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March 20, 2011 AD

The Dire Need to Impose a No-Fly zone over Israel

Windbag and media-Scribe NEO-CONSERVATIVE talk-show host Barry Farber has finally gotten his way with the Libya rebellion.

Jews have talked Christians into defending Muslims in Libya from their own tyrant.

I wonder if Barry Farber would go along with defending Palestinian Muslim rebels from Israeli jet fighter flown by Jews attacking Muslims, by agreeing to impose a no-fly zone over Israel to even up the odds a bit? See if God is still on the side of the Jesus-denying Jewish Crusaders?

Muslims need to talk Christians into imposing a no-fly zone over Jewish Israel

OK, I know, I go too far!!

I just wish that this Jewish windbag would emigrate to Israel where he could call his own fellow Israelis "cowards" and "scared mice", in trying to talk his wimpy Israelis comrades into invading Libya for the common good of the "international community".

that Neo-Conservative
Barry Farber
is just an unqualified windbag

Talk Show host
media-Scribe Barry Farber
"Foreign policy expert" Barry Farber obtained his international credentials by learning a lot of languages and then writing a book about learning a lot of languages, "How to Learn any Language". (TCS: Jews have a mastery of language -- and they use it to their benefit!)

In 1970 he ran for Congress in New York City's 19th district on the Republican ticket, but was defeated by Bella Abzug. (TCS: If a Jewish guy can't beat a crazy Jewish feminist woman, then what good is he anyway?)

Farber, Michael Castello, and Alan Colmes got together and quickly formed their own independent network called Daynet (TCS: A so-called conservative teaming up with a known liberal Alan Colmes. OK, so-called conservative Sean Hannity did the same did he now?)

Early in the 1970s, Farber was an adjunct professor of journalism at St. John's University, New York. (TCS: adjunct is a fancy word for part-time)

On the radio, Farber became easily identifiable by his unique combination of drawn-out Southern drawl, intense delivery, verbose prose, and quick wit. Sponsors loved his ability to deliver a live commercial spot, often ad-libbed, and make whatever the particular product was sound tantalizing; he always sounded like he truly believed in the product.

To sum up the Wikipedia biography of Barry Farber -- He's a big windbag with no experience other than talking big in many languages!

However, when I read his two spiels on Libya, where he is trying his best to talk Obama into declaring war on Libya, I am less than mesmerized with his gift for gab. I see little intelligence, wit, style, or convincing argument.

Yes, it did work on Obama, we are bombing Libya back to the dark ages, by behaving like we are in the dark ages, but again, his hypnosis isn't working on me.

that Neo-Conservative
Barry Farber
is not a loyal American

Taken piece by boring piece, we see an illogical sequence of argument that confronts our President, not Congress as required in our Constitution, with the challenge to use American military might, paid for by Christians, to save Muslims, who have better weapons than they do.

The American military was created to defend Americans from the likes of Muslims, not to defend Muslims trying to impose Sharia law in the middle of a desert in Africa.

So bear with me as I debunk one paragraph at a time of this filth spewing from the mouth of Barry Farber.

Farber defines bravery as the temper tantrum of a spoiled Hollywood brat? So, in the same vein, I suppose Farber's throwing of a temper tantrum over Libya is his expression of bravery.

Since Farber has now already displayed his bravery for all to see, then his patriotic duty is completed and he will not need to enlist in the U.S. military to show bravery in leading the charge against Gaddafi's military.

That duty of bravery will be the duty of your sons and daughters.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"It's part of human nature to admire bravery and reward it. We'll avidly follow the daily doings of Charlie Sheen, but from a sitting position."

Well, I am no expert on Finland, but I will pretend to be on the same level as Jewish Henry Kissinger and take a stab at this.

Russia could not take Finland for the exact same reason none could take Afghanistan -- mountains. The Finnish people could retreat into the safety of the mountains and engage in guerrilla warfare forever. Tanks don't work well in mountains. Guerrilla warfare by small groups of men do work well.

Secondly, Stalin was focused on Germany, sending all his best men and material to subdue most of the rest of Europe. Russians already had enough snow and ice from their own country. Why bother with a population of half of Chicago in the frigid North country of Finland, when you could have most of the population of Southern Europe?

