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May 28, 2012 AD

Chick Publications
Jewish Taqiyya

Comic Strip writer Jack T. Chick sets the tone in his vile comic strip by starting off with a very materialistic world-view, instead of a religious Christian world-view.

Strange that he considers this important, since he may as well have added that Israel has NEVER in its equally long history been a country noted for it’s

    A) wealth
    B) military power (without God’s assistance)
    C) agriculture or
    D) science
Israel is known for its religion and its religion only.

More materialism in noting Egypt’s architectural achievements. Of course, Israel’s only architecture was the Temple and even that was not world renown architecture.

What does it matter of a society’s secular culture and accomplishments when discussing religion, as they have nothing to do with religion, but to Chick, it seems to matter.

So Chick points out that God allowed his Chosen People to suffer for 400 years, BEFORE He did anything to stop it.

I will note now how Chick will introduce an invalid counterpoint to this God's people suffering under the hated Egyptians, when Chick later proudly states that “God Blessed England”, while neglecting to point out that - at a time - England was proudly enslaving black Africans.

Are not Christians to believe we are all God’s children NOW, even black people?

How does England get blessed by God for that?

Was not England allowing God's children to suffer?

From a Christian perspective, Chick seems to miss his own point.

The story of Moses – no argument from me here.

But what is this thing about with Egypt’s tourism industry?

Chick invites a comparison to Israel’s tourism industry.

And what does the tourism department of Israel show people?

Israeli Jews escort Christians to see the place Christ was born in Bethlahem, which was also the place the Jewish leader was searching for to kill Christ. They also show the place Christ died on Calvary, with the blood of the Jewish Pharisees on their hands.

Jesus-denying Israel and the Jesus-denying Jews who fill it are still the enemy of Christians.

But does ANYBODY come to Israel to see its greatest JEWISH architectural achievement – the Jewish Temple?


Because they have never bothered to rebuild it.

Jesus-denying Israel’s tourist industry lives on its memories of killing Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind.

Jesus-denying, Satanic Synagogue of Israel is still a backward country relying upon $5 billion dollars of direct U.S. aid each and every year, along with untold indirect military assistance from the United States and whatever military secrets its Mossad can outright steal from Western countries, especially ours.

Egypt’s history is every bit as long as that of Israel – perhaps much longer -- but Chick misses a very important point.

While Jews were kicked out of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD, never to return until 1948 AD, the Egyptians have never once in their 4,000 year history ever been kicked out of their own country.

Jews came back to Israel after just short of 2000 years of being the world’s gypsies.

I guess God allowed “His Chosen People” to suffer for another 2,000 years, after the Egyptians had them enslaved for those measly 400 years.

Indeed, each Empire did crumble.

But how can a God-forsaken, anti-Christ people talk about civilizations crumbling, who have had no country whatsoever for the last 2,000 years ?

Now that is real revisionist history!

And how did Pagan Rome “crumble”? -- It became Christian.

Now that is crumbling I can live with!

There is so much anti-Christian hate going on here.

First off -- Germany is not a Catholic country!

It’s a Protestant country.

In fact, Germany is the first country who first broke off from the Catholic Church under Luther.

Germany had been Catholic and doing well for well over a thousand years and then a guy named Luther comes along and says that this Christian Church of their fathers and ancestors was evil.

Why is that fact not a reason to say that our Christian God did not bless Germany?

Why is Germany not condemned by God because it split and divided the Christian Church?

I can tell you why -- Because, anti-Christian propaganda does not have to make sense, that’s why.

But even the Jews don’t agree with Chick on his slanderous point about the Vatican being evil.

Pope Pius XII, the hatefully-called Hitler’s Pope, is now considered a Saint and even the Jews agree.

But please neglect this Christian compassion of this Pope, because Chick wants, in his unchristian heart, to condemn Christians.

Genesis 12:3 is the most mis-used and abused piece of Jewish Propaganda ever used against Christians.

And Christians fall for this Satanic propaganda every time.

The very next pane makes a good point about how God’s Word is abused by Anti-Christs.

Whom are the ones who REALLY broke off “Godly diplomatic relationships” with Israel?

Was it not the Jews who cruelly, with crowns of thorns, rejected God’s son? Or was it the Jews who lovingly embraced God’s Son?

This is the absolute best rejection of everything Chick tries to brainwash his readers on.

Chick says, “Reject Israel – Suffer the consequences.”

And how does that work in the real world?

The unbelieving Jews who rejected God’s Son were utterly destroyed by Rome in 70 AD, shortly after the death and resurrection of Christ.

The Temple was destroyed and has never since been rebuilt.

Unbelievig Synagogue of Satan Jews who deny Christ has been forced to wander the world for the last 2,000 years as begging Gypsies – reviled by all of mankind.

