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October 3, 2011 AD

Rodney King "motorist"
Meet Iraq "hikers"

Freed hikers Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer said:
    "Iran held us because we're American"
What a pile of elephant dung.

Spy on Iran in advance of invasion, and then blame Iran that they captured your incompetent espionage team.

This is an example of having your cake and eating it too.

Probe their defenses for weak spots and if you get caught, just call them nasty names to help incite a bigger call to arms - and demand your release.

I saw this story over and over growing up on television. -- White man shoots a settler with an Indian arrow so that the settlers will go kill all the Indians.

These Jewish American "hikers" must have watched the same TV programs I did.

There are those who say that this is conspiracy talk. They didn't have any electronics on them when captured. True enough, but who needs to get electronic data, by hand, when we have satellites that can read your license plate, drones, AWACS and every other kind of high tech gear which can gather that data from afar.

No, this was soft intelligence, that the Mossad knows still has to be done by a real person.

What I believe is so funny is the Jewish media-Scribes insisting on calling them "hikers".

Reminds me of that drug-induced, speeding, dangerous, resisting arrest Rodney King who the press insisted upon referring to as a "motorist".

Just motoring down the highway minding his own business when the police violently dragged him out of his car like it was Jasper Texas and started beating him for no reason.

Why -- aren't we are all innocent motorists and hikers?

And let us never forget that black motorists and Jewish hikers are just like the rest of us Americans, right?

Let's also remember that the $1 million dollars was bail, NOT ransom, and that their release was a gesture of "Islamic mercy", not a beheading.

Source: AP at MSNBC
Freed hikers: Iran held us because we're American

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