republican".

On the 10th May 1936 the conservative Niceto Alcala Zamora was ousted as president and replaced by the left-wing Manuel Azaña. Soon afterwards Spanish Army officers began plotting to overthrow the Popular Front government.
[8] Wikipedia : Manuel Azaña

By July [1936], the military conspiracy to overthrow the Republic was well underway, but nothing definite had been planned. Then on 13 July, José Calvo Sotelo, leader of the small monarchist group in the Cortes, was "arrested" and murdered by a mixed group of Socialist gunmen and Assault Guards.

Manuel Azaña and Quiroga conspicuously failed to act effectively against the killers.

This was the last straw.

On 17 July, right-wing elements in the Spanish army proclaimed the overthrow of the Republic. The rebellion failed in Madrid, however... At this time, most of the Spanish army had not joined the rebellion. A strong stand by Azaña in favor of maintaining the constitution against threats from any sector might have restored order.

But Azaña did no such thing.

Instead he brought in yet another prime minister, Giral, and the government began to "arm the people"; that is, distribute arms to Socialist and Communist party militias.

In the next few days, the Republican state began to unravel. Socialist and anarchosyndicalist radicals ran wild, taking up arms, forming unofficial militias, and attacking anyone considered a "fascist", including businessman and priests.

On 13 September, he authorized Minister of Finance Juan Negrín to move the nation's gold reserve to wherever Negrin thought it would be secure.

Negrin shipped it to the Soviet Union, which claimed it in payment for arms supplied to the Republic.

Azaña said nothing.

SOURCE: Terence P. Jeffrey of CNSNEWS
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