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March 10, 2011 AD

Back-Alley Abortion
Lila Rose


Kyle Drennen
CBS 'Evening News' Finally Covers Planned Parenthood Sting, NBC and ABC Still Ignore

The Christian Solution
Free Eric Rudolph!

"The same gaggle of broadcast TV watchdogs which has mustered endless outrage over the notion that the Catholic Church would fail to alert authorities about sexual abuse of minors is utterly uninterested in the sexual abuse of minors when someone more pleasing to secular progressives like that abortion factory Planned Parenthood is caught on camera."

-- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell admonished the media omission

Lila Rose
Head of Live Action
My Future Daughter-in-law
As if the killing of millions of innocent babies was not bad enough, I'm sure Brent Bozell means well when he equated the sexual abuse engaged by a small minority of priests with the sexual abuse by all of Planned Parenthood.

But if he considered his thoughts for a second, he would probably agree that it is utter evil to equate, in any way possible, the jerking-off a handful of teenage boys by a small minority of sinning homosexual priests belonging to a Catholic Church which itself has never in over 2,000 years condoned any aspect of homosexuality, to the craven evil of female sexual exploitation for profit of the bodies of under-aged girls and the unmerciful killing of the baby they now carry as a result, by Planned Parenthood, with taxpayer dollars, who publicly approves most of the activity involving non-consent of underage girls to abortion.

This is hardly a moral comparison!

The fact that the press gets all lathered up that a few homosexuals decided to fore-go the San Francisco gay-bang party orgies, attempted to become men of God instead, yet ultimately could not overcome their sinful nature, is a strange sight indeed when the mass media acts all Puritan about the situation.

The fact is that there is not a Puritan to be seen in the mass media when babies are being killed because some pimp low-life beats up teenage girls to force them into prostitution.

The back alley abortions never left us.

They just have the m-ass media covering for them, keeping them hiden in the back alley where sane, rational and caring citizens are not allowed to wander.

Tell me that Eric Rudolph was not an American Christian hero for bombing evil satanic places like this?

But Lila Rose of Live Action will have accomplished more destruction of these enemies of civilization with a camera than Eric Rudolph ever did with explosives.

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