On the other hand, the Jews who accepted God’ Son -- worked to convert the mighty Roman Empire to Christianity and spread God’s love and compassion everywhere they went.

Whom do you honestly believe is blessed by God and whom do you honestly believe is curseth by God?

Whom do you believe epitomizes the Kingdom of Heaven and who epitomizes Satan's deceptions?

Whom do you believe actually rejected Israel -- by rejecting Israel's crowning achievement -- Jesus Christ?

Little do people know, but England before the Protestant Reformation, while still a Catholic nation, grew in power under the same Catholicism Chick loves to condemn.

King Alfred the Great united England and David Starkey, in his "Monarchy" series, reports that for "over 300 years to Alfred and beyond, England had been the richest, most stable, best administered country in Europe."

And to be honest, England even grew in power under the perverted adulterer King Henry VIII, who is renowned for being at first anti-Protestant and later in being anti-Catholic, but in both circumstances – Henry VIII was killing Christians -- as he was at the same time leading a very un-Christian life.

Chick makes a point here of NOT mentioning that England was the ONLY country to help the Jews found Israel. Something other Christian countries like France, Germany, Russia, Italy never did for the Jews.

Yet, Chick believes the only country helping Israel, NOT DOING MORE, caused England to be cursed.

But the countries who never lifted a finger to help Israel were not hurt.

This crazy. mixed-up logic somehow is intended to fits his fake story-telling narrative, because the truth is that no country tried to help the Jews more than England did up till that point.

America is now the one helping Israel, and like England, only started falling apart AFTER helping the Jesus-denying Israel.

Is this also the reason God is now forsaking America?

Next, Chick will now actually conveniently disprove his own point.

Indeed, this is true.

What happened to turn England from a great colonial power to one who is now a begger colony of the U.N.’s super-state of the European Union?

I have my answer, and it repudiates Chick’s reason.

Sir Winston Churchill was Chaim Weitzman's best friend, the Jew’s best friend, and Christianity’s worst enemy!

Sir Zionist Churchill is the man who single-handedly destroyed England.

France did not invade Palestine and give it to the Jews.

Russia did not invade Palestine and give it to the Jews.

Germany did not invade Palestine and give it to the Jews.

ONLY England invaded Muslim Palestine, its Christian soldiers maimed, bleeding and dying for Jesus-denying Jews, and ONLY England gave any part of Palestine to the Jews, but in Chick’s mind, God thought that England was the only Evil country in the world at that time.

In fact, the Balfour Declaration was England’s promise, indeed England’s contract to sell of her soul to the Satanic Jews, with the terms being 1) England will give to the Jesus-denying Jews - the Christian Holy Lands, in exchange for 2) unchristian Jews will talk American Christians into dying in WW1 for Judas England.

Would it be too much to say that God cursed England, because England sold out its own Christian citizens, sold out American Christians, and gave the Christian Holy Lands, stolen by the Muslims from Christians in 637 AD, over to non-Christian Jews? Why would a God who sent His Only Son for mankind’s salvation bless England for such anti-Christian treachery?

Could this be the real reason why England was destroyed? England finally gave in to anti-Christ Jewish treachery?

There is so much propaganda and other mis-information about Hitler this would take a book to repudiate. Let’s review a few things most Jewish Taqiyya experts conveniently leave off.

    1) Jews masterminded the utter destruction of the Christian nation of Russia to keep it from retaking Constantinople from the dying Ottoman Empire and to keep it from retaking the former Byzantine Christian Holy Lands of Jerusalem, because they wanted it for themselves.

    2) England was the prime force -- siding with Muslim Turks -- against Christian Russians -- in the Crimean War of 1853 AD.

    3) In destroying Russia with Judeo-Communism, the Jews were responsible for these horrific events

      a. 1918–1922, Jews had the Red Terror, where members of the Christian clergy were subjected to particularly brutal abuse. According to documents cited by the late Alexander Yakovlev, then head of the Presidential Committee for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, priests, monks and nuns were crucified, thrown into cauldrons of boiling tar, scalped, strangled, given Communion with melted lead and drowned in holes in the ice. An estimated 3,000 were put to death in 1918 alone.

      b. 1929 to 1953, Jews had ran 14 million Christians through the Gulag slave labor camps. “Let My People Go!

      c. 1932-22, Jews had 7 million Ukrainians starved to death in the Holodomor.

      d. 1940, Jews had 22,000 Polish Christians slaughtered in the Katyn Forest. Besides Polish military officers, some prisoners were members of other groups of Polish intelligentsia, such as priests, landowners and law personnel

      e. 1929-1933, Jews had the Stalin Purges

    4) England (and America) sided with the anti-Christ, Jewish Commissar-led Stalin and protected it from destruction at the hands of Hitler’s troops.

