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Feb 10, 2012 AD

Proof that
White Jews
Dirty Racists

Are American white Christians the most racist people in the world?

The judeo-media have led many American white Christians to believe so.

For over one hundred years, through civil rights marches, protests against Jim Crow laws, back of the bus sit-downs, soda-shop sit-ins, and Martin Luther King speeches, white American Christians have been taking a daily horrific beating from the judeo-PC that has racked our society.

For arguments sake, I will agree we deserved it.

But can we at least look at some other country to compare America against?

What if we could look at the racial policies of the country our Judeo-Media Elites tell us is the shining example of God's graces?

The people whom God himself blesses.

What if we look at Israel?

Jewish racism against non-Jewish Palestinians

The Israeli military said Thursday it has banned 12 "Jewish extremists" from entering the West Bank for three to 12 months because they are suspected in violence against Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

Jewish radicals opposed to government actions against West Bank settlements have carried out a long line of attacks in recent months on Israeli military bases and Palestinian mosques, cemeteries, farmland and cars.

Israeli police have in the past arrested suspects in these attacks, but none have been charged.

Israel has built more than 100 settlements in the territory, which the World Court has ruled are illegal.

Settlers have additionally built dozens of outposts that were never authorized by the Israeli government.

-- Revital Blumenfeld of Haaretz
Israel bans 12 'Jewish extremists' from West Bank
Seems to me to be a great example showing these Jewish terrorists against Palestinians being far more racist than a typical white American Christian racist is ever accused of being or doing against American blacks.

The problem is America's white Christians largely give Israelis a pass for being racist against the Palestinians, because the Palestinians are still mad about losing their homes to the Jewish Crusade and do bad things to the Jews. Jewish revenge is acceptable to Christians. Secondly, the Palestinians are looked on as squatters on Promised Land Jews claimed dibs on, in perpetuity, 3,000 years ago.

So the Jews can defend their racist barbaric treatment of the Muslim barbarians, and white American Christians will not complain.

PalestiniansDo they Qualify?
God's Chosen PeopleNo!
Entitled to Promised Land?No!

So we will ignore the Jewish Terrorists above that the Israeli government itself recognizes as a problem.

Jewish racism against non-Jewish Blacks

Israel's parliament on Tuesday approved harsh new penalties on illegal migrants and Israelis who help them, building on other contentious measures designed to stanch the flood of Africans seeking sanctuary here.

The bill allows imprisonment of illegal migrants for an unlimited time without trial. People caught helping them could face prison terms of up to 15 years.

-- AMY TEIBEL of Associated Press
Israel OKs Harsh Penalties for Illegal Migrants

Before we discuss Israel's racism,
we need to understand America's racism.

Even though black Americans had been free for the previous 90 years, free for over 5 generations, black Americans after WW2 were still not performing up to the standards of white Americans.

This inherent difference in standards between black and white developed different standards in the law. "Separate but equal" segregation laws kept blacks and whites apart.

It was at this point that the Judeo-Elite began a propaganda campaign to show white American Christians the errors of their ways.

According to the Judeo-Elite, the reason for the blacks performing poorly was due to hundreds of years of slavery by white Christians. Many years and tons of affirmative action effort would be required to repair the horrendous damage white Christians did their their black neighbors.

Many white American Christians, especially white Christians in the South, were relentlessly denounced by the Judeo-Media elites as KKK members and white supremacists, until they began to toe the line.

The Judeo-Media pushed the case for affirmative action to make up for centuries of "unfair discrimination" most White American Christians were alleged to have enjoyed at the expense of the maligned black Americans.

The Judeo-media cry was that black Americans could perform just as well as white American Christians if only those white Christians would give them a chance.

Today, the Judeo-elite crusade against white Christians has finally reached its natural pinnacle. Judeo-liberals such a Bill Ayers, David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel found a black man they could rally behind to shame American white Christians into voting into office as President of the United States.

Obama became our first black President, but white Christians still found themselves constantly under attack for being racist.

So what is Israel's excuse to be racist?

I never realized the Jewish government were such racists they wanted to kick all their blacks out of the country.

It is pretty obvious to me that Jewish businessmen are replacing their dangerous Palestinian Muslim day-laborer squatters with harmless hard-working black day-laborers.

So how could the Jewish government single out black people with discriminatory laws? Accusing blacks of causing crimes is horrible!

