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March 3, 2012 AD

"How to Change a Christian into a Jew"

Without he even knowing it

Who are the REAL Children of Abraham?

    "There is neither Jew nor Greek...for you are all one in Jesus Christ."

    "For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ...And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's descendants, heirs to the promise."

    -- Galatians 3:27-29

Anyone who is unsaved is not a brother of a saved Christian.

    Christian Brotherhood Theology

  • . A saved Gentile is both the brother and the equal of a saved Jew.

  • . A saved Gentile and a saved Jew are both saved Christians.

  • . An unsaved Jew is neither a brother nor an equal of a saved Jew.

  • . An unsaved Jew is neither a brother nor an equal of a saved Gentile.

  • . An unsaved Jew is neither a brother or an equal of a saved Christian.

  • . Any Jew who is saved should now call himself a Christian, not a Jew.

Let us now put to death the second-rate religious citizenship status beliefs of too many misled Christians!

    Christian Replacement Theology

  • . Christians have all the right, indeed the ONLY right, to call themselves the Chosen People.

  • . Christians have all the right, indeed the ONLY right, to call themselves the Children of Abraham.

  • . Christians have all the right, indeed the ONLY right, to call themselves Israel.

  • . Christians have all the right, indeed the ONLY right, to call the Promised Land their right of inheritance.

  • . God will bless any country who blesses any Christian country and God will curse any country who curses any Christian country.

Modern Judaism continues to arrogantly reject the Messiah and has added the heresy of its Babylonian Talmud.

    Judaic Fraud Theology

  • . Modern Judaism is a fraud.

  • . Modern Judaism is heresy.

  • . Modern Judaism is not a descendant of Abraham.

  • . Modern Judaism is not the Children of Abraham.

  • . Modern Judaism is not the Chosen People.

  • . Modern Judaism is has no right to the Promised Land.

  • . Modern Judaism is not blessed by God.

  • . Modern Judaism is of the devil.

  • . Modern Judaism is the Synagogue of Satan.

  • . Looking to the future, looking to the "end times", as an excuse to support Christ-less Israel is both absurd and sinful.

  • . Christian support for Israel is heresy.

The Gospel should be spread to all the nations as we are commanded by The Great Commission -- to baptize their inhabitants in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    The Great Commission Theology

  • . All people need the grace of Jesus Christ -- all people need baptism.

  • . Anything which detracts Christians from spreading the Good News is heresy.

  • . Anything which detracts Christians from bringing light to the world is heresy.

How are Christians being misled and deceived?

    "Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them.

    For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple.

    --Romans 16:17-18
If there were ever a description upon what this site constantly sermonizes, this quote sums up most of it.

  • . Modern Jews, with their near monopoly control over the nation's information and communications systems, take every natural division in Christian society and greatly aggravates each divisions against each other division, causing constant grief and turmoil, with the goal to achieve some aim for their advancement at the expense of Christianity:
        Male vs. Female
        Young vs. Old
        Black vs. White
        Homo vs. Straight
        Rich vs. Poor
        Christian vs. Atheist
        Christian vs. Muslim

  • . Modern Jews do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but instead serve their own greed in their own belly.

  • . Modern Jews use smooth words and flattering speech to trick the simple poor into the following them -- by rebelling against their TRUE Christian leaders.

  • . Modern Jews use smooth words and flattering speech to trick the simple poor into the following them -- by joining and following JUDAS EVANGELICAL Christian leaders -- who mainly worship Jews;
    hence the message of this article.

  • . Modern Jews need to be "avoided" by American Christians, and what better way than to expel all the Jews from "non-Kosher" American lands to "their" Promised Land.

    England expelled all their Jews for 400 years, for 20 generations, starting in 1290 AD.

    France expelled their Jews in 1394 AD.

    Germany, Italy, and the Balkan peninsula expelled their Jews between 1350 and 1450 AD.

    Spain expelled their Jews in 1492 AD.

    Russia segregated their Jews into the Settlement of the Pale in 1791 AD.
Every major Christian country has had to deal with the Jewish Problem at some point in their history.

Jewish intrigue and corruption in the United States proves that America is no exception to the rule and proves America is ripe for action against the damage being done to simple Christians in this country by the guileful Jewish minority.

