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Dec 12, 2010

Casino Jack
The Reason we need Wikileaks


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CASINO JACK and the United States of Money

Casino Jack Trailer
Casino Jack Trailer

'Prinz' Lee Romero
Review: 'Casino Jack' In Greed We Trust?

What do RomanOFF, MadOFF and AbramOFF have in common?

Roman-off is the respected family name of the imperial Christian Czarist leadership of Russia, who believed themselves to be the last defenders of the Holy Christian Roman Empire, before the Jews had them all slaughtered and then imposed the atheist reign of terror known as Communism upon their beloved Russia, along with the Jewish Commissars delivering over 40 million Christian corpses.

Mad-off and Abram-off are the family names of Russian Jews during the time of the Romanoffs, who took Russian names and then through the generosity and benevolence of the American public, immigrated to America as “poor huddled masses” in the style of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff are the names of the descendants of these two Jewish families who are stealing America blind.

Kevin Spacey
Casino Jack

With liberal Kevin Spacey set to play Jack Abramoff in the release of the upcoming movie “Casino Jack” just 5 days from now, expect the Jewish film makers to have fellow Jew Jack Abramoff looking like a really super cool guy who screws up the entire Republican Party -- all by himself.

Even watching the documentary called “Casino Jack, the United States of Money”, one would think that super-lobbyist and devout Orthodox Jew Jack Abramoff single-handedly disgraced the post-Reagan Republican Party, leading to Barrack Hussein Obama becoming our current President.

But you would be wrong to believe Casino Jack did this incredible amount of damage all by himself.

Fifty years from now, we will know the true story and that story may very well be that Jack Abramoff was a Manchurian Candidate implanted by the Israeli Mossad while still in college to infiltrate the conservative base of American politics. The Mossad easily could have given Jack Abramoff sensitive negotiation details over a period of decades that would have always given him an advantage in negotiating generous Republican campaign finance contributions, which would have placed Abramoff in the center of the Republican power base.

The history of Casino Jack would lead one to believe such a thing…

Fiddler on the Roof
”If I were a Rich Man”

Born to a secular Jewish father, Franklin Abramoff, who had ties to the Jewish mafia while he was involved in Jewish-ran casinos in Atlantic City, Jack’s father moved young Jack to Hollywood when he was 10-years-old.

Now surrounded by kids of secular Jewish parents, taking in the Jewish Hollywood experience, Jack found religion watching the Jewish-produced movie “Fiddler on the Roof” – that is, he became a conservative orthodox Jew after hearing the words “If I were a rich man…”.

Son of a Rich Man
Results in ties to a Conservative Man

On to college, he joined the College Republicans.

According to Nina Easton in her book, “Gang of Five”, by this time, Jack’s father, Franklin Abramoff, was president of Diners Club International, who worked closely with Alfred S. Bloomingdale, a personal friend of Ronald Reagan. Jack Abramoff would use the tie to Ronal Reagan in fundraising, thus gaining a widely-known reputation. Being widely-known then allowed Casino Jack to be elected and to serve as the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee between 1981 and 1985.

Obviously, Orthodox Jew Jack saw the tea on the tea leaves, turning the College Republicans in a much more conservative direction, after of course, the conservative Christian election of Ronald Reagan in November of 1980.

Casino Jack became lifetime friends of such College Republican luminaries as:

  • Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist
  • former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore
  • Christian Coalition executive director and political consultant Ralph E. Reed, Jr.
  • Former First Lady and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was elected president of her College Republican chapter at Wellesley College in her freshman year before switching parties due to the war in Vietnam
  • Karl Rove, a Senior Bush Advisor and currently a contributor on Fox News Channel is probably one of the most famous College Republican leaders, having served as executive director, and then national chairman, of the CRNC during his time in the organization
  • future business partner Adam Kidon

Treasure Island
Jack “Sparrow” Abramoff
loots treasure
in the Marianas Islands

Jack first came into main-stream Republican prominence when he blackmailed the governor of the U.S. protectorate of the Marianas Islands to let himself be bribed in order to bribe congressmen to vote for special exemptions to U.S. labor and immigration laws.

They called this arrangement a “free trade zone” and believed that money being paid to get votes in Congress was also “free-trade”.

Casino Jack’s definition of “Free trade”: I will broker a trade in my client’s money for your vote to help my client.

“Bought and sold” political corruption was an actual Republican strategy under the influence of Casino Jack.

