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Feb 13, 2012 AD

Jewish Jihad

For the last 30 years, our foreign policy is all about countering the Islamic Jihad.

The religion of Islam is evil because it tells its adherents to spread Islam through the sword.

Christians employ peaceful means to spread Christianity through love and charity.

Often overlooked in the room is the methods utilized by the Jews, that has allowed it to survive for thousands of years, even though it has always been but a tiny fraction of any population.

Muslims are more upfront about their Jihad. They proudly announce they are coming after you.

Jews are too weak for such a frontal attack.

Jews use a more subtle approach to achieving a Jewish Jihad.

The Mossad is the perfect example of winning wars through deception.

In fact, the motto of the Mossad is "By way of Deception, We shall win Wars."

How is it done?

Jewish Jihad using False Flags

After the Bill Clinton administration invaded the peaceful Christian community of the Branch Davidians near Waco and started shooting up the place with women and children inside, leading eventually to their deaths by government burning at the stake, the American public had become extremely wary of their own government.

There were patriotic Americans banding together to form militias to fight for freedom against the government of Bill Clinton.

Then public sentiments were completely swayed by the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.

The government was given all the freedom it needed to shut down the militias following this, even though we now know that the government itself supplied the explosives through it Operation PatCon.

A classic Jewish Jihadi operation.

As was 9/11 which convinced Americans to invade two Muslim countries having nothing to do with even the official story about who the culprits were.

For gun control, the same Eric Holder who performed the Jewish Jihad against OKC, was not committing a Jewish Jihad against gun owners, by selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Jewish Jihad by infiltration

All of American institutions have been infiltrated by Jews who then use those institutions to destroy the nation internally.

Many times we have expressed the view that Jewish 401K fund managers buy up critical American industry and hand its technology to Israel and China, all the while demoralizing its employees with Muslim prayer rooms, lesbian/gay benefits, in-sourcing and out-sourcing.

Hollywood is long known as a Jewish psychological warfare operation.

The Wall Street financial district is rife with Jewish Jihadi corruption.

AIPAC buys influence over our elected officials, and they in turn protect Israel more than they protect America.

Jewish Jihad by International Intrigue

Currently, war between America and Iran is being hatched.

No Americans want to go to war with Iran, yet we are told that Iranians are dying to go to war with us.

The nuclear bomb has become the biggest selling point in pushing preemptive wars.

Even though Israel has quite a few herself.

Jewish Jihad

In sum, Jews do not have to bravely fight and die in battle. They find mercenary suckers to do so for them.

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