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November 23, 2011 AD

Herman Cain
only wins with
Republican Poll Tax

The Washington Times has a new headline today:

Cain tops field AGAIN in NEVADA GOP straw poll

Funny thing, as the headline can also be ironically read, this is NOT the first "Nevada Straw Poll" Herman Cain has won.

If you recall, Cain had already won the the Nevada Straw Poll this election cycle.

And this time has gotten massive press coverage for winning the exact same state twice.

How can that be????? Is this fair and balanced coverage?

Herman Cain and Ron Paul
Win Straw Polls

Ron Paul and Herman Cain, again displaying their fervent followings, won straw polls in New Hampshire and Nevada, respectively, over the weekend.

Paul won the Coalition of NH Taxpayers Picnic Straw Poll, garnering 39 percent of the vote.

In Nevada, Cain won a straw poll sponsored by the Conservative Leadership Conference. Mitt Romney? placed second and Rick Perry came in third.
As you can probably tell, all the headlines across the country today about Herman Cain winning THE Nevada Straw poll was nothing but a lie and a distortion on top of that!

Neither of these Cain "wins" are the results of a Nevada Straw Poll.

Neither of these Cain "wins" are the results of what people in Nevada feel.

Both of these "Cain wins" are from outside voters attending expensive, ritzy Republican conventions in Las Vegas.

Do you see a trend for Herman Cain?

By winning expensive "What stays in Vegas" party votes -- twice in a roll, but nowhere else -- does that make Herman Cain presidential?

Compare Cain's Las Vegas sleaze win to the Ron Paul New Hampshire Taxpayers Picnic Straw Poll win.

What do you see in the Ron Paul win? -Taxpayer? -picnic?

So if the straw poll was taken of people who pay taxes and can only afford a cheap picnic after paying those taxes, Herman Cain loses - Ron Paul wins. But if a straw poll is taken of people who can afford a ritzy Las Vegas vacation, perhaps writing it off on their taxes, Ron Paul loses -- Herman Cain wins.

Who does that make the people's politician -- Herman Cain or Ron Paul?

The Clarence Thomas Effect

Black President Barrack Obama has already absolved the Democrat Party of their past slavery sins. The Republican Party never had a need to absolve themselves, but the media-Scribes are propagandizing for such an act with Herman Cain.

The sad fact is that history shows this to be folly. After a media blitz to have another black man replace black man Thurgood Marshall in the "black seat" of the Supreme Court, President George Bush Sr. received no positive media-Scribe press coverage for his agreeing to this riotous "Black-Sharia" BLACKMAIL, with his appointment of black man Clarence Thomas.

He would have gotten less condemnation if he had appointed a former KKK Kleagle like Robert Byrd - the love of the Democrats - but race riots for appointing any other white American.

Still, the media-Scribes tried to checkmate Bush Sr.s appointment of a BLACK MAN with Anita Hill, a BLACK WOMAN. Can't beat a combo hand -- the race card and the sex card.

Likewise, the Republican Party are foolish to believe they will gain any appreciation from the Jewish elites, by electing an "Uncle Tom" -- an Oreo!

And then there is the poll tax

It gets worst. In order to vote in yesterday's fraudulently-named "Nevada" straw poll, you had to pony up a $300 Republican poll tax to attend the conference, which only then entitled you to have a vote.

The exact same thing happened in the Florida Straw Poll which Herman Cain received so much national praise for winning. In that straw poll, the Florida Republican Party insiders forced a $174 dollar Republican poll tax.

Now, I know that some campaigns paid portions if not all the Republican poll tax -- but never Ron Paul's campaign. Ron Paul supporters had to pay thier own way -- if they could afford it -- and if they wanted to vote for Ron Paul more than they wanted to give financial support to anti-Ron Paul neo-Cons running their state party.

Strangely, wasn't it the Republican Party of old -- along with the Jewish media-Scribes -- who used to rail against Southern Democrats trying to keep blacks out of elections by imposing poll taxes that blacks were unable or unwilling to pay?

(And blacks have been voting against Republicans ever since!)

Isn't it an irony of ironies today, that imposing Republican poll taxes in straw polls are only way that the Republican Party's lone black man can win?

Yes, you caught me. A government-ran real poll is not the same thing as a private-ran phoney straw poll.

Yes, the "private" Republican Party can "legally" impose a "poll tax" on "unofficial straw polls".

Yes, the mass-media can use these fake straw polls that invoke the "State's image" in a propaganda campaign on behalf of Herman Cain.

Yes, the media-Scribes can create a fake establishment "hero" like Herman Cain to "fight the establishment" (fake Herman Cain backed Romney in 2008, supported TARP, supports abortion, already flip-flops on fair 999, now with 909 and affirmative action "zones" like Detroit, and will not audit his last employer -- the Federal Reserve), all the while ignoring the real anti-establishment HERO -- Ron Paul.

Establishment media says, "I can't stop talking about Cain, because we can't have Herman Cain -- Why Cain would cain us if the American voters reading our mass media would elect him!!"

Establishment media says, "We don't have to say anything about Ron Paul -- he can't win (TRUE - he won't win the election without the national establishment media presenting him to the voting public - Can you say monopoly?)"

Yes, it is also my freedom of speech right to point out the hypocrisies and blatant propaganda of these anti-American establishment elites.

Like the fact that winning a straw poll (Ron Paul) means nothing to the media, unless it is their guy (Cain) who won it.

Establishment vs. anti-Establishment

The top contributers to the campaign of Cain's best friend and alter-ego, Mitt Romney, are big banks--Goldman-Sachs, Credit Suisse Group, Morgan and Stanley, Bank of American, JP MorganChase and Co.

I judge the character of a man by whom he endorses for president and Herman Cain endorsing Romney in the last election does not show much character in my eyes for him in this election.

The top three contributers to Dr. Ron Paul's campaign are -- The US Airforce, The US Army, The US Navy

I love the character of the men and women in the armed forces of this country!!!!

Source: Seth McLaughlin of Washington Times
Cain tops field again in Nevada GOP straw poll

Source: Tony Lee of Human Events
Herman Cain and Ron Paul Win Straw Polls

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