Before we jump into the Jewish-directed Heresy of Jewish-directed Dispensationalism and Jewish-directed End-Times Theology, let's review some basics of good Christian governance.

"Checks and Balances" are our Vaccine to Disease

Checks and Balances -- "States vs. Fed"

This site has many times covered the Constitutional Checks and Balances built between the States and the Feds, where the weaker States could and would unite to counter the inherently stronger Fed, because they had the power to appoint Senators.

Before the enactment of the 17th Amendment in 1917 AD:
    States could veto all federal laws
    States could veto all international treaties
    States could veto all judicial appointments
    States could veto all cabinet appointments
    States could decide all impeachments of federal officials.
With the enactment of the 17th Amendment, the States NOW have ZERO authority over anything the federal government does.

This site has many times explained how this vital Constitutional Checks and Balances was destroyed by Judeo-media talking simple American Christians into enacting the 17th Amendment, virtually destroying the Constituion itself, knowing full well that their new electronic-age, coast-to-coast, Judeo-Media monopoly replacement would turn local Senatorial races into nothing more than mere "beauty contests", which they host with their "debates" and manipulate with positive media coverage for their pro-Israel favorites and manipulate with negative media coverage for their pro-America dislikes and buy off the rest.

This site has also given the solution of having States run their own candidate for Senate against the national parties running their State.

Checks and Balances -- "Russian Church vs. Russian Czar"

This site has extensively covered the Russian "Judeo-Communist" Revolution where the government of the Christian Czar was violently eliminated by Judeo-Communist revolutionaries agitating "simple" Christians into rebellion against their Christian leaders, as spoke of in Romans 16:17-18.

The Christian Czar had traditionally maintained his own power by being a strong defender of the morality of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

This site has well documented the Christian Czar's desire to save Christianity from both the 1812 secular Napoleon invasion and the 1848 Judeo-Communist Revolution and thereafter, to spread his empire, by spreading Christian influence into the Ottoman Muslim Empire that had formerly decimated the Orthodox-based Byzantine Empire.

We have also well documented how Jews stopped the re-Conquest of Constantinople and the Holy Lands, with the Crimean War where Jews agitated Christian France and Christian England to side with Muslim Turks against Christian Russia.

This Judeo-Communist Revolution in turn left the Russian Orthodox Church with a government having no "First Amendment" responsibility to protect the Church as we have in America.

The Judeo-Communist State ran by Jewish Commissars was free to eliminate the Russian Orthodox Church. The theme? Cannot trust men of God, who dedicated their life to God, and then studied and gained a Doctor's degree in theology. They know nothing, and if they do know something, they are lying, so the story goes.

In a word, by professing "atheism", was Judeo-Communism allowed to completely eliminate the Christian Church of the majority.

Thus the "Checks and Balances" between the morality of the Church and power of the State was disrupted and terminated.

Finally and tragically, but not unexpectantly, with no "Morality Power of the Christian Church" to check and balance the "Raw Power of the State", this in turn freed up the Jewish Commissars' to commit all forms of atrocities against 40 million individual Christians.

Stalin was the Jewish Commissars' crowning achievement.

Unlike Hitler being destroyed and reviled, with Hitler having been the opposing reaction to the dementia actions of Stalin, Stalin would die of old age with the blood of many tens of millions of Christians still on his unwashed hands.

Checks and Balances -- "Church vs Fed"

This site has covered the Constitutional Checks and Balances built between the Christian Churches and the Fed, where the weaker Christian Churches are protected from the abusive power of the government by the First Amendment, leaving to the Churches the power to assemble and petition the Federal government for a redress to grievances.

With no realistic hope to repeal the First Amendment, without a Russian-style Revolution, how will the Jews in America counter the Christian Church?

This post will address the "American-way" Jews have used to not just eliminate the influence of Christian Churches, but better yet, to make "Christian Churches" allies of Non-Christian Israel.

How? -- By deceiving them and turning them into virtual Satanic Jewish Synagogues!

The Heresy
Jewish-directed Dispensationalism

History of Dispensationalism

The beginning of systematized dispensationalism is usually linked with John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), a Plymouth Brethren minister.