If only Casino Jack believed that all businesses should be allowed to engage in “free trade”, since the strategy was always to let a few patsies pay big money to Casino Jack in order for them to have a monopoly on all the so-called “free trade”.

In this case, American garment manufactures in the States were still encumbered by federal and state laws to protect AMERICAN workers, while the Marianas could violate every rule, including even the implicit rule of having AMERICAN workers, and still put “Made in America” stickers on their clothing.

Jack Abramoff bought “working vacations” for flight after flight of U.S. Congressmen to see the factories. Other than Joe Miller of California, the John Doolittles and Ralph Halls all praised the factories they saw from the championship golf courses they played on while in the Marianas Islands.

Soon, all of Saipan was covered with sweat shops featuring imported indentured servants from China who were forced to work 7 days a week up to 17 hours per day, rapes then forced to have abortions, forced to pay back 6 to 7 months’ worth of pay for the privilege of coming to the Marianas, beatings and sometimes chained to their sewing machines, and when the sweat shops went away, forced into prostitution.

When the corrupt governor lost in an election, the bribes stopped and so Abramoff took corrupt garment owner Willie Tan’s money funneled into the Alexander Strategy Group of Tom Delay’s chief of staff, Ed Buckham, to get Congress to appropriate taxpayer money to build infrastructure in the districts of key officials in the Marianas just to get their vote to have Casino Jack’s man elected. In two such instances, your tax dollars went to pay for $1.25 million dollar improvement in airport improvements in one district and in another district, $150,000 of your tax dollars went into a study of repairs to a breakwater. In gratitude, both local politicians voted for Abramoff’s guy, Benigno Fitial.

Having done so, the governmental bribes began anew until years later when global “free trade” agreements took away the special exemptions.

Today, China is exempt from all the workers’ protection laws American manufactures are encumbered with and they now play the part of Saipan after they got their “free trade” designation as “Most Favored Nation”.

We don’t know how much money the Communist leaders of China are paying to use Casino Jack’s “free trade” tactics to pay American Congressmen for a one-way free access to American markets .

Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform

Grover Norquist was a close friend of Casino Jack during his college Republican day and he was the man responsible for coercing all the K-street lobbyists to replace their Democrat lobbyists with Republican lobbyists after the Newt Gingrich Republican Revolution.

The part Norquist played in Abramoff’s schemes was to be the political guru for de-regulation.

Hence, Norquist would support the de-regulation of the good regulations in the Marianas and the Indian Tribes for Abramoff, but would stop short of de-regulating the bad regulations for the rest of America.

Norqist’s muscle was Tom Delay.

Tom Delay
De-reg Delay

Tom Delay seemed like the perfect model for an American citizen-congressman.

He was a small businessman from conservative Texas and in 1985, became a born-again evangelical Christian after watching James Dobson’s Focus on the Family.

Being in the rat killing business, and being stymied by federal DDT regulations, Tom Delay was going to Congress to kill the rats infesting that place and to de-regulate everything.

Except he became a rat in the process.

Casino Jack started funneling millions of dollars to Tom Delay, which gave Tom Delay great power, as Delay was then able to dole out massive amounts of money to other Republican campaigns.

Casino Jack took Tom Delay on private jet vacations to Russia, Scotland and the South Pacific.

Casino Jack employed Tom Delay’s wife.

The power-trip had turned Tom Delay into Jack Abramoff’s puppet. Delay became just another “bought and sold” politician.

In return, Delay let everyone know that Abramoff had access to Delay’s power.

Tom Delay turned chairmanships of important House committees from being based upon seniority to being based upon who gave the most political contributions.

The openly stated philosophy of neo-cons like Tom Delay was a belief that the buying and selling of politicians was the free market in action.

Take Tom Delay’s quote:

    “We spend more money on potato chips than elections.”

    “If you support the free market in everything else, why wouldn’t you, above all, support the free market principles in election campaigns?”

    --Tom Delay, excerpt from Casino Jack and the United States of Money

The beliefs of Tom Delay of course are completely opposite to the ideals of a representative Republic.

Powerful multinational corporations with subsidiaries in other countries, Indian tribes outside the jurisdiction of the States, and overseas United States protectorates also outside the jurisdiction of the States were not the ones who were allowed to vote or be represented in State and national elections within the States and hence, by nature, have no basic right or privilege to influence those elections within States with such money being called “free speech”. A “free speech” “pay to play” dollar which bought special privileges others could not afford to buy says nothing about equality and equal representation under Constitutional government.

