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July 16, 2011 AD

Bill needed
to mothball
Air Force One

How much money will Obama's proposal to tax corporate jets net in one year?
--> Approximately 300 million dollars

How much does a run-of-the-mill Boeing 747 cost?
--> Approximately 300 million dollars

How much did it cost to change two run-of-the-mill Boeing 747s into the two Air Force Ones?
--> If you have to ask, then you can't afford one, but estimates are $1 billion dollars

How much does it cost to operate Air Force One per hour?
--> $181,000/hr or for the 48 flight hours logged for just one trip to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan -- $8.7 million

How expensive is the helicopters to get the Prez to Air Force One?
--> $11 billion dollars for 28 helicopters

Where to start in reducing the size of the Federal government.

Where should we start?...Where to start?

Here's my suggestion:

"Since President Obama flies the world's biggest, the world's most expensive "Corporate Jet", and since Air Force One is 100% tax-exempt, and since President Obama has made air travel totally safe from terrorists (and irrate mothers), with his TSA-mandated strip-searches, why can't the Prez and his staff just travel on regular airplanes with "we the people"?"

The government has got to instill Biblical thinking -- "Before I throw the first stone..."

The President has proposed his solution to prevent national bankruptcy -- taxing corporate jets -- So here should be Congress' solution to national bankruptcy -- pass a bill which mothballs all of President Barack's playthings.

Let the President veto that bill !


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