While at Trinity College in Dublin (1819), Darby came to believe in a future salvation and restoration of national Israel.

Based on his study of Isaiah 32, Darby concluded that Israel, in a future dispensation, would enjoy earthly blessings that were different from the heavenly blessings experienced by the church.

He thus saw a clear distinction between Israel and the church.

Those within the Brethren Movement rejected a special role for ordained clergy and stressed the spiritual giftedness of ordinary believers and their freedom, under the Spirit's guidance, to teach and admonish each other from Scripture.

The writings of the Brethren had a broad impact on evangelical Protestantism and influenced ministers in the United States such as D. L. Moody, James Brookes, J. R. Graves, A. J. Gordon, and C. I. Scofield.

The Scofield Reference Bible C. I. Scofield, a participant in the Niagara conferences, formed a board of Bible conference teachers in 1909 and produced what came to be known as, the Scofield Reference Bible. This work became famous in the United States with its theological annotations right next to the Scripture. This reference Bible became the greatest influence in the spread of dispensationalism.

Dispensationalists usually argue that the progress of revelation, including New Testament revelation, does not cancel Old Testament promises made with national Israel.

-- Theological Studies
Obviously, Jews fully support Dispensationalists!

With no trained and competent ordained clergy to steer their flock in the right direction, leaving Christians to flounder for themselves, these "evangelical" Christians were left wide open to the Satanic influence of the Judeo-media.

A Short History of Protestantism:

  • . Cannot trust former Religious Leaders - Only Untrained Unreligious Leaders

    Protestants began their Protestant religions believing that existing Christian clergy and especially the highest Christian leader, the Pope, were lying to them and could not be trusted.

    As the results go, of course, people were believing one could trust their local butcher or mechanic in matters of faith better than they could trust a man who had given his life to God and had been trained with a doctorate in theology. Not actually, but that was the message. And how do you know that some nobody car mechanic is not himself lying to you?

  • . Not having the Printing Press was a Catholic Conspiracy

    Protestants began their Protestant religions believing that the universal Christian Bible, written in a universal Latin by a universal Church, was really a means for the Christian clergy to mislead ignorant Christians who were too lazy to learn Christianity by learning Latin.

    Not that they knew how to read in their own language either before the revolution of the Printing Press, which was just beginning to make affordable printed material available to the common man.

    Remember, the Bible is HUGE and hence HUGELY EXPENSIVE if written by hand and even more HUGELY EXPENSIVE to write by hand in many languages.

  • . The King James Bible, written in English, was written by God himself, not King James

    Protestants quickly came to believe, after their religion was formed, that the Protestant Bible, now written in English, -- indeed, written by the "trustworthy and extremely moral" King of England, known as the Pope King James, mind you -- was the inerrant word of God and would be the only form of instruction needed by Christians for Salvation.

  • . God did not speak English, so a non-religious "Clergy" needed to translate the King James Bible

    Lastly it turns out in the last several decades, Protestants have now "evolved" to believe you really do need a special "clergy" to instruct you in what the "inerrant" English word of God really means as translated from ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew or ancient Aramaic and you can trust these special "clergy" to interpret each word translation in your Bible properly for you, that is, if you still cannot understand the theological annotations some guy put into his Bible he sold you of what he believes each word and sentence means.
This has led many Christians from traditional Protestant Churches to have been seduced by a truly apostate form of Christianity -- Evangelical Christianity.

Evangelical Protestant Beliefs:

Fundamentally, Evangelical Christians support the 7 stages of Dispensationalism.

Dispensationalism is a biblical description of God's manner of dealing with mankind. It falls into seven epochs known as dispensations:

The Seven Epochs of Dispensationalism

1. of innocence - prior to Adam's fall (Genesis 1:1–3:7)
2. of conscience - Adam to Noah (Genesis 3:8–8:22)
3. of government - Noah to Abraham (Genesis 9:1–11:32)
4. of patriarchal rule - Abraham to Moses (Genesis 12:1–Exodus 19:25)
5. of the Mosaic Law - Moses to Jesus (Exodus 20:1–Acts 2:4)
6. of grace - the current church age (Acts 2:4–Revelations 20:3)
7. of a literal, earthly 1,000-year Millennial Kingdom that has yet to come (Rev 20:4–20:6).

