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August 28, 2011 AD

Saint of 9/11/01
Remembered on 9/11/11

9/11/11 - What an anniversary to remember!

To all the conspiracy theory nutcases out there, we want you to know the truth -- the Mossad did not have to tell the Jews to not go to work at the World Trade Center buildings that fateful day 10 years ago, because all the good and righeous Jewish boys and girls that day were already coming in to work late after saying their Selichot prayers -- which have to be said between midnight and dawn.

"A week later I called him and said 'about 500' [Jews died], which is 15 to 17 percent of all the victims killed in the World Trade Center. The figure would have been even higher had it not been for the fact that many Orthodox Jews went to work an hour later because of the Selichot prayers recited in the days before the Jewish New Year.

"My friend then replied, 'Don't tell anybody that because the Arabs will say the Jews had religious reasons in choosing the date of the attack.

-- Abraham Foxman

Jewish Mayor Bloomberg

    The Three Boxes of Liberty:

      • ... Soap box
      • ... Ballot box
      • ... Cartridge box

When a Jewish man, can be elected to a city filled with millions of Christians and DICTATE his anti-Christian wishes to them all, then the Soap Box and the Ballot Box has failed miserably. Of course, we already know that the national Soap Box is owned and controlled by the tiny minority of the Jewish persuation. With electronic voting, perhaps the ballot box is now of no use to Americans as well.

Which by means of elimination leaves the cartridge box...

Jewish Pharisee Mayor Bloomberg, elected on his soulless business experience, nevertheless pushes aside all bureaucratic hurdles Muslims need to build a Mosque at Ground Zero on land that was "formerly business, never religious", but then hides behind New York Port Authority bureaucracy to prevent Greek Orthodox Christians from rebuilding their St. Nicholas church, destroyed by Muslims in the name of Islam 10 years ago, on their land that was "always religious, never business".

To heap scorn upon his pro-Muslim, anti-Christian stance, Jewish Mayor Bloomberg will not allow any religious clergy at the 10th anniversary of 9/II - especially no Christian ones!

Oh sure, the World Trade Center was owned by a Jewish man and the Muslims were therefore targetting a business owned and filled by Jews, as the story goes, but "so-called secularist" Bloomberg is not about to point out this fact 10-years-later as he works to keep Christians from highjacking this tragedy.

Christian Mychal Judge

Dedication of the 9/II cross
But let all Christians remember, that the first death at the hands of this Islamic Jihad was a Franciscan Friar Champlain of the New York Fire Department. A fire department who has also not been allowed to attend by Mayor Bloomberg.

The first death of 9/II, victim # 00001, was Mychal Judge, an Irishman, a monk with the order of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Jewish media-Scribes would be the first to point out that Friar Judge was a homosexual. They have so loved to point out facts such as these when the Catholic priests are sinning, but they cannot accuse this friar of being anything but celibate in accord with his religious oath to God.

Friar Mychal Judge was not the type of hypocritical sinful homosexual priest these real hypocrites love to report upon, for this friar gave his live to minister to the tragic victims of 9/II.

And being a gay priest, Friar Mychal was welcomed in the AIDS wards when no one else would venture, for fear of catching the contagion. Before speaking to the AIDS patients, he would often first perform the Catholic Sacrement of the annointing of the sick, by annointing their feet with holy oils.

If not for the fact of Mychal Judge being a Christian man of God, the Jewish media-Scribes would have celebrated this courageous man for the unselfish act of love he gave to these dying AIDS victims -- or his celebrating nightly mass after the TWA crash for flight 820 -- or his sacrifce of his life in 9/II.

No, this is one media-angle the Jewish media-Scribes will not be commemorating in the celebrations of this coming 9/II.

"Secularist" Mayor Bloomberg
"No Christians allowed at 911 ceremony"

"Secularist" Mayor Bloomberg
"In the name of religious freedom",
"I back a Ground Zero Mosque"

"Secularist" Mayor Bloomberg
"I have no control over the NY Port Authority",
"Who will not allow St. Nicholas to be rebuilt"

First to die
A Christian Chaplain of the FDNY

(Part 1 of 8)

(Part 8 of 8)

Source: Abraham Foxman
The Resuscitation of Anti-Semitism: An American Perspective Source: equalityforem
Saint of 9/11 Trailer
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