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May 1, 2011 AD

United Neocolonialist

We have mentioned how the UN did not recognize and overtly overthrew the Constitution of the Ivory Coast -- which states that only persons born in the Ivory Coast -- of parents of Ivory Coast citizens -- have the Constitutional sovereignty to rule the Ivory Coast.

Did not matter that the Muslim INVADER the UN crowned king will now subjugate the Ivory Coast for the next 1,000 years to Islam -- the democratically-elected Christian ruler had to go. The UN had spoken.

Back in the "Land of the Free", now that Barack Obama has proven beyond a doubt that he is a foreign usurper, born of a mother having little allegiance to her home country by marrying not one but two foreigners, partially raised in a foreign land, and ruling America today like a foreign conquerer, where stands the UN?

Obama was democratically elected -- true! But he was elected only by lying -- only by having his lies covered up by a foreign-loving American media-Scribe press, and who today does not now believe that the Judeo-Mass-Media-Scribes are not still covering up his open admission of lying to the American public about being eligible to be President?

Our Constitution, already maligned beyond recognition, already holding no authority over the Judeo-Foreign-Usurpers who really run this country, is being replaced in authority with the UN Charter.

Mention has been made in past articles about the colonial nation of Portugal, itself becoming a colony of the European Union. But in a grander scheme, the EU is but a state of the global government of the UN. Proof of Portugal's colonial status is now on open display by this once proud country having to submit its sovereignty to the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of the UN.

The judeo-Communists destroyed large parts of the colonial era by exhausting Europe in WW1 and WW2, and then pushed them with propaganda to give up all remaining former colonies, because it was right and just to do so.

The goal all along was to re-colonize the entire world through the UN - the United Neocolonialists -- with headquarters in Jew York City.

Soon, the International Colonial Court (ICC) will be the only court to decide if you and I are well-behaved international slaves or not.


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