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MArch 8, 2011

for State Governments
in a declared
"National Emergency"?


Mona Eltahawy
We've waited for this revolution for years. Other despots should quail

Brian Hunt Editor in Chief, Stansberry Research

Constitution - Article IV, Section 4

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

The Constitution states that the Federal government has to be invited into a State, by State authorities, in cases of domestic violence.

Anything short of an open invitation is illegal trespassing, if not an act of war.

This site takes the stance that imminent domestic violence is all but insured by the numerous actions of the federal government creating a welfare state, a jobless state, an immigrant state, a bankrupt state.

Why let the same people who created the mess come in to fix it?

Why not let grownups fix the problem?

Instead of inviting the federal government to seize control of the Internet, radio, and our own police "first responders", our State legislatures must take up legislation that will provide for the immediate arrest of our Senators for treason.

State law should read,

Proposed State Law

"The Governor of this State is prohibited from inviting the federal government to intervene within the State for any reason whatsoever, and shall be held liable for his actions, unless it absolutely does not appear to the ordinary citizen of this State, eligible for jury duty, that the federal government was complicit in creating the domestic violence for which it would be called to help squelch, and shall instead arrest for treason and hold for trial both members of the Senator of the State, and shall in addition, hold and question every federal officer in the State for criminal behavior, wherein the domestic violence itself is held as proof of the crime upon the State."

Overthrowing Tyranny

The people of Tunisia just overthrew a 23-year-old tyranny.

The people of Egypt has overthrown a 30-year-old dictator who had been bought and sold by Israel -- with a hundred billion American taxpayer dollars.

The people of America need desperately to overthrow its own 100-year-old oligarchy of Jewish influence and intrigue.

But when our inglorious national leader bastards finally succeed in pushing America over the cliff, then celebrate their deed by declaring a martial law we will never recover from, where they completely wipe out all remaining Constitutional rights, such as when they flip the "kill switch" on the Internet -- Who if any will be marching in the streets?

  • . Will it be the Food Stamp army of 40.3 million?
  • . Will it be the Federal Government Employee union of 14.6 million?
  • . Or, will it be the remaining 250 million American Christians who are finally fed-up with all the gross mismanagement and corruption?
How then can the American people restore Constitutional law and order?

When a navy ship sinks, the Captain is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Same will need to be said of the Captains of the sinking American ship.

If the federal government is no longer allowing you any of your Constitutional rights, especially your First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, then the contract is broken -- all Constitutional restrictions on us, the American people, toward our government, are null and void until fully restored.

for the American States
in a
National Emergency

National order will need to be restored State-by-State at the State level.

All State soldiers
are to be ordered home
in order to defend the State

State legislatures will demand of all mothers and fathers of soldiers currently serving in the National Armed Forces, to ask their children to immediately return to their State to defend it from invasion and ask that they refuse orders to invade any other State.

The most sophisticated military equipment in the world will not work against the American people if there is no one there to operate them.

And the military equipment in the State, needless to say, will become the property of that State.

State legislatures
shall arrest
their two United State Senators
for treason
and appoint
two of their own choosing

The trial for treason against the State can be found in favor of the Senator and he may thereafter be allowed to remain the State's Senator, but only after taking an oath of allegiance to the State and A REAL OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to the Constitution.

The Newly Constituted Senate
will ask the House of Representatives
to impeach the President,
the Vice President,
all Supreme Court justices,
and all lower court Federal Judges

Since the State-appointed Senators will have their hands full with national affairs at this fragile time in our history, having no time to run impeachment proceedings, the State Supreme Courts of all the States will convene to determine guilt or innocence of the federal employees.

The State legislatures,
each having one vote,
shall elect a new President,
Vice President
and Supreme Court.

In case of a tie, both candidates will become ineligible for that office and a new vote will be taken. This country is not so lacking in quality of leadership that we could not find thousands of leaders twice better qualified to lead this country than either papa or baby Bush, Clinton or Obama.

Having the Supreme Court filled directly by the States at first, will allow for the States to barter with each other. Having the new President appoint 9 Supreme Court justices at once would not be wise.

Repeal the 17th Amendment,
Repeal the 16th Amendment
Kill the Fed
Allow for a free press again

Needless to say, the Constitution will need a bit of spring cleaning.

The effects of the relentless 100-year Progressive push toward totalitarianism will need to be scrubbed off the Constitution.

Every Amendment from the 14th Amendment upwards will need close scrutiny.

But the 14th Amendment, where the feds dictate to the States, would have no power if the States ran the Senate again as they did before the enactment of the 17th Amendment, allowing for the direct election of Senators. Certainly, we need to rethink what constitutes citizenship in this country and presume once more that the States, in competition with the other 49 States, are the best protectors of our liberty, not the feds. Would you rather have the choice to live in Texas versus California, Massachusetts versus Georgia, or would you rather have no choice but to live under one stifling federal government who dictated everything to everyone?

The 16th Amendment, where the Feds no longer had to beg the States for an allowance, would have no power if the Senate were ran by the States. But we will need to repeal this monster anyway for good measure.

The Federal Reserve would no longer exist if the States gained control of the Senate again. The Constitutional restrictions on States of having nothing but silver and gold for payment of debts would be in full effect. No longer would debt (dollar bills) be allowed to pay for debt (mortgage).

The biggest issue needing addressing in a refreshed Constitution is the effect of electronics in our lives in distributing news and information.

Never in our Founders wildest imagination did they envision the dictatorial monopoly of a tiny minority having an ability to sit one person of their chosing in front of an instrument called a television camera, that could transmit his image and speech into the private homes of every single American at once and do it every night of the week. Same goes for tear-jerking Hollywood movie propaganda, radio talk shows which have long been sold to the highest bidder minority, and Internet search engine portals that direct attention where it wants attention.

Surely the State legislatures need to agree upon a method to insure that the voices of the majority Christians of this country are heard as well.

If you agree with this plan,
forward this message
to all your friends
and to all your family members
BEFORE martial law is imposed

You need to discuss this with your friends and family members BEFORE the Internet is cut-off -- BEFORE your cell phones are disconnected -- BEFORE a curfew on your movement to drive from your neighborhood is put into effect with a declaration of martial law.

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