In one of the greatest ironies, from a review of Dispensationalism, one would have to conclude that they were the ultimate believers in what they would denigrate as Replacement Theology!!!!

For instance, Evangelicals may well agree that God first created the world as a age of innocence where God walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but later, God "replaced" the world of innocence with a post Adam and Eve world of sin, where God no longer walked with man.

This was a clear change from how God dealt with the world before and then after original sin.

Next, there was the pre-Abraham days where God had not yet made a covenant with the Jews, versus a huge "replacement" with a post-Abraham covenant with the Jews.

Since God did not have a covenant with Abraham's father or grandfather, this was a significant change.

Even at this point, Jews did not have to abide by the Mosaic Code, since Moses had not yet delivered the Mosaic Code.

Only then was the "national rule" of Mosaic law made important and essential, as it "replaced" the "patriarchal rule" of Abraham.

The Heresy
End Times Theology

Skipping the age of grace for a moment, certainly most Evangelicals, as you can see in the "History of Dispensationalism" above, are totally focused on the last epoch yet to come, the Millennial Kingdom, which will "replace" the world of grace we live in now.

Evangelicals all seem to somehow agree that after 5,000 years, after 250 generations, our generation is the one who will begin God's last epoch.

Evangelicals read every bit of Judeo-Media news looking for signs telling them that God is finally talking to them and showing them that they will be God's Greatest Generation.

Matters not to a devout follower of End Times Theology that looking for the end of days is a futile endeavor.

    "The day of the Lord will come like a thief" in the night and that we are only commanded to be "children of light and children of the day".

    -- 1 Thessalonians 5:2-5
This "End Times Theology" is where the Judeo-media Scribes shine in the use of their manipulation.

Evangelicals Played
like a
Fiddler on the Roof

The only thing Evangelicals don't seem to agree with their fellow Christians much about is the amount of change which occurred which began the age of grace.

In my more ignorant days, I used to believe that Evangelicals were somehow MORE Christian than I was.

Evangelicals ran around stressing the importance of reading ALL the Bible, instead of having a clergy sum up the critical points -- with their interpretation of what the critical points were, and by asking me questions like "Do you know Christ" and "Are you saved", "Are you Born Again?" and other such things.

Of course, these simple "test questions" were just them also summing up what they thought the critical points of the Bible were, but I was too ignorant to argue back.

Surely, in my childhood, I was only taught biblical quotes appropriate for children such a "Do onto others" and such. None of the blood, death and destruction which is strung throughout the Bible.

Surely, in Church, I was only read the parts of the Bible relating to Christmas at Christmas services or relating to Easter at Easter services.

I have now come to know that not only was I being deceived, but they were as well.

In my summation, today's Evangelicals, who worship Israel, are actually LESS Christian than any other Christian.

For all their pious talk about Dispensation and reading the Bible, Judas Evangelical Leaders preach that Jesus Christ did not have much to offer the Jews in way of change. Change being their scare word "replacement".

In fact, according to the ultimate Judas Evangelical leaders -- Darby and Scoffield -- if Jews did not change at all after the coming of Christ the Saviour then -- no problem -- "God still loved them, God still had a covenant with them, God still held the deed to the Promised Land in their name, and by golly, we Christians had better do everything in our power to protect and defend these unchanged, disbelieving Jews or God would strike us down as he still protected the unbelieving Jews."

So the ultimate Replacement Theology believers of all, turned out to be nothing more than frauds.

Instead of embracing what "replacement" Jesus brought to the world, Judas Evangelical Leaders MOCKED other Christians as being believers of what they derisively call "Replacement Theology."

Judas Evangelical leaders would mock their fellow Christians who would insist that the New Covenant "replaced" the Old Covenant.

Not since God walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, had God walked with man in the form of Jesus Christ, but this most important dispensation was deemed by the Evangelicals to be the most irrelevant.

In a word, it is almost as if Evangelicals were unbelieving Jews themselves.

And the Jewish community could not be happier!

Fulfillment Theology
Olive Tree Theology

Olive Tree Theology
There is a current move by some to discourage the use of the term "replacement theology" as it is intrinsically pejorative, and offensive to some Christians.

