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Feb 11, 2012 AD

Jewish Inquisition

Spain would put people to death who lied about being a Christian. These were people who if they had only said they were Jewish or Muslim would not have been put to death. They would have been asked to leave the Christian country, but not put to death.

Only those who said they were Christian, but were in fact not Christian and thus engaging in religious treason were put to death.

In comparison, the Jewish Inquistion put to death people who honestly and faithfully said they were Christian.

The Spanish Inquisition

In 1492, Christians in Spain had been successful in defeating the 800-year Judeo-Muslim invasion of their homeland.

Jews and Muslim both were graciously allowed to freely convert to Christianity and many did.

But there were concerns.

The new kingdom was still on shaky ground. Almighty Constantinople had fallen to the Muslims they had just defeated, only 50 years earlier in 1453 AD and Muslims had just landed on Italian soil with the intent to take Rome, the other center of Christian life.

It was an epic battle for survival.

To top that off, some of the new Muslim converts were Christian by day, invoking the Muslim Taqiyya, while slitting the throats of Christians in the name of Mohammad by night.

Then there were Jewish converts to Christianity, who were invoking the Jewish Taqiyya, by deceiving and conspiring at all times.

In that day, the oath one takes to God, about his faith in God, was the greatest oath a man could take.

Thus, religious treason against God, was acceptable by all, as a crime punishable by death.

Certainly Muslims would have had no problem killing for far less. And as we will see, Jews would kill for far less.

The Spanish Inquisition was convened to find, try and convict these Taqiyya fraudulent liars to God, while providing them with all the rights to a trial under Roman Catholic canon law as any other accused would enjoy.

And the Church kept meticulous records of the trial, so we know that there were only around 100 convictions per year over a greater than 300 year period. Less died per year than die on a typical weekend on the roads of America.

For this, The Roman Catholic Church would be endlessly condemned by the Jewish media-Scribes.

The Jewish Inquisition

Christians of course can point to the Jewish Inquisition against Christians as a far worst case of injustice.

For Jesus Christ saying that he was the Messiah, the Jewish Sanhedrin invoked the Jewish Inquisition to remove this "apostate" from their ranks.

The Romans did not want the defeated subject Jews taking the law into their own hands and the Jewish leadership knew it, so instead of killing Jesus themselves, the Jewish leadership accused Jesus of the crime of apostasy under their law and demanded Romans to execute punishment.

The Jewish Sanhedrin famously placed the blood on the hands of the Roman occupiers, instead of on their own hands, with the Romans hating being used for performing such an evil deed.

Not stopping there, the Jewish Sanhedrin maintained pressure on the Romans to complete their dirty work and to wipe out all the followers of Christ.

Again Rome was to fight the Christians for the sake of the Jews.

Christians were persecuted, genocide committed against them, as they were famously fed to the lions.

Yet, few today condemn Jews for the Jewish Inquisition.

SOURCE: Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway of the Washington Post
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad

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