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Dec 12, 2010

“Early Christians”
did not read
King James Bibles


Constantine the Great

Bad news to all you Post-Catholic "Late-Christians": the truth is that Pre-Catholic “Early-Christians” never did read their King James Bibles.

We all know that between Emperor Constantine in 313 AD with his Edit of Milan and the Protestant Reformation a thousand years later in the 1500’s, there was no difference between Catholic and Christian. The Christian world was united.

Since then, there has been a huge divide among Christians, and in the belief of the Christian Solution, greatly fostered by members of the Jewish faith.

This text is meant to bring Christians together by pointing out how they have been divided against one another.

Hopefully, the truth hurts!

The Early Christians

There is a trend, a fad, among the denomination of Protestants who call themselves non-denominational to want to identify with the “Early Christians”.

How they know what the early Christians believed and professed that is not already stated in the Bible is a matter of interpretation by Protestant Popes. Their various Bibles tell them in the footnotes what the Bible is “really saying” in Greek or Aramaic; as they ironically tell everyone that the Bible is the unerring word of God.

But the key in their minds is the innocent Early Christians, before the Emperor Constantine supposedly corrupted the Faith.

All previous Emperors were harsh to the Early Christians, so one knows these Christians kept the faith, but as soon as an Emperor was converted upon the belief of his mother, these Early Christians were then supposed to have given up their faith altogether, since they were no longer being persecuted.

Anyway, from talking to these non-denominational denominations, one gets the feeling that they believe all Catholics carry around their Emperor Constantine Anti-Christ Bible and this Emperor Constantine is still ruling the Catholics from his grave some 2000 years later.

All non-sense of course.

But to put things in perspective, consider the many Protestant stances against their fellow Christians, the Catholics.

Catholics are said to never read their Bible, and that is bad because reading the Bible is essential as it is the only word of God and that the Catholic Church even tried to prevent Catholic lay people from having Bibles written in English, possibly because they felt that God’s word was too precious a gift to be in the hands of the religiously unwashed.

All well taken advice.

Now let’s look at that from the perspective of the Early Christians.

The Early Christians were mostly former slaves and lower class who could not read or write. They did not have a King James Bible to read from. Hence, the Early Christians had someone read to them or heard someone recite what they had heard from someone else.

Hence, the Early Christians were as bad as the Catholics they condemn.

Post Catholics
The Late Christians

The Printing press was only invented in the 1440’s and would take a hundred years to develop any type of mass market in paper production, movable-type press innovation, and simply educating the public in how to read.

So getting written material in the hands of the common farmer was only feasible around 1500, just in time for the Protestant Reformation.

King Henry VIII became the first Pope of the Anglican Protestant Church, but he never published a Bible in English.

Highly esteemed Queen Elizabeth, the second Pope of the Anglican Protestant Church likewise never published a Bible in English.

Even our esteemed King James, the third Pope of the Anglican Protestant Church was not going to publish a Bible in English, had the Puritans not threatened to burn the country down.

And so was commissioned the King James Bible.

And so, in one of the great ironies of our times, proudly does post-Catholic Christians go forth with their government-issued King James Bibles clutched tightly to their chests as they condemn Catholics for some unspoken way that Emperor Constantine messed up Christ’s pre-Catholic Church.

Thankfully, the Early Christians
did not have a King James Bible to Read

Good News!

The King James Bible was not read by Early Christians, or they too would have been "royally" screwed up.

Why are Christians having these petty arguments?

The words "petty arguments" could be fighting words to some, but I would wager that the same ones getting the most offended are the same ones who would defend to the death a Jew who denied the very existance of Jesus.

I'm not scared of these types any more. I know they speak the words of Satan.

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