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September 19, 2011 AD

NBC's Version of
"Class Warfare"
Fraud Class vs. Honest Class

This is NOT a fight between the Rich Class and the Poor Class.

  • This is a fight between the Fraud Class and the Honest Class.
We say to the Media-Scribes at NBC, "If you are going to follow along with Obama to incite a WAR among the classes, at least fight smart!"

"Both answers to your biased "poll" (SEE BELOW) are worded to make your puppet, President Obama, look like he is a superhero for engaging in class warfare," says The Christian Solution.

Who are the Fraud Class?

Ironically, it is the Jews who have by far enriched themselves the most with their positions at Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs."Media-Scribes begging to Jewish ex-Goldman Sachs now Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, "Please bail out the big Jewish banks, and screw the little Christian people'".

And then there are the demise of workers at American businesses which have been "bought" and controlled by Jewish 401k and pension fund managers. These Jewish ROBBER-BARONS in the investment community use their investors' money (your money) to "buy" a seat on the Board of Directors so they can place their Jewish friends on the boards of directors to force these "bought" companies to outsource everything and do all kinds of politically correct garbage.

Be certain that the Jewish-owned mass-media-Scribes will cover and deflect attention away from this uber-rich FRAUD CLASS.

Who are the Honest Class?

The only "rich" whom NBC media-Scribes will ever portray as EVIL will be the HONEST CLASS of hard-working Christians running successful and capable companies, like oil company Exxon based in the Red-State of Texas.

What about Warren Buffet
He's an American icon
He can't be a Member of the Fraud Class!

Warren Buffet is never portrayed as a rich evil man by the Jewihs media-Scribes at all is he.

That in and of itself tells you a lot about Warren Buffet. If the richest man in the world is not daily being called sinister and evil by the mass-media-Scribes, then he must be one of them.

In fact, he is praised by media-Scribes for pretentiously speaking for all so-called "rich people", saying "the rich" want more taxes. Well, he has a real credibility problem on his hands, doesn't he?

Warren Buffet's company, Berkshire Hathaway, has apparently been under-paying taxes for the last ten years and fighting the IRS over it all along, proving he doesn't truly want to pay more in taxes or he would not be "cheating on his taxes" and fighting the IRS.

And then there is the problem of the TAX-FREE foundation into which Warren Buffet and his rich friends can dump all their FAT-CAT winnings from the Wall Street lottery he plays in.

Investing in Wall Street is not safe for Christians with card sharks like Warren Buffet and George Soros in the game.

Warren Buffet is not a productive member of society -- he is no more than a sleazy Wall Street "card counter" and should be prohibited by law from all Wall Street "gambling".

Now that is government regulation I can get behind!

Warren Buffet is certainly a member of good standing in the FRAUD CLASS!

The Math Class

Back to the NBC article, as quoted by NBC -- "'This is not class warfare, it's math,' challenges the president."

NBC, if you are planning to win this war calling it a "math class" instead of a "warfare class", then at least in your on-line poll which everyone can read, NEVER let "the enemy" see your COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA, which is designed to incite hatred among the classes WHO HATED MATH CLASSES.

(Let us repeat for the people who are dim-witted enough to answer this biased poll without thinking. It doesn't matter which way you answer the question, either way you are in favor of Obama.)

Source: NBC News
Is President Obama engaging in 'class warfare'?

Source: Jim Kuhnhenn of MSNBC News
Obama proposes $1.5 trillion in new taxes

Source: Ethel C. Fenig ofthe American Thinker
Warren Buffett's IRS problems

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