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July 10, 2011 AD

"Men who exist
get overrun by
Men who act!"

- Welcoming Speech of Texas Speaker of the House Joseph Straus to the 82nd Texas Legislature, as he was qiving his favorite quote, in turn quoting "My favorite Texas historian" T.R. Fehrenbach from his book ďLone StarĒ

Telling the truth for once, for Joseph Straus is indeed a Jewish man of action.

(Just throwing this in about what such a Jewish man of action may joke about: "The economy is so bad that the Israeli Lobby is laying off Texas State Representatives.")

How did this "man of action", all by himself, defeat a Texas anti-groping bill, passed overwhelmmingly by both houses of the Texas legislature, and do so in plain site of everyone?

Well I believe this infamous quote of his says it all.

His plan of "action" all along was to overrun Christian men who simply "exist" as honorable men taking care of their families.

I love this quote that the Jewish Speaker of the House loves so much because it so eloquently symbolizes his Jewish viewpoint of life. -- "Don't let Christian men exist in peace -- RUN THEM OVER!"

David Simpson elequently points out in his closing remarks after his anti-groping bill went down in defeat, how it was the undemocratic schemes of Joe Straus that prevented the passed bill from becoming law.


In short,

[Joe Straus] unilaterally halted a bill
  • . supported by a majority of Texans,
  • . coauthored by 111 members of the House,
  • . unanimously approved in the House -twice
  • . approved by a majority of the Senate,
  • . vetted by Attorney General Greg Abbott,
  • . requested by Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, and
  • . called by Governor Rick Perry
How did Joe Straus manage to kill a bill that had previously cleared all hurdles?

He did it when reconciling the House bill with the Senate bill. He just said there were not enough House members to take a legal final vote -- session ended -- bill dead.

Game over -- I won! - Joe Straus

    Speaker Strausí duplicitous intrigue continues.

    He told reporters that there was not a quorum present so the bill could not be brought up.

    Yet, just a few minutes before telling reporters that there were not enough members present, he had called the House to order, stating: "Quorum is present."

    The House Journal confirms that a quorum was in fact present.

    -- David Simpson
David Simpson understood that Joe Straus was all along going to sabatage the will of the people of Texas.

(But then everyone already knew this as this session started with his corruption. Joe Straus never should have won re-election. He got reelected to the Speaker of the Texas House, a Republican House -- as a known liberal RINO -- because all the Democrats voted him into office along with enough liberal RINOs to give him the majority. They did the exact same thing the last session.)

Speaker Straus claimed that "the bill...appears to me to be nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt."

Representative David Simpson (R-Longview), the billís author responded, "Iím curious whether the Speaker thinks that the Bill of Rights is a publicity stunt? Did the framers of the Constitution of the State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States write in protections against unreasonable search and seizure in order to be cute?"

--David Simpson
Now sit back and read the damming lies Joe tells at the start of this years legislature about how "democratic", "transparent", "truthful" and "honest" he was promising to be as Speaker in the 82nd Texas Legislature.

Joe Straus'
Welcome Speech
for the 82nd
Texas Legislature

"The will of the House should guide this House."

"And the will of the House does not begin in the Speakerís office."

"It begins in the homes and office buildings, on the farms and in the cities, in the suburbs and in the high tech centers. It begins with the 25 million people who are proud to call themselves Texans."

"These are the people who sent us here and if we fail to respect each other, we fail to respect them."

"I want our citizens to know that the rules of the peopleís House are not subject to the whims of the chair or the pressure of powerful special interests."

"This House is where Truth rules, and where Reason prevails."

"We can rebuild trust by setting high ethical standards, by being transparent, and always making government accountable to the people it serves."

"In Novemberís election, the people of Texas made it clear: they want a more conservative government that is limited and fiscally responsible."

"We can rebuild trust by conducting ourselves in ways that Washington might learn from."

-- The words of honor of Joseph Straus

Yah right.

Man of action -- Joe Straus -- made Texas overran roadkill.


Texas Speaker Joseph Straus
Welcoming the 82nd Legislature

David Simpson

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