Thirdly, the other Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark would have provided support over that long stretch of unguarded mountains until their Scandinavian brethren in Finland were free again.

And lastly, the United States would not have allowed it. We do draw the line sometimes to countries invading and occupying other nations. We did allow Stalin to have Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Albania, Moldova, and Eastern Germany. But we drew the line in the sand over Russia keeping Finland with half the population of Chicago. Didn't want anyone thinking we put up such a big fight over tyrant Hitler invading a few countries and didn't do anything about tyrant Stalin. (Actually, I have no idea if America confronted Stalin over Finland -- I'm just adding it for effect)

In comparison of Finland rebels fighting in the mountains to Libyan rebels fighting in flat-as-a-table desert --- Well, there is no comparison. Finland was fighting an invading army. Libyans are fighting their own government.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"I've always believed the reason the Soviet Union let Finland remain independent after World War II in startling distinction to the Soviet enslavement of every other Eastern European country, wartime friend and foe alike owed to Moscow's animal reaction to Finland's incredible courage in resisting the Soviets. Naive? I defy even Henry Kissinger to offer a better explanation. The Soviet Union, a country the size of the moon with hundreds of millions of people, found it next to impossible to subdue Finland, by comparison a sliver of land with a population half that of Chicago."

Jewish media-Scribe Farber quotes America's first Jewish Supreme Court justice saying "Danger invites rescue". Sure, that is what the Jewish Supreme Court judge was saying -- Muslims in another country putting themselves in danger invites Christians in America to rescue them.

"And that is what the Constitution says", so pontificates Jewish Supreme Court justice Benjamin Cardozo.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"Former Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo once laid out a complicated legal doctrine in three words "Danger invites rescue."

Farber first says Americans are brave for fighting Japan, a far worst threat and one who directly attacked America, then calls Americans cowards for not invading non-threatening Libya who has invaded no one and threatens no other country. What is the logic of that? These are the words of a pre-school bully.

Libya has foreign mercenaries, but if America invades Libya then Farber believes America will NOT be a foreign mercenary for anyone? Is that true? Just to start, I already believe we are Barry Farber's mercenaries.

By the way, where is Israel's bravery, with their mighty arsenal we gave them as a free gift, in coming to the aid of the poor mistreated Muslims ?

Barry Farber squeaks:
" The very notion of rebels unarmed or lightly armed throwing themselves at Gaddafi's powerful army, militia and foreign mercenaries, while America brags about sending two cargo planes with 4,000 blankets and some plastic sheeting, is a confession, nay, a PROCLAMATION, of American cowardice. It's hard to reconcile with the America that stormed Normandy and dozens of Iwo Jimas and knocked the tyrants of the early 1940s sky-west and crooked and four ways to Sunday." "

Gee, what can I say about this?

Stereotyping homosexuals? Thought that would certainly not be PC for a New York City Jewish media-Scribe.

Glorifying the country led by the tyrant Stalin who made Hitler look like an amateur?

Other than that, does it really add to the narrative about Libya?

Barry Farber squeaks:
"My friend George was a high-fashion New York hair stylist. You traditionally prosper in that profession by sounding and acting utterly effeminate and, if you have any, keeping your heterosexuality to yourself. George was different. He was a hulking, husky Russian marine, multi-decorated for fighting the Nazis in World War II. In a rich Russian accent you could cut with a rusty machete, George spent many hours mesmerizing me with his stories of the Russian front. He told of the months of stalemate with both sides dug in a few hundred yards from each other. They would trade serenades at night. The Germans would sing for half an hour or so and then the Russians would sing back. George told of a shiny new lieutenant fresh in from the military academy who was almost lynched by his own Russian troops his first week there. Why? He took aim and shot a German water carrier across no-man's-land. "We liked that guy," George explained. "We saw him every day. We pretended his name was Fritz, and he was like our pet."

Does any Russian history department of any major university tell you this? No; no more than they'll tell you George's story about liberating the czar's famous Summer Palace outside Leningrad. Everybody knows about our indispensable ally in that war, the legendary Russian winter. On one of the coldest days of all, George and his men attacked the formidable German positions in T-shirts, accompanied by battle cries just unloaded from hell. One look at those charging maniacs, and the Germans caved."