A view put forward by David H. Stern, known as "Olive Tree Theology", is that Gentiles are "grafted in" to the promises made to the Jews, which is derived from Romans 11:17-21, and thus there is no real "replacement" happening.
Fulfillment Theology
Supersessionists [under Fulfillment Theology] understand their view as a theology of fulfillment in which no Jew who truly believes the Gospel is ever replaced and in which any unbelieving Jew (like Ahab or Judas Iscariot) was never truly part of God's chosen people because he or she had never followed God.

Even as Judaism anticipates its own fulfillment in a coming Jewish messiah, Christianity claims that Jesus is the expected Jewish Messiah, that in Him the expectations of Israel were fulfilled, and that his Second Coming will be the final consummation of this hope, rather than a replacement for it.

Olive Tree and Fulfillment Theology includes most mainline Christian faiths, including Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian and others.

Clearly, unbelieving Jews in our society feel any Christian believing in either Olive Tree Theology or Fulfillment Theology is anti-Semitic and will be fought and opposed by Jews at every turn.

Especially to be fought against by Jews who run this country would be any reference to "Christian Replacement Theology", any reference to "Christian Brotherhood Theology", and any reference to "Judaic Fraud Theology".

And in that vein, enter Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, a hugely influential Judas Evangelical Leader among the mists of simple Christians trying to turn them against Christ.

Example of
"How to Turn a Christian into a Jew"
by Judas Evangelical Leader
Joseph Farah

The perfect example of where Evangelical Protestant sheep are being led is exemplified by Judas Evangelical Leader Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily.

What too many Christians don’t understand is that our salvation comes through the atoning sacrifice of messiah Yeshua – who we know mainly through his Greek name Jesus.

Through His death on the cross, and our embrace of Him as Lord and Savior, we are “grafted in” to the covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So our bond with Israel is not just based on worldly political realities, but on a spiritual promise from God.

-- Joseph Farah of WND

You guys got that?

We Christians are all grafted into the modern state of Israel, so book your plane tickets now for Israel, so Israel will accept you into their country on their "Right of Return" policy as a grafted in Jew.

What? The Israel government is not buying your "grafted in" argument for rights to settle in Israel?

What? Christians not allowed to bond with Israelis due to our spiritual promise from God?

Well, Joseph Farah, you need to make sure to also write an article telling Netanyahu how "un-Christian" he is!!!

If you believe the Bible, as I do, the return of Israel as a nation after 2,000 years is a greater miracle than all that occurred during the Exodus.

That’s what God says in Jeremiah 16:14-15:

    “Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

    “But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers.”

-- Joseph Farah

Nitpicking here, I have to point out that Farah misquotes the Bible.

The return of the children of Israel from the land of the north which Jeremiah prophesies about is the return of the Jews from the Babylonian Captivity.

Babylon is to the North of Israel.

It is not a prophecy about the creation of the fraudulent State of Israel AFTER Christ.

Think about that.

The reformation of the nation of Israel 64 years ago and the in-gathering of dispersed Jews from all over the world is a greater miracle than all of the following:
    •the parting of the Red Sea;
    •the manna from heaven;
    •the water from rocks;
    •the giving of the law on Sinai.

I don’t think most Christians and Jews in the 21st century fully appreciate what it means to be witnesses to such an awesome miracle.

--Joseph Farah

Surely he jests!

The unGodly United Nations giving birth to the unGodly Modern Israel is a miracle of God?

And by the way, the greatest of God's miracles was creation itself, and a good second place miracle would be the Birth, Life and Resurrection of Christ.

We have too many Christians in America today who don’t get that.

They are not standing with the children of Israel, our brethren whose covenant we experience and share by virtue of bring grafted in, as Paul explains in the book of Romans.

-- Joseph Farah

There he goes again -- My Right of Return to Modern Israel is surely guaranteed with my being grafted in with the "children of Israel".

Problem is that his "Children of Israel" are really called "unbelieving Jews" in Romans or simply called the "Children of the Flesh".

I think he is getting his Bible confused. It is "the Children of the Promise" who are "the Children of God".

And the Promise is the coming of the Lord our God.

Christians who don’t appreciate their connection to this miracle are Christians who ultimately don’t appreciate the gift of salvation and the redemption offered to the whole world.

