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March 9, 2012 AD

Kony 2012
Social Media Revolution

Joseph Kony of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is the latest "Do-something-for-Humanity" darling cause of the judeo-Media-World.

This slick propaganda presentation, using the new tools of social-media, is also a great example of how the judeo-media will be harnessing the simple-minded young and other simple-minded to overthrow whatever enemy the judeo-media wants overthrown, including our own government when the time is ripe.

This is an example of Social-Media's raw power

Social Media's raw power only so long as the Hollywood elites and the politico elites get behind it.

(This site engages in social media, and not getting 40 million hits yet.)

I am not such a believer in the truth to any of this Joseph Kony business.

This is a man who is said to be a Christian and who professes a belief in the Ten Commandments.

Joseph Kony cannot possibly have any following based upon the Ten Commandments and the Lord Jesus Christ, if he is a tenth as evil as the Judeo-Media depict.

This Kony propaganda is social-media, Arab Spring style propaganda.

Worked in Egypt, so I guess they are trying it out here. And as this mania over Kony shows, it can work here in America, against us, just as well as it can work anywhere.


  • . 1) 250 men, even if down from a few thousand, can be easily handled by the Ugandan military and police organizations. No need for America to even look that way.

  • . 2) Strange that an organization naming itself after our Lord Jesus Christ and professing a Ten Commandments moral code, is targeted and accused of atrocities by America's elites in Hollywood and America's political elites; however, we know these same powerful celebrities and elites did absolutely nothing when Muslims professing a Jihadi moral code in the Sudan committed unspeakable atrocities against Christians.

    And the Sudan was doubly un-PC. It was strong powerful "Whites" in the North killing, starving, enslaving, and raping poor, down-trodden "Blacks" in the South of Sudan.

  • . 3) I want to know if the LORD's resistance fighters are Christians resisting against Muslims who have committed much greater atrocities, or if, as this video assert, they are just common bad people.

  • . 4) I still remember when the Judeo-Media were accusing Christian David Koresh of being Hitler reincarnated and the only pictures they ever showed was him holding a Bible in his hands. Conversely, I see convicted Judeo-Terrorist Bill Ayers being the talk of the town.

  • . 5) Kony is #1 on the ICC most wanted list. REALLY? The ICC is on my most wanted list. It is an affront to my sovereignty as an American citizen and a far worst danger to my well being than Kony ever would be.

  • . 6) Obama DECLARED WAR and sent our troop to invade Uganda? Another country????? I didn't even know this till today. Did Congress know their right, duty, and responsibility to declare war was abridged again?

  • . 7) Americans are always for the underdog. Now you would think that 250 (Christian?) men fighting an entire country would be the underdogs. But if you phrase the story right, the Judeo-media can make anybody the underdog.

    By saying that children are being abused, children will always become the underdog and that will automatically make someone like Kony the bad guy.

    This is typical Waco propaganda -- "We're here to protect the children" -- as we shoot into the building and later burn it to the ground with the children still inside.

SOURCE: Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press
Film About Ugandan Thug Joseph Kony Rockets Through Cyberspace

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