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Feb 13, 2011 AD

The Myth of Isolationism
Take from the Poor,
Give to the Rich


Ron Paul
Our 30 Year Mistake

Ron Paul
Ron Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll With 30% of Vote!

We have isolated ourselves from the Egyptian people by propping up their government, as we isolate ourselves from Tunisians, Israelis, and other recipients of our foreign aid.

Foreign aid

is taking money
from the poor people of a rich country
and giving it to
the rich people of a poor country.

-- Ron Paul

Unintended consequences?

Our "donation" of $60 billion dollars to an Egyptian tyrant was not sold to the American people as a means to prop up a heartless dictator, instead, it was seen as a bribe for peace between Egypt and Israel. Peace is a more worthy sounding goal in American ears than the less worthy sounding goal of propping up an Israeli puppet regime only looking out for the interests of Israel, as the man in the Egyptian street saw things.

Unintented consequences is all the American people have seen. Fact is that the consequences are very intended by the people pushing them.

If only America had remained in "isolation" the first time, during World War 1,
  • then the British would have said that the Jews did not fulfill their part of the Balfour Declaration agreement by NOT talking America into coming to "save" England;
  • hence, Britain would not have taken Palestine from the Ottomans and given it to the Jews;
  • hence, the Turks would not have felt royally betrayed by English and American Christians;
  • hence, the blood-thirsty Turks would probably have let the 2 million native Christians live, as they had done for the preceding 500 years.
  • hence, America would not have become an unknowing accomplice in the heartless Holocaust of 2 million Christians in Turkey at the end of that war.
Toward the end of WW1, the Ottoman Turks gathered up all their remaining Christians, Christians who had lived in the Ottoman Empire since it had first invaded their homelands 500 years ago, marching them all out into the Syrian desert until all 2 million of them succumbed to dehydration and died a horrible death.

Done in isolation? Nope!

Backing up the truck to see how these poor Christians got ran over, we find the Jews driving the truck.

Ever since the Crimean War, where the Jews talked England and France into siding with the Ottomans to prevent the Russian Orthodox Christians from retaking their traditional capital of Constantinople, the Jews have been dreaming themselves of a Crusade to retake the Holy Lands for Jewish resettlement.

This not-so-secret agenda was finally shown to the world in the no-so-secret Balfour Declaration, where English Christians would break the Ottoman Empire into many pieces with the Holy Land piece given to the Jews in exchange for American Jews talking America into its first World War.

Having done so, the Ottoman Turks reacted in the only way they had at their disposal. In exchange for the Christians in England stealing Palestine away for the Jews, then all the Christians in Turkey were put to death in retribution.

Just like getting into a lion's cage, no one expects Muslims to not kill whomever they please. But I can say that the Jews were directly responsible for the Holocaust of these 2 million Christians by riling the lions to eat the 2 million Christians, the horrendous crime since swept under the rug, and America becoming an unknowing accomplice by ignoring our own neutrality in the centuries old squabbles of Europe while jumping right into the middle of it all.

America's traditional, pre-WW1, strength came from trying to be the friend to all, the enemy to none.

Perhaps only because Israel did not exist at the time, but America would never had been the enemy to all, friend only to Israel.

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