What next a Kristalnatch?

Everyone knows blacks in Israel are doing poorly only because some Jews mistreat them so badly.

Instead of inhumane laws to round up all the blacks and send them home in cattle-cars, what Israel needs is affirmative action programs that will give these poor mistreated blacks entry into Israel's finest schools, get them the best jobs and insure they get promoted to the highest levels of Israeli society.

The blacks in the South can be bused to the north to help integrate them into society.

And don't forget they need homes. No need for good credit, a job, or a down-payment, for blacks deserve to have a home in Israel too.

AfricansDo they Qualify?
God's Chosen PeopleNo
Entitled to Promised Land?No

Lastly, if Israel does not want to be called a racist country, then Netanyahu needs to step down and put a black man as President of Israel.

White Jewish racism against Black Jews

A recent study revealed that Israeli-born children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union [i.e. WHITE] are as integrated into Israeli society as those born to Israeli families who have been in the country for multiple generations...

...while Israeli-born children of Ethiopian immigrants [i.e. BLACK] still face integration difficulties.

-- Study: Children of Soviet immigrants fully assimilated into Israeli society

Well, well! White Jews immigrate to Israel and are immediately assimilated by natural-born White Jews, but Black Jews immigrate and are still not assimilated by natural-born White Jews.

Must mean simply that white Jews are just as racist as they have accused white Christians of being all these years.

WORST! White Americans had the excuse that we had the "master" complex and Black Americans had the "slave" complex.

But Black Jews had NEVER been slaves in Israel. Statistical, undeniable proof positive that white Jews are racists.

There are actual statistics which prove the racism of White Jews against Black Jews...

Teenagers in IsraelWHITE
Fail 3 or more classes10%8%31%
Passed every class60%58%28%
On public assistance15%15%55%
Feels "solely Israeli"68%100%13%

FACT: Black Jewish teenagers were 3 times as likely to have their white Jewish teachers fail them for three or more classes as White Jewish teenagers.

Obviously the White Jewish teachers are biased and racist against the smart and hard-working black Jewish children.

FACT: Black Jewish teenagers have been held back by White Jewish teachers from passing every class twice as much.

This can only show that the racist white Jewish teachers are much easier on their white Jewish teenagers.

FACT: The black Jewish kids are subjected to the embarrassment of being on public assistance. (Perchance, do we now know where some of that $5 billion dollars of financial assistance we give Israel goes every year?)

The white man has impoverished the black man in Israel. What a despicable crime against humanity!

FACT: And the last Statistic is the most telling of all. Only 1 in 8 black Jewish teenagers feel accepted by racist White Jewish society.

Black Jewish children have low self-esteem due to being rejected and discriminated against.

Ethiopian JewsDo they Qualify?
God's Chosen PeopleYES!
Entitled to Promised Land?YES!

Remedy for Racism in Israel

Fortunately, the Judeo-elite in our country have shown us the way in how to combat the evil of racism in Israel.

And heaven forbid, we absolutely must hold Israel to a higher standard than we hold the United States for Israel is "God's country" and we are mere Gentiles.

First off, the Black Jews have to become totally integrated into White sections of Israel. There needs to be special home mortgage allowances for Black Jews. Black Jews are to be given homes in white Jewish neighborhoods even if they have no credit, no money, no job, and no chance of passing a background check.

Next Black Jewish children are to be given remedial classes and insured to make grade point averages higher than White Jews, so as to help their self-esteem.

For college, the Black Jews will have first pick at the best universities.

After college, Black Jews should be hired on an affirmative action basis to correct the historical crimes committed by White Jews against them.

When it come to promotions, any Black Jew who does not get promoted will be cause for a racism lawsuit with the company hounded out of business.

If Black Jews commit crimes, it will be assumed that they are innocent and that the real criminal will be assumed to have been committed by a White Jew, just because the black Jew is innocent and the white Jew is guilty.

And lastly, America will expect the first black Jewish President shortly.

The world would expect nothing less from "God's people".

SOURCE: AMY TEIBEL of Associated Press
Israel OKs Harsh Penalties for Illegal Migrants

Revital Blumenfeld of Haaretz
Study: Children of Soviet immigrants fully assimilated into Israeli society

Revital Blumenfeld of Haaretz
Israel bans 12 'Jewish extremists' from West Bank

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