They don’t fully appreciate who their Lord and Savior is – why He came and that He’s coming again!

--Joseph Farah

Now that is just downright condescending!

Can Farah get more sacrilegious?

They don’t appreciate where He’s coming.

He’s not coming to Washington, D.C., to rule the world. He’s coming to Jerusalem.

When and why is He coming? He’s coming at a time when Israel is facing disaster, and He’s coming to save Israel.

--Joseph Farah

Humm! Nothing about coming to save Christians?

According to Farah, I read he believes that Jesus is only coming to save unbelieving Jews who have rejected Him?

Replacement theology is not only a dangerous theology, it is a shallow one – one that tried to render most of the Bible as irrelevant and portray God as a covenant breaker who changes His mind and even His personality.

--Joseph Farah

This is what we have covered before about Dispensationalism.

God did change his mind between the age of Adam and Eve innocence and the age of sin.

God did change his mind from before the Covenant with Abraham to after the Covenant.

God did change his mind with the Mosaic Code.

Why, oh why, is it so hard to understand that God expected a grand change after sending his Son?

Joseph Farah may as well be Jewish himself.

It would behoove all of us as believers to read and study the rich and abundant scriptures dealing with the Second Coming, because I suspect there will be believers unprepared and caught unawares.

Many people missed His first coming because they were looking for a conquering king. I suspect many Christians will not recognize the conquering king when He returns because they will be looking instead for the suffering servant.

--Joseph Farah

And who exactly missed the first coming? -- That's right, the very ones Farah says Jesus will come for a second time.

Silly dumb Christians asleep at the wheel!

The Problem for Farah is that he is not addressing the ones who missed the first coming, the Jews of Israel, and believes that the ones who did not miss the first coming will some how miss the second coming.

Of course, we are supposed to miss the second coming, because we have been told that "the day of the Lord will come like a thief" in the night. (Thessalonians 5:2-5)

We are not supposed to follow the false prophets like Joseph Farah, but to lead a good Christian life at all times as a way of being prepared, for we are commanded to be "children of light and children of the day". (1 Thessalonians 5:2-5)

Farah is engaging in theological gobbledygook.

The Bible tells us He’s going to mete out justice. His garments are going to be stained in blood. He’s going to destroy nations. He’s going to enforce His will with a rod of iron.

Are we prepared for that Yeshua?

He’s going to judge individuals and nations, as we learn in Matthew 25. The nations will be divided into sheep nations and goat nations largely on the basis of how they treated His precious Israel.

He will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.

-Joseph Farah

This is an evangelical favorite -- God will curse the nations that curse Israel and bless the nations that bless Israel.

Only we have already covered the Biblical quote telling us that Christian countries are the New Israel.

This man has to be a secret Jew because this is total Jewish propaganda on Farah's part.

We are to believe that "God Damm America" if the Jesus-believing Christian nation of America does not genuflect to the Jesus-denying, unbelieving Jews, of the nation fraudulently calling itself Israel.

Our Christian faith – and our very redemption – is constructed on a foundation of promise by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Without an understanding and appreciation of that connection, our faith doesn’t even make sense.

Our savior did not just spring up spontaneously one day in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago without expectation. He came as the long-awaited Jewish messiah, the King of the Jews, out of the line of David, and He will eventually rule on David’s throne for 1,000 years in the future.

--Joseph Farah

So why are the unbelieving Jews not worried about their salvation from denying the divinity of Christ?

According to Farah, only Christians are the ones always in error?

According to Farah, only Christians are in danger of not being saved.

And nothing could be further from the truth!

By the way, He didn’t come to start a new religion called Christianity, he came to fulfill the law and the prophets and offer Jews and non-Jews alike salvation.

--Joseph Farah

This is the most blasphemous thing Farah has said to date.

Farah believes the unbelieving Jews have salvation and we should not be Christians.

Proof positive Joseph Farah is not a Christian.

Proof positive that Joseph Farah is a deceitful Judeo-Media Scribe Judas.

SOURCE: Joseph Farah of WND
Blessed by 'Proclaiming Justice to the Nations'

Joseph Farah of WND
Modern Israel: Greatest miracle ever?


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