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August 12, 2011 AD

London Riots
as seen from
Jewish Eyes

"Jews, Muslims join forces"

Reporter Jo Myles is a London resident and reporter for the Jewish News newspaper Ynet

"Myles also described the state of affairs in London's Stamford Hill neighborhood, which includes a large [Jewish] haredi community living side by side with an Islamic community."

"The two sectors have joined together to defend the area from looters", he said.

-- Aviel Magnezi, Ynet

Jewish Comments to Aviel's article:

Comment #5. Muslims & Jews cooperate against Christians

Jews and Muslims join together in Europe and America against attempts to make religious rituals difficult. And now in England, Muslims and Jews join hands to protect each other from Christian youths on a rampage of death and destruction.

This is a wonderful sign

grandad (08.10.11)

Comment #7. You see it takes a riot to bring Jews and Muslims together

Ahhhhh bless

Haim , TA (08.11.11)

Comment #11. #7

Actually you are wrong. Jews and Muslims live side by side in peace and mutual respect in Stamford Hill (the area immediately adjacent to Tottenham where the riots began).

The majority of drivers of the Jewish-owned cab companies are Muslims, very decent hardworking and trustworthy men. Of course this would never be reported in the media because it won't sell copy.

In response to Comment #11, let us here at The Christian Solution media do our part in reporting that Jews and Muslims are getting along just fine together, protecting themselves from Christians and have been doing so for a long, long time -- thank you very much.

The message we glean from the author and the commentators:
    Jews and Muslims must join together to defend themselves from Christians.
Although, not good Christians in this case.

Source: Aviel Magnezi of Ynet
London Jews help restore riot-affected areas

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