Hell Yah! Now he's talking!!!!

The Palestinians have shown sheer motivation for over 50 years! They deserve far more from America than blankets.

Let's have "the international community" and America impose a no-fly zone over Israel!!!

Barry Farber squeaks:
"We're talking motivation. The Libyan rebels have shown it. They deserve more from what FDR called "the arsenal of democracy(sic)" than blankets."

I fail to see that Farber is not in rage nor is not calling our President a coward, but I'll work with him on this.

France has now shown that we can call French fries by their proper name again.

I say that perhaps France has not thought this through very well, because they had never liked being associated with the low-class culinary dish of French fries and we were very obliging of the French in the Gulf wars to change their name to "American fries". So France has now blown that golden arches opportunity!

But at least in the eyes of that man with the golden microphone, Barry Farber, they are no longer cowards.

As a side note: France, the center of the environmental movement and politically correct, may see after the Japanese meltdowns of their nuclear power plants, that France's own nuclear plants may need to be shut down. Since France's electricity was wholly nuclear-based and not oil-based, they were previously able to tell George Bush to take a hike in the Gulf Wars, but they may now sense that they need to jump back into the game with Libyan oil.

So, let's not characterize France as brave.

Let's characterize them as greedy robber barons and stealing Libyan oil that does not belong to them!!!

Barry Farber squeaks:
"Let's skip over the appropriate rage and ridicule our pusillanimous president and secretary of state deserve for landing America behind even France in any demonstration of national courage regarding Libya. (France is shipping relief supplies directly to rebel-held Benghazi; not handing out blankets at the border.)"

Being interested in history, I guess I am the "historian" Farber mocks.

No, you do not abandon sports after one loss, but you do fire the coach after a series of losses. We have lost so many times in the Middle East that we should be having Congressional hearings followed by firing squads.

I do not abandon romance after one bad date, but I am smart enough to know when Barry Farber is trying to put his hands down my pants.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"Now let's get ready for the "historian" who reminds us how enthusiastic we were in 1979 to re-supply a valiant anti-Communist fighter in Afghanistan named Osama bin Laden. Sure, painful. But do you abandon sports after one loss, food after one bad meal or romance after one bad date?"

Frankly, I am bored to death with Farber's rambling speech, but again, Israel is trying to maintain power and don't they shoot them down in order to maintain power?

If we fail to act, then Israel will know that it has won.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"If we fail, if Qaddafi wins, the message will be: "Qaddafi had it right. Mubarak had it wrong. To maintain power, you shoot them down. You don't bore them to death with rambling speeches."

The Palestinians may not know what they are doing. They are in disarray with a lack of command, control, and discipline, but at least they are giving up their lives for their cause.

Are they not waiting for powerful help to be on the way?

Why is it that all the Palestinians can't even get analysis, strong international consensus and power saw-type excuses, but instead get condemnation and even more aid from America to use against these Jewish Crusaders of 1948? Why do we embolden the tyranny against the Palestinian Muslims at the mercy of the Jesus-denying Jews of Israel?

Barry Farber squeaks: "It sickens enemies of tyranny to hear the brilliant and courageous Fox News correspondent Leland Vitter report the rebels' disarray, and their lack of any command and control or discipline; they waste ammunition firing rocket-propelled grenades at airplanes and, in their dreadful rout, "They don't know what they're doing." I'm not saying such a picture is inaccurate or that Vitter should spin us a brighter one. I'm just saying it sickens. Like those from Norway to Greece who took up whatever arms they could find against the Nazis, they may not have known what they were doing, but they offered up their lives to try to do it. At least Norway's "gutta i skauen" (the boys in the forest), the French Maquisards, the Serbian Partisans and Chetniks and their allies in every German-occupied country knew powerful help was on the way. All the Libyan rebels get is analysis, strong international consensus and power saw-type excuses."

America, squeak up and put anti-American, anti-Christian traitors like Barry Farber in their place.

Barry Farber squeaks:
"America, are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up!"


Barry Farber
Arm Libya's rebels now!

Barry Farber
For Obama, any excuse will do

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