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May 28, 2012 AD

Republican Senator sells out Country

Here is a letter from a very disgruntled Texas engineer who has devoted his career to engineering, only to see it subverted by his own Texas Republican Senator.

Senator Cornyn,

"YOU" with your Star (Securing the Talent America Requires) Act, have proudly introduced legislation to favor foreigner workers over American workers.

"YOU" proudly favor once again flooding the American engineering market with more tens of thousands of non-Christian, non-American immigrants with "YOUR" introduction of "YOUR" STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) legislation.

"YOU" did this AFTER,

    -- "YOU" allowed these foreigners to "integrate" into our universities as students, and now

    -- "YOU" have created the condition where "YOUR" newly trained engineers will return this technology knowledge to their own country, hurting this country -- unless

    -- "YOU" pass this STEM act which would allow them start their un-American, un-Christian careers here.
This is nothing more than Satanic political blackmail.

I want to know the honest reason why "YOU" would do such an unpatriotic, unchristian Satanic act?

My Personal History

Let me prefix this with the fact that I currently an unemployed engineer who is currently facing foreclosure on his home and have been unemployed for 5 of the last 11 years, after working my first 18.5 years of my career as an engineer without ever being unemployed.

Wonder how's your job treating you today Senator? Perhaps good that you are not up for re-election?

Right out of college and honorable discharged from the Air Force, I worked on the Paveway bunker-buster laser-guided bomb for 2.5 years, helping bring it through development.

I then worked 10 years in Texas Instruments semiconductor group working to bring new designs for telecom and data acquisition chips to production before I left TI to work 6 years for VLSI Technology's fab in San Antonio starting-up and running the engineering side of their multi-probe test floor.

"YOU" allowed the foreign firm of Philips to purchase VLSI Technology, steal all its intellectual property, and then outsource my fab to Taiwan's TSMC fab.

This was my first encounter with unemployment.

When looking for jobs the following 2.5 years, I noticed a host of Texas Instruments engineering jobs listed on Monster and Career-builder in Bangalore, India with virtually none listed in America.

I imagine "YOU" made this economically feasible and acceptable for Texas Instruments to do.

I eventually returned to TI working in the OMAP wireless division, only because my VLSI manager was hired at TI to replace an over-the-top Indian manager from the highest Indian caste, who as making a mess of the OMAP group. My former manager brought me on at TI -- and a major fight immediately ensued with the Indians who thought they "owned" the place.

How dare an AMERICAN manager replace an Indian manager and bring in an American engineer to work in telecom!!!! That is India's specialty!!!

After 4 years of hell and no cooperation from the Indian engineers, the 2008 Housing crash recession "YOU" let the Fed create allowed TI to lay me off.

Texas Instrument's excuse to "fire" me was that I was emailing "threatening" emails from my home to the home of a non-Christian Muslim working at Texas Instruments, whom I was at the time car-pooling to work with. A Muslim whom "YOU" allowed to enter our country. He forwarded our heated email arguments concerning differences between the violence of Christianity compared to the violence of Islam to TI's HR department with the added statement that he thought I was threatening his wife. (I was saying things like, "How would you like it if I were to do this or that Islamic practice to your wife?")

Evidently, I was not TOLERANT enough in my own country with the Anti-Christian foreigners "YOU" allowed into my country.

Following an additional 2 years of unemployment, I then worked the last 2 years as a manufacturing engineer on contract for Abbott Labs - at half my former pay!

Abbott Labs Diagnostics has now also have moved their manufacturing out of the country -- to Singapore -- because Singapore is business friendly and "YOU" have not kept the FDA on a leash, making American a non-business friendly country.

So I am laid off again.

As "YOU" can guess, my sons are dead set AGAINST following in their father's footsteps.

Ask "YOURSELF" why my sons should feel the need to study so hard, to endure so much pain learning engineering, just to be paid much less than some real estate agent who got a "degree" from a cereal box real estate school?

That is if they could even get an engineering job in the first place?

U.S. was already the most competitive country on Earth

China, India and the Middle East are all cess-pools of humanity. None of theme have accomplished anything in the last 3 thousand years.

On the other hand, America has out-innovated and out-produced all of them combined with our own American Christian people or European Christian immigrants.

"YOU LIE" when you say we need these bums to be competitive.

Is Christianity worth defending?

"YOU" have let many non-Christians enter our country.

The Muslims in particular have turned this country upside down, forcing "YOU" have implement the Patriot Act, the NDAA and all sorts of other non-American, unconstitutional infringements on freedom and liberty which we as Christians used to enjoy.

Christianity is currently on the defensive with lawsuits from "YOUR" new Muslim engineers and their vast generational families in "YOUR" federal courts of law.

For a short-term engineer of dubious intellectual quality, you are burdening America with countless generations of Muslims at conflict with Christians.

The Foreigners are not even innovative!

They work hard, yes!

They work very hard in school learning what white, Christian, Americans or Europeans have already figured out on their own.

Then they do NOTHING!!!

I have worked with Vietnamese who work hard, but certainly not smart in the least.

I have worked with arrogant Indians who try to take over, but in the end do nothing to advance science or engineering.

I have worked with Chinese who copy EVERYTHING, but NEVER make anything anyone else would want to copy.

I have worked with a Norwegian Engineer who was smart and innovative, but then, he was European and Christian.

These foreign engineers are put on marginally engineering-related jobs at low rates, as scabs against allowing high wages and benefits for real engineers doing real engineering.

"YOUR" Plan is backfiring

"YOU" are making America LESS competitive.

I told you my sons and many sons like my sons do not want to become engineers.

Fact is though, these would-have-been future American engineers would have been Americans and loyal to America. Any companies they created would remain in America.

I have worked directly in Texas Instrument's telecom branch with Keh Shew Lu. He did create a start-up named "Diodes, Inc" as you proudly state your case for the STAR Act, but then he also out-sources much of his company's work (and technology) to Taiwan.

I have worked directly with Vijay Naik in TI's telecom branch. This time, in rejection of your ambitions for the STAR Act, he started his company in India to transfer knowledge he gained from Texas Instruments back to India.

In addition to stealing our technology, "YOUR" STAR Act to flood the market with a new wave of immigrants will once again cause a major upheaval in the "Supply and Demand" curve.

If you want America to be competitive with the world in engineering, then engineering should be attractive enough in

    1) pay,
    2) prestige and
    3) stability,
in order to attract America's top talent.

"YOU" are like any other politician Senator Cornyn.

"YOU" work against market forces to destroy the American market for engineers.

"YOU" artificially depress wages for engineers by flooding the American market with foreign engineers, making any career planning impossible.

"YOU" make engineering less prestigious by making it appear to be "jobs that foreigners do".

"YOU" make engineering unstable by "YOUR" periodic political assassination of the engineering field.

"YOU" make engineering unattractive when people see engineers like myself being unemployed for long periods of time.

"YOU" are hurting Christianity and helping non-Christians.

Are "YOU" really a Republican?" SENATOR CORNYN?

Are "YOU" going to continue down this nefarious path of destruction against America?

An unemployed Electrical Engineer with a Masters degree

SOURCE: Senator Conyn's Web site
Cornyn Introduces Bill to Win Global Competition for STEM Graduates

Senator Conyn's Web site
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Jeffrey Mervis of Science
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