The use of Tom Delay to money-launder Jack Abramoff’s Jewish money and Jewish-bribed money into evangelical Christian campaigns, which then did the biding of Jewish interests, was Jack Abramoff’s meal ticket to fame and fortune.

A Born Again Christian united with an Orthodox Jew through money. Now that is something Jesus would have approved of – NOT!

You gotta love the ties in this quote from Tom Delay in justifying the Marianas Islands special exemptions.

    The Marianas Islands are the Galapagos Islands of free enterprise. Before they went into inviting industries to come, they were like an Indian Reservation. They were totally dependent upon the government, their society was absolutely shredded, high alcoholism, high drug use, huge divorce rate, it was just a disaster and the people decided to bring in free enterprise and it worked.

    --Tom Delay, excerpt from Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Now we know that the “people deciding” means that the corrupt bought-off politicians decided – that “free enterprise” means that Jack Abramoff was able to buy and sell influence and –that “it worked” means that Casino Jack got filthy rich off the deals.

John McCain
Campaign Finance Law “Maverick”
Ignoring his own Campaign Finance Laws

Melanie Sloan, Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) was the first to expose the predatory tactics of Casino Jack upon the Indian tribes.

No thanks to John McCain, the so-called Campaign Finance super hero with his McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance law, who totally glossed over the illegal campaign contributions of over 20 members of Congress, when he chaired the Congressional hearings into Jack Abramoff’s Indian deals. Yes, Jack

Abramoff pled guilty to bribing at least 20 members of Congress -- who were not all Republicans, as Harry Reid stands out prominently.

But American war hero John McCain was no hero in this saga.

Michael Scanlon
Swimming with the Sharks

Michael Scanlon was Tom Delay’s press secretary and was an avid lifeguard, continuing in life as a part-time life guard for the glory of a fit body and admiring females.

Approaching a life guard friend, Scanlon asked his friend if he would like to run an international corporation and soon enough, the American International Center (AIC) was created.

The AIC was a basic money laundering scheme.

Bad money was credited to AIC and AIC then gave out good money. In reverse, good money was taken in to be handed back out for bad purposes.

Ralph Reed
Christian Coalition good cop
Casino Jack’s bad cop

One of the purposes of the AIC for instance was to take in the $34 million dollars of Indian Casino money from the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana, close to heavily-populated, oil-rich Houston, and give it out to Ralf Reed’s Christian Coalition, so that Ralph Reed could lobby Congressmen to make laws against casinos in Texas so that a Houston tribe could not start a casino, much closer to Houston, putting them out of business.

When then Texas Attorney General John Cornyn, now Texas U.S. Senator, ordered the Houston casino shut down, Abramoff sent Cornyn a atta-boy campaign contribution.

Then there was the unintended consequence of the casino owned by the Tigua Indian tribe in El Paso being shut down due to the passage of this law. Not being a direct dompetitor of the Coushatta Casino, Scandalous Scanlon went to Lt Governor Carlos Hisa of the Tigua tribe to get more millions in “contributions” from that tribe which would allow the Tigua tribe to be exempt from the new law. The Tigua tribe never knowing that it was Casino Jack and Scanlon who were responsible for their plight in the first place paid up.

Ralph Reed was the darling of the “born again” Evangelicals while the morally influenced Texas government went on to give Texas citizens State-ran Lottery gambling while private Casino gambling was still considered immoral and illegal.

By the way, Newt Gingrich, Majority leader of the House during the so-called Republican Revolution, is a close personal friend of both Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist.

In all, Ralph Reed took in $6 million dollars from Indian tribe Casinos to help them monopolize their casinos against competition from other Indian tribes.

Off hand, I would not say there was much Christian in Ralph Reed’s tactics.

Free Enterprise

Reminiscent of the “free enterprise zones” in the Treasure Islands of the Marianas, Norquist would help Casino Jack by also call the Indian tribes to be “free enterprise zones”, but only the ones who “paid to play” would get the government to stay out of the way.

Showing that contrary to Norquist getting government out of the way, Casino Jack used government and the ideals of free enterprise to talk Indian tribes into forking over millions of dollars in fees.

    How do I help this tribe? Any fees you end up spending with us you get back with a multiple. Last year, Choctaw fees were I think like $3.5 million in terms of the lobbying fees and they got $120 million in direct and indirect federal help, grants, etc….”

    --Jack Abramoff caught on tape, excerpt from Casino Jack, the United States of Money

Jack Abramoff used your tax dollars to bribe Indian tribes into giving him tens of millions of dollars, which then was used to bribe U.S. Congressmen.

