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Jan 29, 2012 AD

Jewish Children
Playing with Nuclear Fire

How often had you heard someone say that Ron Paul is ignorant about Iran's nuclear ambitions?

They say that Ron Paul cannot be trusted to defend America and her ally Israel against nuclear attacks.

Well, I say that most Americans are ignorant about trusting the children in Israel playing around with nuclear weapons.

There was a television series called Jericho, where we thought an enemy had attacked us, only to find out that the enemy was closer to home.

I can see Israel, more than any other "friend" we have, setting off a nuclear explosion in the United States, making it appear to be from Muslims, as a inducement for us to finish off the Muslims for Israel. All done without Israel's fingerprints seen in the history books, which would be written about it. If there is anyone left to write about it that is.

The United States needs to inspect Israel for nuclear weapons and remove them, for they are more likely to use one on us, as the Muslims are. They have much greater access to the United States.

Israel is said to have about 300 nukes, so when we tell Israel to disarm, Israel had better present 300 nukes for disarmament, or we will put in place an economic embargo until they comply.

For I for one, am tired of being manipulated by the judeo-media propaganda. "If America stops being militaristic", the story goes, "then other militaristic countries will take our place, as Hitler did when we were isolationist?" What make us so holy?

Fine, then we become militaristic and stop future Hitlers, starting with any potential Hitler coming from in nuclear-armed Israel.

If we were to impose a naval blockade of Israel, with the surrounding Muslim countries surely helping us, then Israel would have to give up her bombs in a few months. Israel does not have the oil and other infrastructure to survive an economic embargo.

And didn't they just talk the world into embargoing Iran. Not like they can call us names for doing it to them -- in the name of world peace.

SOURCE: news services
Jewish settlers eyed after another mosque burns

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