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Feb 17, 2012 AD

The Jewish
Final Solution

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 1
    Overthrow the Religious Class
    Promote a false political belief of no religion.

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 2
    Overthrow the Ruling Class
    Leverage lower class to overthrow ruling class

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 3
    Exterminate the Opposition
    Kill the Religious and Ruling Classes

FAQ about Judeo-Communist Russia

One of your early statements is,

    "The Soviet Union was the first state to have as an ideological objective -- the elimination of religion.

    Toward that end, the [Judeo-]Communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in the schools..."
Huh, the Jews were against religion?
Jews are atheists?
How do you figure that?
A very good question.

And in answering this, I will have also explained why Jews are so "religiously" devoted to Communism.

But, more to your point, "How can I accuse Jewish leaders of targeting just Christians in Russia when the Communist laws targeted all religions, including their very own religion of Judaism?"

First off, I am not saying or implying that Jews are against their own religion.

I emphatically say the exact opposite.

Most Jews are deadly serious about their religion and about opposing the religion of any other.

Everyone is the same in this, so no special evil in place so far.

Lastly, while far too many Jews are atheists, so are many former Christians; therefor, that is also not my message.

Now is the time you will say my agreement with you here that Jews are for their religions does not comport to the question you ask about what I write on my website about Jews being atheist Communists.

The answer to your question and this seeming conundrum lies with the twin necessities of "practicality and survival".

Practical Survival

The biggest practicality for Jews is survival.

A sect does not survive for 4,000 years without having survival deeply encoded into their DNA.

For Jews, necessity is the practical mother who approves all inventions of stories and tactics.

For Jewish leaders to rule Russia, they have to first counter the Christian authority in the Russian Orthodox Church which has had a traditional role of validating the secular leaders of the country; which, traditionally has been the Christian Czar.

Religious Validation of Leaders

Think of the Muslim Ayatollahs who validate Ahmedinejad in Iran.

Think of the supreme rabbi leaders who validate Netanyahu in Israel.

Think of the Catholic Bishops, i.e. a segment of American Christian leaders, who question Obama on contraceptives, resulting in his subsequent relenting and changing course, keeping him a little tiny bit on a moral track with the people.

In all three religions dominated by that religion, the people in the countries would be seriously opposed to anyone whom the religious leaders were seriously against.

The Jewish Final Solution

The Theory of Jewish Survival

So the first part of the two part "Jewish Solution" is to engage in a little practical Jewish Taqiyya

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 1
    Overthrow the Religious Class
    Promote a false political belief of no religion.
By making all religions illegal, in particular, the religion of the religious Christian majority, then members of the religious Jewish minority has a chance of dominance.

Certainly you would understand that if the Jewish commissars had only made Christianity illegal, then even the densest Christians would have questioned that law.

Jews in Russia are quite outnumbered and Christians would quickly gang up on them and rightfully throw them out of office.

The second part of the two part "Jewish Solution" involves giving the Jews a reason to be placed into office in the first place.

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 2
    Overthrow the Ruling Class
    Leverage lower class to overthrow ruling class
This Jewish taqiyya is always done by enticing the coveting lower class to believe that the upper class is their mortal enemy - always stealing them blind.

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
~Winston Churchill~

Socialism is always pitched by the Judeo-Elites to the lower class
who have...
a philosophy of failure,
a creed of ignorance, and
a gospel of envy.

The Jewish taqiyya then entices revolutions against their own Christian rulers and allows Jews to ride triumphantly into office.

  • The Jewish Final Solution, Part 3
    Exterminate the Opposition
    Kill the Religious and Ruling Classes
At which time, the new Jewish leaders unceremoniously exterminate the twin "evil" of upper class and religious class, so that only they remain in control.

Only Jewish Taqiyya allows Jews to dominate any other major religion.

I think this should answer your question. As for the reason why they even wanted to dominate Russia in the first place, I think the article you are reading addresses that.

The Jewish Final Solution

The Final Blueprint

Practicality demanded for all of Judaism:

1) The need to take out Russia -- The biggest, strongest Christian country who kept opposing their communist revolutions in Europe, as in stopping Napoleon in the 1812 French Revolution and in stopping the 1848 Communist Revolution.

2) The urgent need to stop an expansionist Russia from retaking Constantinople from the Muslims, and mostly likely retaking the Holy Lands for Christians which they wanted for themselves, which the Jews stopped by through the 1855 Crimean War.

3) The urgent need to insure that Russia was down for the count, as England came in to gobble up the Holy Lands for Jews in the 1917 at the end of the first World War and hence could safely start moving Jews into Palestine.

3a) Ask Japan why they were so violently opposed to Russia taking over China and didn't lift a finger previously when England did the same? Answer: Because England came and left by tiny boat. They were not a permanent power; whereas, Russia expanded their country to the Pacific Ocean from Europe. For the same reasons, the Jews wanted England to take Palestine, not Russia. They knew English Christians would be talked out of the Holy Land. (Or Irgun terrorized out of Palestine, that is.)

4) The need to get European Jews to leave their cozy life of leisure by having Communist Russia unbalance Europe with international Socialism, causing the rise of Nazism, and thus, the emphasis for the Jews to get outta Dodge and emmigrate to Israel.

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