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April 17, 2012 AD

How to tell a Story
so even Christians
will join
the Jewish Conspiracy

Kirk Cameron believes Homosexuality is Sin

Kirk Cameron gives his opinion on homosexuality, and the liberal brigade of Hollywood sexual thuggery goes into action.

A majority of people in Hollywood believe that Kirk Cameron’s opinion on homosexuality is far worse than the abuse that child actors have suffered from homosexuals who consider children as easy prey.

Jewish child abuser Martin Weiss

Hollywood manager Martin Weiss, 47, was charged December 1 for sexually abusing a former client, who was 12 at the time.

Jewish child Corey Feldman abused as a child

Industry's biggest secret: Corey Feldman, who was molested as a child, told ABC's Nightline that Hollywood pedophilia is 'the biggest secret' in the industry

Jewish child Corey Haim abused as a child

“Little House on the Prairie star Alison Arngrim agreed. ‘This has been going on for a very long time,’ she told Fox News. ‘It was the gossip back in the 80s. People said, “Oh yeah, the Coreys [Corey Feldman and Corey Haim], everyone’s had them.” People talked about it like it was no big deal.’” By “had,” she means “had sex with them.”
And we all know about
  • Jewish Roman Polanski (AKA Rajmund Roman Liebling)
  • Jewish Pee-wee Herman (AKA Paul Reubens)
  • Jewish Woody Allen marrying his step-daughter
One has to be a Christian Roman Catholic Priest, or a Christian Roman Catholic Mel Gibson, or a Christian Protestant Kirk Cameron to entice moral outrage from the Jewish Hollywood.

All this Hollywood child abuse by Jews
And yet there is only outrage in Hollywood
by Hollywood Jews at Christian Kirk Cameron

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Moral of the Story

It's all in the way the story is told.

Muslim on Christian tolerance

  • If there was a bunch of guys with the name of Mohammad attacking Kirk Cameron, Jews and Christians would be screaming that the "Muslims" are attacking a "Christian" and furthermore screaming, "They are trying to take over the world!"

Christian on Jewish tolerance

  • If there was a bunch of guys with the name of Smith attacking a Jewish Kirk Cameron, Jews and Christians would be screaming that the "Christians" attacking the sweet innocent "Jewish" Kirk Cameron are Nazi, anti-Semite vile thugs. And furthermore screaming -- "Must not let Nazi try to take over the world again."

Jewish on Christian tolerance

  • Since the members of the gang attacking Kirk Cameron were all named Greenberg, then this story automatically morphs into one of only "liberals" attacking "conservatives". No mention of Jews or Christians, but the "conservatives" say that the "liberals" can stay in power until the next election - or the election after that. "They are not trying to take over the world (already been done)"
What is truly amazing is that most all Christians have bought into this two-tier Judeo-MSM outrage scheme.

Christians will be outraged by Muslims attacking either Christians or Jews, and especially alert to their fellow Christians attacking Jews, but when Jews attack Muslims, it is because the Muslims had it coming to them, and the ulitmate irony, when Jews attack Christians, it is just because they are liberals.

Christians are not aware that the Jewish conspiracy requires their active participation in the Jewish conspiracy against Christians.

SOURCE: Gary DeMar of
Former Child Television Stars Attack Kirk Cameron for Expressing an Opinion While They Remain Silent on Hollywood’s Best Kept Dirty Secret

Beth Stebner of Mail Online
Does Hollywood have a paedophilia epidemic? The disturbing pattern of abuse revealed by former child actors

Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News
Kirk Cameron Hit By Former Child Stars on Gay Comments

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