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Feb 13, 2012 AD

DNA evidence vs Eye Witness evidence

"Eye Witness Five at 5" reporting is the standard logo for a typical TV station.

Such is the belief that an eyewitness to an event is an unimpeachable evidence to the event.

While a video camera will preserve the vision perfectly, we are now finding that human memory is seriously flawed.

DNA Evidence Exonerations

The Innocence Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing and to criminal justice system reform, has helped win freedom for nearly 300 prisoners in 35 states -- including 17 who spent time on death rows -- in its 20 years of existence.

In 75 percent of those cases, the leading factor in their convictions was witness identification; in 36 percent of those cases, convictions were in part based on an identification made by more than one person, said Karen Newirth, eyewitness identification litigation fellow at the Innocence Project.

-- Witness error: How mind tricks can put the innocent behind bars
What a damming statistic!

Going into a trial here in America, we convict 3 innocent defendants for each guilty defendant.

This is not a mere 5% or 6% error rate on convictions, this is an incredible 300% error rate!!

For every bad guy the authorities locked up in prison, based on eyewitness testimony, they also locked up 3 good guys!

And if you think the authorities have an air-tight case where several eye-witnesses testify that the cops have their man, the authorities correctly convict 2 guilty guys, but still convict 1 innocent guy.

Even with several witnesses, you have good chance of going to prison even if innocent.

A TV talk show I saw years ago gave an excellent display of how bad eyewitness accounts truly are.

They had a woman on stage with a purse talking about eyewitness accounts of crimes.

From off stage appeared a man running toward the woman, stole the womna's purse, and ran off stage. The entire audience witnessed the event. The entire audience was focused on the stage. The stage was well light and the audience was actually thinking about the topic of eyewitness accounts and how they would be sure to identify a perp.

Yet, no one could properly identify the perp in a line-up.

Holocaust Eyewitness accounts

In the Nuremberg trials German men were convicted and executed based upon such eyewitness accounts.

Most of these are accounts proved wrong in later years.

But who wants to disbelieve a woman spilling her heart out about losing loved family members?

Who has the courage to tell this woman that she is a liar or simply mistaken?

One eyewitness told of fire exiting the top of crematoriums. An event all experts agree is an impossibility.

But she was a beautiful woman, dressed like a lady, and told the story with tears in her eyes. Only a heartless, low-life, Holocaust-denier would question the integrity of this fine upstanding woman.

She was an eyewitness to history, so how could she be wrong?

Another eyewitness saw the floor drop out from under the gas chambers.

Over and over he told the judge that he personally witnessed the floor dropping and dead bodies fall into hoppers.

The judge knew this was not possibly true and finally got the witness to admit that he did not "actually" see the dead bodies drop into the hopper, but only saw dead bodies in hoppers under the floor.

There are eyewitness accounts in the Holocaust Fraud that are just fabrications from thin air, such as maps made from memory that could not possibly match the Holocaust story told.

Then there are eyewitness testimony where the witness may be earnest and sincere, but plainly does not understand what he is actually seeing, such as the barber who testified that he cut hair, assumed the reason was to use the hair for mattresses, and just assumed that the people he cut hair were gassed immediately afterward.

For details about the Holocaust Fraud, check here

SOURCE: Miranda Leitsinger of
Witness error: How mind tricks can put the innocent behind bars

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