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May 1, 2011 AD

State Power Should Counter Federal Power

    The rise of Marxism in the mid 19th century that evolved into progressivism in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, found that competing political powers were an obstacle to progressive objectives. The Senate, chosen by state legislatures, could block any measure proposed by the House or by the president. Of course, this is precisely what the founders had in mind.

    Randolph Hearst unleashed his media empire to publish stories bashing the Senate as a den of thieves chosen by corrupt politicians in cahoots with big industry. Today, George Soros funds Media Matters to publish stories in hopes of destroying all things inconsistent with progressive objectives.

    The progressives in Hearst's day won the battle. Woodrow Wilson won the presidency in 1912; and his band of progressive politicians gave us the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the 17th Amendment, which removed the states from any representation in the federal government. The 17th Amendment required senators to be elected by the public, rather than by state legislatures.

    The competition between political powers was gone. There was no competing political power to check or balance the power of the Washington government. From the day the 17th Amendment was declared to be ratified, the government in Washington has continued to expand its power, its size and its budget with no voice or power of opposition from the states.

    -- Henry Lamb

With IMF bankruptcy looming, the United States is well on the path to becoming a defacto colony of the United Neocolonialists of the UN.

But it does not have to be if America looks below the level of the federal government for sovereignty instead of always looking above it with the United Neocolonialists.

Henry Lamb once again shows that the real power of the Constitution is not just words, but of placing competing political power against competing political power, in order that they check and balance each other.

And once again, Henry Lamb shows that the two fundamental principles of the Constitution are A) the people are sovereign and B) all power is not to be trusted in one source. These two principles have been the golden ticket to America's prosperity, freedom and liberty.

The Constitution actually established three real competing powers

Power #1: The President

In the Presidency, all the people are talked by the Judeo-mass-media-Scribes into electing a man who will not represent all the people.

The President has the actual reigns of federal power in his grasp.

But his power is defined and monitored by the people's House of Representatives.

Power #2: The House of Representatives

In the House resides the wishes and desires of local people. The people of the urban areas are represented as well as the people of the countryside. The people in the hills are represented alongside the people of the plains. The German people who settled around Austin Texas after the German famines are represented, as are the Mexican people who settled along the Rio Grande long before America was born.

Last but certainly not least, was initially the power of the State governments to counter the power of the federal government

Power #3: The Senate

The real key to American success from 1789 to 1913 was the Founding Fathers establishing a method to share and control political power between the many State governments and the one federal government.

The States, with their state-appointed Senators, would become the final word in federal spending and other laws initiated by the House or impeachments initiated by the House.

The States, with their state-appointed Senators, would give their final consent to the international treaties, ambassadors, cabinet appointments, and Supreme Court appointments of the President.

The States, with their state-appointed Senators, were the counter-force which kept power focused as close to the people as possible -- down at the State and county level.

This is where Henry Lamb shows how the 17th Amendment has wrecked total havoc on the American political system and hence upon America.

Only by repealing the 17th Amendment can America be saved from the clutches of a cruel dictator at the UN.


Henry Lamb
It's not too late to save America!

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