I choose to believe that God would more likely punish England for ignoring the pitiful pleas of suffering Christians in Russia from the end of WW1 till the end of WW2, than in ignoring the pleas of Jews in 1938, a time when Jews were not being rounded up and killed. Even Jews agree that the Holocaust did not start until 1941.

In addition, before the start of WW2, more Jews left to "their" Promised Land from Germany than from England.

What was England doing to prevent Jews from returning to "their" Promised Land?

Why is England not condemned for having a worst record of Jewish redemption than Hitler had?

The other Chick pane is just more propaganda.

England never opposed the Jewish state; instead, it was the country who enabled the Jewish state. England just wanted Jews to go slower in the Jew's ethnic cleansing of the Holy Lands of Gentiles than the Jews wanted.

Again, no England, no Israel, so how can England be condemned for not helping Israel?

England did back Arabs into nationalism and this was good for Israel, not bad for Israel.

With the Arab regions broken away from the European Ottoman Empire, the only enemies Israel had to handle were the Arabs.

And even the Arab tribes were broken down into many countries, so that Israel would not have to deal with all the Arabs at once.

Far better for Israel than in Israel facing a unified Ottoman Empire under a Caliphate, surely revived with the Israeli nationhood.

This Jew-Jitsu "divide and conquer" technique helped weaken the Muslims, so the Jews could easily win wars against them once Israel was formed.

Chick believes that the Jews were disarmed, but this is a lie. The Jews were not disarmed. Indeed, the book "Churchill and the Jews" documents hundreds of English Christians slaughtered in the British mandate trying to keep peace; slaughtered by their Irgun terrorists.

The lie is that Chick again fails to enlighten his readers to the fact that it was England who armed the Israelis in the first place. England armed the Jews with heavy military-styled weapons, to help fight the German Christians, and only later asked for THEIR OWN WEAPONS back.

Finally the horror of all horrors, England had the audacity of staffing the Transjordan Arab Legion with peaceful English Christian gentleman officers and not militant Arab Muslim terrorists!

Actually, this is perhaps the most honest pane yet.

Indeed, Jesus-denying anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan Jews thought that Christian Russia was its greatest danger. The Christian Czar was all set to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD with the re-conquest of Constantinople in 1853 AD.

Christians had converted all of Israel to Christianity by 300 AD. For the next 300 years, the Byzantine Christian Empire ruled Jerusalem. The Jews had once again activated their Jew-Jitsu machine to have the Byzantine Christians wear themselves out fighting against the Persians whom Jews have always loved since the days of Cyrus the Great when the Persians became Israel's big brother against the Babylonian Empire. Persia had taken Jerusalem from Christians around 615 AD for about 5 years, letting Jews return, before Christians could finally muster the forces to re-take Jerusalem. But this battle against the Persians so weakened the Christians that they then easily become victim to a Jewish fifth column support for Arab Muslims under Mohammad, who invaded Jerusalem and slaughtered all the Christians they could find.

I do believe Chick has this logic completely reversed.

All the time England was ruling Palestine under its U.N. mandate, America had nothing whatsoever to do with Palestine or the Jews in Palestine, and yet it was a time in which America was blessed by God.

America was blessed because it did NOT help the satanic deniers of God’s Son to retake the Christian Holy Lands. This was the time in which England was becoming cursed.

America did not become cursed until AFTER America started helping Israel.

America armed Israel in all its wars since the 1967 Six-Day war, and America has been going down-hill since 1967.

As a result of having Jews run our financial institutions, and fighting Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, America is going broke. And Jews in power in America is leading America to become a mere puppet of the U.N. and the World Court.

Since the true Israel is the Christian Israel -- gone forth from Israel to all nations baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost -- the real Anti-Christ Satan playing a role in Biblical prophecy may be the United Nations leader of the world which the Jews have created to rule the world.

The Judeo-Beast will try to destroy Christian Israel as it has been trying to do for the last 2,000 years.

The true Israel’s Messiah is Jesus Christ and he is not coming to save the arses of the ones who have rejected Him for the last 2,000 years and whom continue to reject Him today and in the future.

Do you have any problems with that?

“Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”, but no guarantees for the unbelieving Jews who refuse to believe in him, even after God sent Christ specifically to the Jews, so they would be the first to believe.

“He came unto his own, and his own received him not”, and I fear for those Jews on Judgment Day whomj will still not receive Christ's love.

Unbelieving Jews who do not come to the Father through the Son will not see salvation, nor will they be the ones God favors, for God favors the real Jews, the real Israel – the Christians.

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