Your own money used to bribe your own Congressmen against your wishes.

Those implicated…

  • Roy Blunt, Majority Whip
  • Eric Cantor, Chief deputy Whip
  • Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House
  • Jim McCrery
  • John Breau
  • David Vitter
  • Chuck Grassley
  • Pete Sessions ($5,000)
  • Thad Cochran ($6,000)
  • Harry Reid ($10,000)
  • Bob Ney ($62,000)
  • Tom Delay ($71,000)
  • John Doolittle ($80,000)
  • JD Hayworth ($87,000)
  • Patrick Kennedy ($131,000)
  • Conrad Burns ($147,000)

In sum, it is estimated that Abramoff extorted and bribed Indian tribes to the tune of $82 million dollars over three years, while referring to their golden gooses with such lovely names as “morons”, “stupid idiots”, “monkeys”, and “f’ing troglodytes”.

Abramoff’s Signature

Having established his conservative credentials, Jack Abramoff started a Washington restaurant called Signatures, which was the main watering hole for the Republican base. I’m sure that the Mossad had the place wired to the hilt as many a power broker deal is done over lunch.

the Foreign Agent

There is no telling how many of these illegal foreign deals Casino Jack set up, but one of them did come to light.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohammad, wanted a meeting with President George Bush.

No problem.

Abramoff had the Prime Minister send a one million dollar wire transfer to Scanlon’s AIC money laundering operation, now money laundering foreign money. AIC then sent the money to Abramoff’s Greenberg-Taung. Greenberg-Traung forwarded the remaining hundreds of thousands of dollars, what was left over after their normal take, to the Bush Administration’s campaign committee.

The result? Mahathir got his audience with George Bush.

Harmless sounding from what we know, but we do know that Jack Abramoff never registered as a foreign lobbyist as required by law.

Sailing off into the sunset

Abramoff teamed up with an old College Republican Jewish associate named Adam Kidon, to go into direct competition with all the Indian tribes he helped set casinos up for.

Kidon, a lawyer by trade, had been disbarred for fraud, and was now the owner of Dial-A-Mattress when Abramoff caught up with him. What better business partner could a man have?

Again, it was one of those silly American federal laws that sounded good on the surface but always seem to end up helping Jews like Abramoff and Kidon. Gus Boulis was the Greek owner of the cruise ship company named Sun Cruz out of Miami that was forced to sell his business when American laws said foreigners could not own this business.

Kidon and Abramoff were there for the deal and wanted to purchase the casino cruise line for $147 million dollars. I’m sure a characteristically Jewish low-ball bid.

One way to know was the fact that Gus wasn’t selling.

So to get Abramoff’s private deal concluded, he had his politician puppet Representative Bob Ney of Ohio place into the congressional record a false story of how evil Gus Boulis and his Sun Cruz line was.

If Gus was not to sell to Abramoff, then Abramoff was going to insure that the reputation of Sun Cruz would be destroyed so much that Gus Boulis could not sell it at any price to anyone.

Gus Boulis caved.

Then, somehow the bankers who were to finance the deal were not totally trusting of this pair, until they were taken to the sky-box Abramoff keeps at Fed-Ex Field and Tom Delay himself was there. Impressed, they financed the loan.

It is then reported that Kidon put up a fraudulent $23 million dollar wire transfer as payment and yet somehow were still considered the owners.

I imagine that the fake wire transfer was to get the deal sealed with the hope that the bankers would be unwilling to spend the cash to unravel the deal, and thus letting Abramoff and Kidon keep the Sun Cruz so long as they paid the monthly mortgage on it all.

But Gus Boulis still thought himself the owner of the ships and showed up regularly as if he owned the place.

Shortly afterward, Gus Boulis was gunned down in a Jewish mafia-Mossad-style hit.

Tag Line
All small Potatoes

The Casino Jack documentary rightfully points out that the Jewish shenanigans of Casino Jack were small potatoes compared to the Jewish Banker scandals of these last few years.

But then the documentary only follows the trail of lobbyist money, and not what Casino Jack Abramoff delivered to Israel in the form of intelligence and influence while being in the inner circle of the Neo-Con Republican Party.

But in the end, get your popcorn and celebrate this Hollywood Jewish-made movie about the bad Jewish guys having all the fun. Yes indeed, he went to prison for less than 4 years, but he was released from prison less than 2 weeks ago.

So if your're lucky, you may be sitting in the theater next to the con-man they made the movie about.

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